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Patty Mayo : We went back a few weeks later and did a REPO at their house, check that episode out in about a week! (Season 7 Finale)

Dragon Slayer : Guy : *Hey those are $1000 glasses!* Patty : Well, you should have used that money to pay your bond

Lucas Nolte : I love how patty straight up roast people. Like if you agree!!

Jessica Brown : She was literally one big blur this whole video

22vx : Your son in school? No he's a gamer.

Kati Aaarrgh : He got so pissed off at the treatment of the children that an East Coast accent popped out.

SeanWick : If my mom was a stripper named Ocean all I would want to do is stay home and play video games too. Can you imagine the shit he hears at school from other guys?

Bree OfPlague : How can any man date a stripper?

Roscoe Boscoe : 12 year old birthday part + stripper mom =hmmmmm not weird at all

legit practice : That blurring is really distracting

Apple cranbie : 6:28 my mum dad me and my siblings are watching this am my dad yelled TAZE HIM WOOOO! ..

Dylan Snee : Finally been waiting for this one, been in the intro

Jakaih Johnson : Notice how patty voice changes 😂😂😂😂 love tha man patty but that shit is funny

Cristen Miller : This poor guy at first just wanted his gf to cooperate

Limit Breaker Goku : Why did patty start getting a super heavy Boston (or Jersey) accent towards the end of the video?

DynamicalGenius : what kind of sick bastard names their kid "ocean"

Dragon Fire Gaming : Bet his arm got a little bigger editing this video

Muhd Hadif : Boyfriend: "Your lucky i dont have my both hands" Didnt he had it and got rekt by patty...it was also 2 vs 1...lol

Inyah Smith : The way he skipped up the stairs 😂 @23:00

curse gaming 01 : Dam that guy is weak he went down easy but hes cool in the next vedio

Very Sneaky : Bro i swear to god, i have been waiting for This video. For i dont know how long. And now that i have finally watched it, i Can only say. This is one of your most entertaining videos yet. Good job bro!

Jtmaster 57 : Patty mayo could be a father and be a awesome one two

KingOfTheTundra : The real question is: Was he playing fortnite?

AZZA : Cake by the ocean 😂😂😂

XIczy : I am a bird

Fred NaughT : Ocean = wet + salty Seems appropriate 😁😅😂🤣

Andrew DAWD : Patty, I actually respect this.

KrokOva : Thank god for censoring.

ChaoticYak 12 : “Looks like you got warrants and meth” Patty Mayo👌👌👌

SparkyMTB : Title is clickbait, the dad didn’t go to jail, Patty let him go....

Casanova : I can already tell... this one is going to get a little wild!

Zane Flockton : If only it wasn’t censored

FeetLoversPizz : Wtf, the woman is a huge blur for the entire video.

lezz : Is it only me but 15:42 looks so wrong


Yvng Aj : What strip club does she work at?

Bennett Pemberton : He kinda looks like baker mayfield

•Wilson CM• : What did the librarian said to the kid Read more

Serena Silversmith : Honestly it's so annoying when patty says"you want to get tased!!!😤😤😤 And I'm like really patty just tased the goddamn person already he keeps hesitating to tase somebody 😰😰😰😰😒😒😒😒😒😒😪😪😪😪🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Sherril Ancheta : Lol u didn't use the teaser

Yvng Aj : She doesnt look as good as she does in the intro tbh. Now I know this video didnt come out for a while because he had to censor a lot of "stuff" lmao 😂.

Fellexy : *those where $1000 dollar glasses* *Well, you should have used that money to pay for your bond* Ded 💀💀😂😂

DaMnMaMix3 : If I was those people i would of be so respectful to patty and be calms and let him what he does 😊

bendytube gaming : I d'not know why he dosen't use his taser

Micco The Service Dog : Patty, you should tie your apprehensions across the hood of your truck like when you go deer hunting. Then you can parade them through town while honking your horn. Maybe they will think twice before skipping bond.

Freezepond : This episode probably took so long to come out just because they spent so long censoring her!

Echo Less : Pineapple

iam8196 : How is no one talking about Kayla’s cake by the ocean joke 😂😂😂 that killed me. Took Jared a second to get it LMAO. 😂😂😂😂

Jared Wellman : I think a lot of kids are good at video games dude

I Dont Know : Holy shit I wouldn’t want To make him mad cause he’s scary O: