twirl a squirrel champ

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Shane Reimroc : That is determination

Travis Heinze : The squirrel is dead now, but its legacy lives on.

Tman : Squirrel high G force training. Clearly he wants to become a fighter pilot.

animal16365 : he's in the bushes vomiting out his last 10 meals

Tony England : lol I wanted to hold up Olympic scorecards for the little fella.

test : The squirrel is trying to run the battery out, then he'll finally be able to get the seeds.

Martin Evans : Squirrel Du Soleil

tweaker1bms : Halfway through: "Well...this is my life now."

762forMeandYou : Somebody put him in the space program

hhds113 : Squirrel training for the space program.

joe Yaz : your laughing now but in 2 years of strength training that squirrel comes back. . *ring at the doorbell* man: i wonder who it could be at this hour *man looks the peephole of the door and sees nothing* *man opens to door to a 4 foot 180 pound squirrel* *squirrel breaks the mans neck with his giant ripped squirrel hands* squirrel: you created this....

Em T : The poor thing span round a whooping 278 & a 1/2 times.

Tear drinking troll king Troll Mctrolly : that takes nuts.

Greg Haller : Switch that out with a drill motor and an 18 volt cordless battery, let's see that squirrel hang on then

josh thomas : 7.5 penalty for the dismount

patrick yancovitz : Tell the bartender that you want a "Squirelly Temple". "Shaken not stirred."

Mau F : dang man, just feed the squirrels. This little guy deserves some seeds after that.

Robert Goodman : Did it occur to you that that squirrel was having fun?

noahevanm : you spin me round round baby round round like a record baby round round round round!

al145 : I feel bad laughing, but that's funny as hell

WhatAreYouBuyen : Training for the space force

SomethingCool51 : I bet that squirrel got some mad core gainz. They need to add these to gyms across the world.

Magpie Syndrome : That poor squirrel deserves a treat after that! OMG! XD

fiascomike : DEAR LORD, THAT IS THE FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN! I have never LAUGHED LONGER IN MY LIFE! Thank you thank you thank you. I HAVE LAUGHED SO MUCH I'VE STARTED CRYING! whew. AMAZING. Laughter is the best form of revenge! tHANKS AGAIN!

viteacher : All I can tell you folks (animal lovers included) is that after he jiggled in the bushes for a few seconds, he ran down the sidewalk in a straight line and took a right at the driveway. He still hangs out in our yard with his buddy, so I don't think he sustained any permanent damage. First time I've been called a neanderthal, though :-)

Sol Badguy : NASA test for squirrels ?

Katie Forbes : This squirrel has excellent form.

Dezorbo : Probably ralphed its nuts out in that hedge.

mmoore : ah, I really wanted to see him trying to walk after that.

Justicar AB : i had to pause so often cause i was having trouble breathing lol

kety1234 : hahaha i died this squirrel is so cute spinning around 😂😂

Nikolay Sokalskiy : Can you guys explain to me, why would you feed birds and not squirrels instead? They are much more fun!

Tigerman1138 : It’s like an amusement park ride.

Anon Anington : You need to attack a generator to this! Free energy!

Lewys Cousins : I'm laughing so much my stomach is hurting XD This is one of those videos that just belongs in the hall of fame on YouTube!!

Raina B : Go home squirrel your drunk

Johnathan's World : Holy crap, I can’t stop laughing!!

D. C. : Summer Squirrel Olympics, - Gold Medal !!!!

The Dude : lol is this an actual battery operated bird feeder specifically to keep rodents off?? So clever and so funny haha. 🐭🌰

Casper Cobrax : ready for apollo mission.

outwiththem : I usually shoot them Tree Rats with my pellet pistol..But I should buy this too, then if they insist, bang!!!!...Giving then a spinning chance is fair...

crownethorne : NASA Squirrel ! I haven't laughed so much in ages - tears rolling 😂

Gareth Alford : needs the music you spin me right round baby right round

Kusker : It's cool that there are different people and all, and there are always exceptions, but I look at the dislikes on these kinds of videos and it really makes me feel sorry for the friends of the people who decided the 'dislike' button would be better to push.

Rabbit0 : Jane! Stop this crazy thing!

Trinavara : Just feed the squirrels too.

Murder MaroSS : That squirrel has more motivation than me.

Sher Walk : Cruel.

Jonathan Day : This is cruel. You should have taken him off

Mary Taszarek : Squirrels are idiots. They keep coming back for more.