Boy Were They Wrong

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Lea's Gacha World x : My parents thought I was normal *BOY WERE THEY WRONG*

Matthew Phillips : If tomatoes were poisonous, I wouldn’t be here. *BOY WERE THEY WRONG*

Potatoman 45 : 1348: Homework is Fun! 2019: Boy Were They Wrong!

Mwheels ._. : 95% of comments *BOY WHERE THEY WRONG* 5% Other EDIT:OMG THX 4 DA LIKES MOST I EVER GOTTEN Edit:THX FOR 100 like omg most I ever had

Fate Xrane : James' parents thought he could not make money drawing pictures BOY WERE THEY WRONG

FiringBlazes - Minecraft & More : This phrase feeeeeeels familiar *THEY SAID* *BOY WERE THEY WRONG* But it actually does

Gr Wa : He actually thought the world was pear shaped 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🍐🍐

Bao Liem : Mom:what 2+2=? Me:2 Mom:who tell you that Me:my friends Mom:no you wronged Me: BOY HOW DO THEY WRONG

Stan Man : *everyone said they were right* *BOY WERE THEY LEFT*

J and A Outdoors : James thought he was gonna be a math teacher, but... BOY WAS HE WRONG!

Ipum roco : Actually its just 118 sooo boy where you wrong Jk loved the vid

Becky Ziemer : he missed the perfect "BOY WERE THEY WRONG" moment at 1:45

Its_ Danaplayz : periodic table was suppose to be in 10th grade?! DANM we leaned it in 6th grade!! and i passed lol :p

JCR YT : But James Columbus didn't discover America. The Vikings did OverSimplified

Rafiki Pines Griffin : The Titanic was unsinkable. *BOY WERE THEY WRONG*

Joseph Toncich : Everybody thought this was going to be a "boy were they wrong" commemt but... BOY WERE THEY WRONG

Deathslay123 : People said im not depressed BOY WERE THEY WRONG

Skittles : Red:🔴blood White:⚪bandages But what is blue? Blue:🔵the veins because they look blue under ur skin... 🤓

Rollover Doggo Gamer DOGS : The 5 elements 1. Earth 2. Fire 3. Water 4. Air 5. THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE

Raptorx - Brawl Stars : They said Odds1sout was boring *_BOY WERE THEY WRONG!_*

Gacha Temmie : 2:00 OHHHHHH, so that's how he died by poisoning.... I did a whole project on China, and part of it was talking about Qin Shi Huang

you dont know my name and you still subscribe to me : People who thought this comment section wouldn't be full of boy were they wrong comments well... BOY WERE THEY WRONG!!

Buggy92905 RZ : He actually landed in the Caribbean, and there wasn't one continent in the way it was two..

Ophe lia : They said I was pretty *BOY WERE THEY WRONG!*

UnderMyWheel : "Donald Trump won't win" Boy were they wrong!

Midnight Moon : He’s not a nerd he’s amaZing and I. Hate. Chemist. So yeah.

starry skies : People need likes.. BOY WERE THEY WRONG(PLEASE DON'T JUDGE ME)

o : Isn't it a barber surgeon instead of surgeon barber? And they also used to force people to puke, which was called purging.

Raven and Sweet : This is before James said wear ur seat belt Sad

WikiThis : I like how a Lays bag represented air.

Rubi Corn : 1:40 ok since there is mercury in the swirly light bulbs...* goes to store and buys swirly light bulbs* BYE CRUEL WORLD 👇🏻. 👇🏻

Epeng Cayetano : My parents thought I was drinking beer BOY WERE THEY WRONG 😂😂

Thegaminguy 1724 : 0:43 Lmao did anyone notice the medical box thing stuck to the MRI scanner/

Little Sofia : People say James wouldent Do a 7 Day Vegan Baby! Vid *Boy Were They Wrong!*

Jay blade : "Air" shows a picture of lays . Who else agrees with this

MeredithAnimationz : You pronounce Qin shi huang like this. You pronounce the Q and like a snare drum . Shi like telling someone to shut up shhhh and then huang like huu-aung

Mistikey tries his best : Maybe for the barber thing it was Red: blood White: bandages Blue: veins?

Fluffy HD : Some people thought that the moon landing wasn’t gonna happen BOY WERE THEY WRONG

ZacRobloxian Estonina : I Ship Jaiden and James........ *BOY WAS I WRONG!* (i think)

Doggo : in first grade i thought school was fun. BOY WAS I WRONG.

Cassidy Jones : 4:18 look at the top pictures what are you looking at jAmEs?

Scruffy Pikachu : "In mediaeval times..." Me: HUGE LESS DULL ONE PRONGED FORKS

Little Sofia : *Sees the title* What th- *Sees him say it* OHHHHH ok.. u say it a lot .... So how r u doing?

Clairon Lago : Ohh wait i know that emperor named Qin shi Huang. U see there is a movie called kindom. Kindom is a zombie movie. Watch kingdom in netflix

h KELLY : They thought James was going to be a math teacher _BOY WERE THEY WRONG_

marc zorya : Christopher acctualy just discoverd cuba and bahamas

jaden HENRY : The picture for the AIR element makes me lol its a chip bag... AAAAAAAA

ANDREW WARRA : Also Columbus thought the earth was shaped like a pear and also also he never landed in America Boy were you wrong

malenkiy fric : The whole reason Christopher Columbus went on his journey is because he knew that the world was ROUND