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Patty Mayo : We went back a few weeks later and did a REPO at their house, check that episode out in about a week! (Season 7 Finale)

Dragon Slayer : Guy : *Hey those are $1000 glasses!* Patty : Well, you should have used that money to pay your bond

nawal fox : this is patrick :)--< he is 0 years old 1 like = 1 year of life

lynX_traX_ 20 : her name is fitting "ocean" salty and full of trash

It’s just Alex : 1 like = one full outfit

Sup Doge : Beginning: ocean should be very nice End : gets arrested

Minecraftplayz : "You look like you got warrants, and meth"DEAD LOL

Mason Moseley : Guy: he’s 4 Patty: oh really is he ok by himself Guy: He’s independent

Dramatic Draggo : EVERYTIME I see that woman, she is vey close to naked.

Theoneandmarlboroman : Well.. not everyone can say they wrestled with a stripper while the boyfriend was watching AND got paid to do so. xD

Very Sneaky : Bro i swear to god, i have been waiting for This video. For i dont know how long. And now that i have finally watched it, i Can only say. This is one of your most entertaining videos yet. Good job bro!

historyluver1987 : To think these people have kids. 😬

Aarna Bhatia : Those people are very aggressive

Luis Mini : Patty your a bad ass and so friendly it’s incredible

Charlie :P : Patty: Lay down Guy: How? Patty: *kicks him down* like that

SeanWick : If my mom was a stripper named Ocean all I would want to do is stay home and play video games too. Can you imagine the shit he hears at school from other guys?

Steve :D : The amount of editing put into this vid you deserve a Guinness patty

Bianca Lewis : i fell soooo sorry for the kids 1 like = one blessed day for the children and to make the parents happy for a day :)

DanDan Nation : Best channel ever! “Those were $1,000 glasses” “ you should’ve used that money to pay for your bond” Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

fun family 1234 : I'm 9 and when I grow up I'm going to be a good person

Dylan Snee : Finally been waiting for this one, been in the intro

Mathew Chaplin : He enters oceans back yard “I have a warrant for your arrest” ocean screams “this is rape”

1011 Will bob : Who else heard the man scream at 6:23

madison barragan : i bet the kid plays fortnite all damn day

Bill bob The corn cob : “He’s a gamer.” “that is his school”

stockart whiteman : I love the fact his accent changes when hes angry. Mutha, caa, etc. Gotta love an angry Bostonian.

James Gilbert : U really need to stop hesitating with the tazer

EndoRail : This dudes a savage lmao

madison barragan : HAHAHA the last thing he said before he closed the door 29:57-30-14

Scuff Ed : Patty watches this uncensored and beats his patty 😂👌

Yvng Aj : What strip club does she work at?

Andres Ponce : 6:24 wth was that noise 😂😂😂 PLZ LIKE IF U HEARD THAT

Logan Kreeger : Was she not wearing underwear or a bra

Karn Binning : Ocean more like tsunami 😂

Alannah Haywood : Anyone else piss them self with laughter when he kicked the back of both their feet or was it just me 🤷‍♀️❤️

Fred NaughT : Ocean = wet + salty Seems appropriate 😁😅😂🤣

Kent Lorenzo : Does she not have any panty because they keep blurring it

Douglas Robert : Probably smart not letting your kids go to school - they just brainwash and train your kids to be transgender communists

Roblox Mania : *You to honey.* 😂😂

Katie Mudgett : I can't believe how stupid these people are! Who else was thinking JUST COOPERATE AND TALK TO HIM!!!

Casanova : I can already tell... this one is going to get a little wild!

Danni C : An independent 4 year old? I bet that poor kid is more responsible than his parents💩. "He's a gamer. You should see him on those games" "He can't make up his mind about home schooling" They're so pathetic there's no words... 🤦🖕

Mdad Fine : I I l I lo I lov I love I love p I love pa I love pat I love patt I love patty I love patty m I love patty ma I love patty may I love patty mayo I love patty mayo a I love patty mayo an I love patty mayo and I love patty mayo and h I love patty mayo and hi I love patty mayo and his I love patty mayo and his c I love patty mayo and his cr I love patty mayo and his cre I love patty mayo and his crew I love patty mayo and his cre I love patty mayo and his cr I love patty mayo and his c I love patty mayo and his I love patty mayo and hi I love patty mayo and h I love patty mayo and I love patty mayo an I love patty mayo a I love patty mayo I love patty may I love patty ma I love patty m I love patty I love patt I love pat I love pa I love p I love I lov I lo I l I

Carter Desjardins : This is jack jack is zero years old each like equals one year

Bianca Lewis : the husband tripped his wife over!!!!!hahahahahahahahaha- 14:45

Diana Freeman : Those poor kids. That 11 year old must have been so confused when his dad asked what he was doing home. Geeze.


yumna yamouna : this is the firs time I've seen Patricks hair lol

Kae Car : You must have spent hours censoring this video

Shaan Maharjan : This is a follish :/------< i like = 1 IQ LEVEL.