Bricklaying is easy
Brick laying is easy

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Tiler Durpen : Now I know how to wash windows and layer bricks. Thanks, algorithm ❀

Khromax : I think that YouTube is presenting me my future....

callsign_hotel : Nothing more UK than Chumbawamba playing while a shirtless bloke is laying bricks

Histaric Lobster : I have the sudden urge to lay bricks

Bangga Noeris Putra : This video, but everytime he places a brick, it gets faster.

JakodaRay : This is how Britain conquered 40% of the world.

Jason Baylor : "And you'll lay the bricks, and I'll film horizontally!" "Wait. I have a better idea..."

Bunsen Burner : Hey everyone, this is YOUR daily dose of internet Heres some guy laying out bricks

Iron Bridge : This video has no right to be as interesting as it is...

RealNameNeverUsed : To hell all exams. I wanna grow up and lay bricks for a living. Edit: Thanks for the likes. Hoping y'all achieve happiness in life.

Conor Jumper : This is really satisfying for some reason ..... Now I want a job

Egg GangYT : *gets curved by a bad Latina* Helps build the wall

Laser Mayonnaiser : Listening to music on a nice day makes work way better no matter what in my opinion

NyteLeaf : He was doing it all wrong don’t worry I know because I have my internet PhD

Sea Oh : It’s incredible how this guy makes it look much easier than it really is. Laying down bricks in a uniform, level manner is actually pretty challenging

Giovanni Carbajal : What the spurs watch before playing a lottery team late in the season

One less chromey : Just a couple of blokes laying bricks

Versaucey : I like how straight forward the description is.

Lur Snake : Mom: hey son what did you do today? Me: I watched a shirtless guy lay some bricks

Dakota : This is my favorite minecraft let's play

TGiSH IllidanServer : My inner laborer is screaming "shake up that mud board!" "put some blocks under that board!" "ask if anyone needs water!"

Astro Dan : YouTube algorithm has been killing it lately

Jake T : Strange how they understand the bricks are meant to lay horizontally... However the camera remains vertical.😐

ThatCrazy Drunk : Nothing more gangster than laying a wall. Coolio would be proud

Ron Kumar : *Mexico has left the server*

Night 129 : Now I know how to dress myself, get through a breakup, wash and clean cars, seen every stale meme, and know how to lay bricks. Thank you YouTube.

Jordan : "What did you do today?" Watched a guy lay bricks and listened to his radio through YouTube

Luka Delic : I like the part where he laid down the bricks

QwertyTwinkleToes : 6:49 Radio plays Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Trailer

The Sarcastic Ronnel : Nobody: YouTube Algorithm: Hey wanna watch this guy lay bricks

cricketbrick : me: has exams tomorrow also me: watching bricklaying is easy in the middle of the night

MrGuyCali : He's only scraping one side of the wall...

ebol08 : I can't believe they've copy striked this video because of that shi**y radio.

Mingkay Ming : Me: Youtube: pssst.. wanna watch a guy lay some bricks? Edit: cool bgm tho

SportsGamingCubing : This guy has a really good Lonzo Ball impression

Kenan Perjaya : Good technique and shitty filmmaking. The balance of the universe.

Fart Nation : The super duper graphics pack of minecraft looks stunning.

Trolligarch : Did I honestly watch someone lay bricks for 7 minutes? This is why I'm failing my exams m8

Lex Luthor : Holy shit man, could you build me a wall? Its from the Gulf to the Pacific. About 2000 miles. Lmk I'll pay triple of what it will cost to build.

Julie T : Why is this in my recommended again, even though I already watched it like 3 months ago?

- Mcfat - : no one: youtube: BRICKLAYING

BigBOY BOB : Saw this on recommended, and watched someone brake laying for 7 minutes straight.πŸ€” You happy now YouTube! πŸ˜”

MYGA Community : President Trump needs a word with you

Glampsam26 : He’s starting to build the Trump wall

gabj en : Great workmanship buddy, job well done πŸ‘

Angelo Chavez : I saw this on a β€œ *Fast/Best workers* β€œ video

fetuso fetuso : can't help but ask. How is the other side not dripping cement?

dirtbikdan 690 100 : Absolute radio... proper bricky

Tony Castillo : So weird that I find him stacking and shaving off the cement so smoothly so satisfying.