Negative Thoughts Are Your Greatest Enemies | Brian Tracy

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Brian Tracy : Are you standing at the edge of life letting negative thoughts keep you from living all out? Today is the day, make a choice to leave the negativity behind. If you are interested in learning more about yourself, try my free self-confidence assessment >>

Lester Diaz : This is so true I felt discouraged so many times while building my online business, but kept going and this year achieved a $100k a year income, because I didn’t gave up. Anyone can do it

Daniel Madrid : I write down my thoughts before I go to sleep, contradicting the bad one for a positive.

Marcus N : In contrast to other motivational speakers I‘ve seen, you‘re not to overdramatic and loud. You speak in a very calming and rational way. Thank you for making these videos! This was actually exactly the one I needed, after having a bad day.

Mynd Now : *_Everything is your fault_** - Lao Tzu* One of my most favorite quote! Winny out... _for now_ ;)

Uapimbisa Tjambiru : "I am responsible" Thanks a lot. All the way from Namibia. You've become my mentor. Long live Brian

sugarcolt : Your book Goals! is seriously and quickly changing my life. I have a new job with a contract. I write my goals and visualize my future..I dream big! (Was always 'too scared' to hope to one day own a home, but now feel courageous. And I have 'I am responsible' written on a sticker on my bathroom mirror. Thank you from Louise

Михаил Милюткин : This is so true...I am responsible! I learned this principle 13 years ago from your books, Brian... And still live with it. It took me so long to discipline myself for a new mind-set. But it made my life easier. Especially in communication with other people, especially in sales. I am responsible for communication. I am responsible for keeping negative out of my life. Thank you, Brian. Timeless wisdom..

Kendrick Menson : am 21 n all i do is investin in ma mind, n keep feedin it right information. Thank you Sir Brian, God bless u, i like one day to meet you, all the way up from East Africa in Tanzanian

J Dee : Something wonderful is going to happen to me today, because I take personal responsibility of my life choices

Kailash K : Tremendous ideas by the Great man Mr.Tracy :)

Luciana Mendes : THanks Brian!!! You are amazing!

mohammedfaris mohammedfarsan : I am accountable for my life and thank you sir for the message

Farhan khalil appan : Love u from Pakistan

Plus Bangla : Beautiful

likit chenpairojskul : It seems like we are fighting a battle that cannot be won because the brain is set to automatically work that way, i.e. to produce negative thought of all kinds since our ancestors in order for us to survive such as worry or angry thoughts. That is why people who have read hundreds of books about self help or trying to think positively still could not be successful. That is why people still cannot be happy and more and more people get depressed. Everybody agrees that positive thinking is helpful and necessary. That is no question. But You can do it only for sometimes not all the time. Eventually the negative thoughts will regain power and attack you again if your life is still look bad or if you still have unsolved problems. Thank you anyway for your good advice. Also I understand that what I commented above was also negative thoughts.

David George Cross : Another great message, this is one of your best I have seen/ thanks

Abukar Deerow : thanks for your advice

bashir sarwari : Thank you, for your Books and Audio programs, their are really effective, I am waiting for the "MIRACLE OF SELF DISCIPLINE"

Saurin Kalita : I am 21 years old and this helped me a lot.!! Thank you Sir..

Geoffrey Vasquez : What an inspiration, consistently putting out content

Melburne Melburne : Thank you!!.. All the way from Kenya 🇰🇪 I am utterly responsible indeed!.

Aniket Narsikar : My first mentor.. Mr Tracy your books help me alot and these instructional videos as well... #MentormeBrian.... You are awesome.

Nouran Mahmoud : thank you mr TRACY :)

Zabi Ullah : I have a we think postively all time...mean during communication,during university time mean all day and it good to do or not...if do so how to do....

ectlion : Thumbnail of the video is amazing hahaha

Infinity : Brian Tracy,you're gorgeous man,I read all your books and watched video almost.I know that you don't waste time to read whatever from mail or commentaries,but I hope that you someway will read that.I have one goal to see you,and I hope this is will be.Thanks for all,that you do for us.(From Russia with love)

NEY Industries : 1 person couldn't accept responsibility for his life. :)

dr dentist : I'm responsible.

Robb's Homemade Life : This is one of those videos I will watch again. Thanks, Brian.

Sheng Jingbo : Excellent

Yusuf Hidayat : i responsible

Latest Released Egypt News : God bless you Brian, we love you in Egypt !

Royce -Paks- Williams : ❤❤❤❤❤❤

sushil h : Hey Brain have you visited India ever ??

Dhinesh S : Thanks

richiexp2 : Wow! i will definitely try it out..thanks

Rafael Menezes Souza : Notification squad

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Andrews Ramos : Thanks for the lesson sir I will try it in my life ....

Diana Ybm : So helpful 👌. but I have a question how we can be positive beyond the negative people, they always make me sad and say that I can't achieve my goals, I have so many people that are so negative but I try to be positive but sometimes they make it hard to be so. Please help me, what should I do when I'm living with negative and unsuccessful people??

Atlanta718 : Manage #negative #thoughts If it is to be it's up to me Be #RESPONSIBLE for your own life and take #ACCOUNTABILITY for your life. ACCEPT #responsibility AVOID negative thoughts and self doubt IDENTIFY #self-confidence I am responsible. (#REPEAT) Take #ACTION now to CHANGE your #FUTURE

Nana : I love you! You've changed my life!

John Vlachos : Yes I m responsible for everything in my life and I m glad that I subscribed to your channel . Already your first video helped me a lot.

Mike Smirnoff : True! Think positive, and become cryptoinvestor. Try out Universa project, they are making interesting blockchain, that can be used for everething

Leo Vasil : Something wonderful is going to happen to me today, because I take personal responsibility of my life choices. Also i've got some Universa tokens, tomorrow they will be listed on exchange, so price will grow

Jonny Gerasimov : Very usefull, but also try out Universa project, they are making really great blockchain for everything

Helen Bird : Brilliant Brian x Thank you for your calm sensible advice x

جواهر جواهر : اود تعلم اللغة الانجليزية ولا كن اعاني من مشكل عدم الاستمرارية في التعليم ممكن نصيحة لو سمحت في هذا الخصوص سيدي

calCR09 : I have faced "seasons" of negativity... this has been happening for almost 10 years.. it comes and goes.. can you give an advice?