Bricklaying is easy

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Martvel : _Donald Trump would like to know your location._

Sam K. : YouTube recommended, I'll never know how you got me to click this

MY LIFE IS A MEME MY LIFE IS PATHETIC : Easy until the heat gets to 100°F.

Luka Delic : I like the part where he laid down the bricks

PUTU : The unfilled part at 1:38 gives me anxiety.

Blue Pineapple : I have an exam tomorrow and somehow I'm watching a shirtless guy laying some bricks

1000 subs with useless videos : Did i just watch a guy making a brick wall for 7 minutes straight?

E Rico : His fingers are probably crustier than my ass after that

Joe Bloggs : Keeping the wheels of British industry turning:-)

krazytaxicabbie : Real cool how he takes the excess and applies it to the next brick.

Versaucey : I like how straight forward the description is.

grisoli521 : I could wacht him until he finished the hole damn building

MetroVerse : There is something strangely satisfying about this...

A_Town Eddie_Flacco : Every Mexican is shaking while watching this video

Revman101 : Come for the bricklaying, stay for the music

AresKrl : This is the most British video I saw today.

James : it’s a known fact brick laying comes with a cocaine addiction

Beyond Tubular : *_Minecraft 2 is looking pretty good so far_*

craig seddon : Another brick in the wall

AJP83 : That's a bloody nice wall. I especially like the bricks you made it with.

CUBBIE-04 : Concrete still squirts out of the back of the wall

lowlyfe03 : Yeah its easy when it's at eye level like that. He had to start from the ground though, and that part probably sucks ass.

Durtly : I'm not sure if the internet is broken or my brain is. I just watched a 20 minute video about the differences between High Pressure Sodium street lights vs. LED. Then a thing about a stray kitten that turned out to be a bobcat, now this. But hey, cheers mate, God knows I have to deal with a bunch of useless idiots all day. it's satisfying to watch someone who's good at a practical and worthwhile craft.

Ryan Le : Camera guy, maybe instead of recording you should help the man to get the job done quicker.

Trolligarch : Did I honestly watch someone lay bricks for 7 minutes? This is why I'm failing my exams m8

Razor : Take a shot every time he lays down a brick.

Sergeant Scumbag : i have respect for this guy

Zack Bennett : 6:50 gangsters paradise came on I was so happy and then the video ended😖 R.I.P in chat

Josh Hunger : How did we all end up here🌝😔

NinjaGamer 443 : I like how it gets straight to the point no click bait bs

Trev 231 : Nice, now do it in -2 degree weather whilst it’s blowing a gale 😂

Jeff Faircloth : Nothing easy about masonry work I have done it my whole life along with many other things equipment but it is a very satisfying to stand back and see what you've done even though I can't move anymore I wish I could still do it but it will take a toll on you good job

Sheir0 : So it’s 8 in the morning and I haven’t slept yet. Somehow I’m watching some shirtless guy build a wall

Kris Silver : He left his 3rd and 5th quarter-panel open, and forgot to maintain an average setting ratio of 3:7.5 on the lower subsection... His peripheral spacing is a tad bit off, and I couldn't help but notice his lack of trowel oil will cause massive deterioration... I would know, I'm a certified internet expert and made all this up right now


Ali : You get a certain satisfaction when you build or fix something

Tom Barrett : You think when he shut his eyes to go to sleep, all he sees bricks being layed. Brick laying is too repeatative for me

LemmeLix : *Video title tells bricklaying* Me : Ah cmon nobody wanna watch that boring thing *8 minutes later* Also me : Umm. Erm.. Yea atleast wear some cloth old man

Guy 0 : This man has done a commendable job good he will be used ¶

lllEwoklll : Can you build me a house tomorrow by 3pm?

Ben Spicer : How can you do this all day everyday for 30 plus years?

Simon Matthews : Bloody brilliant, shows we should invest more within Construction Apprenticeships!

Potato Gaming0 : I just watched a man laying bricks with no shirt on for 7 minutes and I somehow thought it was cool

Loc .6 : Why did I just watch this video

GamingButNotReally : I got some new-found respect for brick layers.

Han Bulban : Wow dude you make it look so easy, respect

John Fitting : This guy is a master at his craft

Tombro : I just laid a brick watching someone lay bricks

NoSquidSid : Best ASMR video ever

Official Rain : What happens to the cement comimg out on the other side?