Drawing a Graffiti Character on my NEW Samsung Note 9!

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Here is the link for this drawing to save and set as your wallpaper :) https://i.ibb.co/wR1j61N/Note9-Drawing.png Its been a while...but I have a new phone! Samsung Note 9! its amazing! I am using Autodesk Sketchbook app in this video, Stay tuned for more videos coming soon! :) Instagram: @opels_art Facebook: Opels Art

Comments from Youtube

Jaycee Clements : I'm definitely using my note 9 wrongly.. 🤣😂

Dinusha Jayaranga : Imagine if you forget to *Save* that

Muhammad Yasir : Wallpaper is not a problem for you . You can create your own wallpaper. Excellent skill 👍👌

Auchitya Verma : 5:24 Legends say, he left it for few hours so that the painting can dry.

Samsung : *Can you make a drawing tutorial for this on the Note 9?*

xX90sWereTheDaysxX : *Who else is watching this on the note 9?* :)

EchoZy : Steve jobs 2007 : *who needs stylus* *Tim sees this* Tim : *ALriGht GuyS BAcK iN iPeN2*

Raouf/ games : واو هذا حقا ابداع بجدية انت فنان وهذا صعب جدا على الهاتف 😲😲😲


T-Bicer : This should be an ad!

tipico809 : Who's waiting for the note10

Swapnil Sinha : Watching it on my Note 9.

The Nuke : I can't understand, what kind of people dislike to this video...?

MegasXLR : Amazing! I so want a Note phone as my next one :D

HARON MO7AMED : You should have your app for these draws 😍

Ali Adam : One of the bast draw I have ever seen in my life by the way it is not easy to painting on the phone at all

cardinal151515 : can you do this on iphone?? NO 😆 "WhO nEeDs A sTyLuS?"

لياروث : I love what you do🖌️ 🛡️

Muhammad Yasir : Watching this on my note 9 and thinking about my drawing LoL I'll always stuck up after drawing 2 circles, I don't know how to continue after that 😂😂😂😂

the 5th gamer legend : I want that photo has my wallpaper so bad!!

๖ۣۜǤнσsτ༻ : I can do that.....just need a phone with stylus🙄

Captain_YT : Note 9 is the best drawing phone

mohammad Osama : One of the most satisfying 9 minutes of my life

Q. Anyui : That's why this phone is for a businessmen. Who can utilise the pen for their daily routine. A perfect package, nothing sold separately. Doing art like this and show it to people also a business. You actually draw on the phone better than me drawing on paper haha. Impressive!

oh yeah yeah : Soo clean dude amazing 😍

FBI FIB : meanwhile apple claims that their new iphone is revolutionary LOOOL

PIXEL PNUTZ : Watching this on my fake samsung note 9 tablet. :'(

征航張 : Looked at my Note 8 imagine myself drawing something like this for 30s, Nope I'm good!😂 Great Talent Man!

Vinay Kumar : what is name of the soundtrack in the background???

Kenneth raiford : and this is why the galaxy note cant be touched and is king of smartphones

Moutaaz Alhamadi : رووووعه 😍😍

BEPTYXAH [TKOR] : Watching on my Note 5... Redmi Note 5.

Mark C : There are so many times I thought the drawing was perfectly done but he kept making changes which made it better & better. The video drawing was very well done & made the Note 9 a phone to want in your pocket. 👌👌

Kushen Lahiru : Watching on my Note 9. I can't even draw a emoji 😂

1SimplyGaming : No matter on how small a canvas great work can be achieved... Amazing.

Wiss Fegh : I feel sorry for myself watching this on my note9🙄🙄

Dishu is GAMING : Colours look so great on that great display and bro your skills are unbelievable 😱😱 so good I just dont have words to say.

Mardochée Yao : wallaye tu es un chef Vous comprenez par là que Samsung est le meilleur👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍

mr. Kaioken : iphone cannot do this..

Shaikh Hammad : Wow, simply beautiful.

HASSAN : هذا الشخص الي لو اشترى نوت ب5000 ريال مو غلط لانه بيخرج قيمتة منة

moh dodo : Wow very nice art 😘😘❤

VKB HD : Awesome picture I m download this nice wallpaper

Noob zero13 : Queria saber fazer desenhos assim pra fazer um capa minha!

Issah Ibrahim : this guy is a gem,juat added another defintion to the Note Family 🤩🤩🤩

No Name : Wohoow that it's perfect guys 😍😍

MelonLink 86 : Me: OMG i want that phone so i can draw like that Brain: But having that phone wont make you draw good Me: Right... Wallet: even if you could draw im empty Me: S***

Gunawan Wi : Wow. Finally you got new wallpaper in your note 9 !

NextHeimdall : Tutorial de como fazer um wallpaper