Bricklaying is easy

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Martvel : _Donald Trump would like to know your location._

Blue Pineapple : I have an exam tomorrow and somehow I'm watching a shirtless guy laying some bricks

Versaucey : I like how straight forward the description is.

krerica smith : As a BUCN in the Seabees who barely passed the masonry portion of A-School, I can confirm: laying block is in fact NOT easy, and this man is a wizard.

Syrtech : Lmao I can’t stop thinking about the guy who actually recorded this. Some dude out there held a camera at a man putting bricks down for 8 minutes straight without saying a single word. Props to that man

Govind Barhey : It's 3.32 am, i have to be up at 7am, and i'm lying in bed watching a man brick laying on youtube.

Mr Hard Apple : My mum calledd mee a brik

Justin Y. : These minecraft mods are getting out of hand.

Trolligarch : Did I honestly watch someone lay bricks for 7 minutes? This is why I'm failing my exams m8

sac396 : My favorite is the one he put down at 2:04

MiXA28 : Why is this -in my recommended- Why is this so satisfying?

DIJ : I was going to say he uses way too much mortar, then he finessed with that extra shit for the sides of the brick. Plus he eyed that shit perfectly level. He's a god

Iron Bridge : This video has no right to be as interesting as it is...

Nobodeh DontNeedToKnow : Me: I should be sleeping right now 3am: brick laying is EASY!

jef jeferson : Damn Fortnite made it looked easier

bartonez123 : Clicked on this video expecting extreme trickery. Seems I was the one who was tricked.

Mr Hist : So I just watched a guy putting down bricks for more than 7 minutes? YouTube is recommending some good stuff...

Kris Silver : He left his 3rd and 5th quarter-panel open, and forgot to maintain an average setting ratio of 3:7.5 on the lower subsection... His peripheral spacing is a tad bit off, and I couldn't help but notice his lack of trowel oil will cause massive deterioration... I would know, I'm a certified internet expert and made all this up right now

Dutchman : Master craftsman Edit: Holy crap coolio on the radio? Haven't heard gangsters paradise is a long time.

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : Why is it taking so long? He could’ve just used Creative mode

Et Malleo Semper Vicit : When you have an essay due in 2 hours.

VOW Badger : Meanwhile in england

Potato Gaming0 : I just watched a man laying bricks with no shirt on for 7 minutes and I somehow thought it was cool

Matthew M : You brick layers need to wear sun cream when you’re out for a day you need to watch out for skin cancer

Slylie Zeroseven : *a wild average dad has appeared*

Nick Parma : This guys represents the American dream at its finest. I tip my hat to you

Sam AAE : Sometimes by James is one of my all time favourite songs.

Tombro : I just laid a brick watching someone lay bricks

AXioS TraLLö : I started grooving when Gangsters Paradise came on.

1433N : Donald Trump: Mmmm....

James 89 : That my friends is a real Brickie’s body!! Boom

AUNBOMB : I'm literally watching a dude lay bricks for 7 minutes, this is almost like doing the chores in red dead redemption 2 , just watching people doing things that you don't want to in real life

MYGA Community : President Trump needs a word with you

TUBESTEAKNIG : This actually looks really fun. For about an hour lol.

superb : I actually didnt know there are openings in the bottom of those bricks

snaggle tut : hes a dilf tho

tom13king : It must be insanely boring to do an entire wall by yourself.

Frizzable : Yall ever just watch other people work instead of working yourself?

vzgsxr : Lift your mortar/mud boards off the ground. Save your back mate.

A fat Paki bastard : Time to drop out of college and become a bricklayer 🧱

Pixel : finally, something good was recommended to everyone.

Wes Miller : *Donald Trump has joined the chat*

Jake T : Strange how they understand the bricks are meant to lay horizontally... However the camera remains vertical.😐

Ivor Zulim : It is easy if you know what you are doing ;)

Ruben de haan : Finding out eventualy the feeling wasnt mutually

Grug Bonkers : Doing up the house is his bread and butter.

Big Boofie : i was a bricklayer for bellway homes and i can strongly say it is a truly shit and boring job.

Horsewithnoname : I bet he could ice the shit out of a birthday cake

Haveru : based and brickpilled

Shua L : The intense ninja precision at 6.11 is real folks