XL18 Flamethrower Trailer
The Perfect Home Defense Weapon

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The all new XL18 Flamethrower This flamethrower was designed to deliver maximum firepower downrange 110ft+ range .5 GPS (gallons per second) Napalm compatible Legal to own https://throwflame.com/products/xl18-flamethrower/


Itachi : I just wanna say that its so beautiful

Chaos and Anarchy Is our Welcoming : Wow, fire sure dose look pretty.

Frank Diesel : All i can think is, playing with this while listening to dokken- into the fire lol

Shlomo Goldstein : Perfect home defense.

Valkyrie 2 : Hans: Heavy breathing*

Jonathan Hart : What makes the range so good in this one compared to the x15?

The Black Knight : Hippity hoppity, get off my property.

distressed squid : Awesome video 👍 I wish i could have a job working with you guys to make the next flamethrower or at least pitch you guys my idea for a new design and function

Joe Swift : Yah but does it werfer da flammen?

LPS Dakota : That’s fire that comes out of a dragon

NoahR18 : Music?

Maurice : what software is used to 3d model this? Autocad?

Eddie Shannon : God I love fire

Mathis Lodewijks : https://youtu.be/SDTZ7iX4vTQ

Valentino : Si it legal

Child Molester 4131 : Is it civilian legal?

Jim Marshall : Just right for when you want to give things a little 'touchup'..

Arpeggioshredder : Wow!!

dd pp : War is scary.

Isaac Mayer : Do you make one that could be hidden in a backpack?

Y O J I M B O 用心棒 : Great for Antifa protests!

Naud van Dalen : Awesome! Although some people might be irresponsible. I can already see the next forest fire coming when someone decides to use it in a forest. At least flamethrowers are illegal in California, which has the highest forest fire risk in the US.