Movie Night With a Physicist

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Domain of Science : Lots of comments about Interstellar: They travel through a wormhole not a black hole. My response: They are the same thing. What!? Yeah. In the model of wormholes that I'm familiar with, the mouth at each end of the wormhole is a black hole. This was why I was using the two terms interchangeably. Here is a nice description: But perhaps Christopher Nolan was not thinking about a wormhole with black holes at either end, but another kind of 'gentler' wormhole. In that case, yeah it makes sense that you can see a projection of the stars and galaxies from the other side of wormhole on the face of this side. That's cool.

Xiaoke Ding : 10:25 "...That will keep your brain in when you explode..." LOL

Sasha Carter : What that folding paper wormhole example gets wrong: Space is continuous. It is deformable, but not tearable. A more accurate example would be: Take a rubber sheet. Draw two dots on it. Now pinch between those dots and twist. This is a more accurate example of the maths behind wormholes. You will notice that to bring the dots closer together, you need to twist a LOT and pinch closer to one dot than the other. The thing that does this 'twisting' in reality is a spinning mass. typically a black hole. To create a 'useful' wormhole would mean creating a black hole ~approximately~ near the center point between your origin and your destination and make it REALLY BIG AND REALLY SPINNY. Think, bigger than the mass of whole galaxies, and spinning with a surface speed close to the speed of light. not really feasible. Nor as simple as punching a hole through a piece of paper.

ZCBeats : 6:50 When you've just finished a 5 hour Vsauce binge

Maddy's Comic art : Something I don't wanna hear from a physicist: -"a black hole or something"

Harry Tsang : 11:53 The same can be said about hacking computers in movies

Cubi Cardi : 0:04 Physics tends to be quite a difficult subject 20:17 Physics is so basic

devihen : Oh, that's why nobody invites me to the cinema XD

mu2thehotness : Make this a series with more movies. Some suggested movies include: The Martian, Back to the future (& other time travel movies), Edge of Tomorrow, The Expanse (albeit, it is a tv show). One very specific example, I didn't quite understand is the solving of the falling city in Age of Ultron. Internet, continue to add to this list!

Aesop's Fables : The thing about "the power of love" in Interstellar is just another way of saying "we have no goddamn clue how physics could actually explain this", just like Newton provided God as the explanation for why planets in motion didn't perfectly match his theory of gravity. I think it's okay, so long as you don't really focus on it.

Willimations : This video was great but I couldn't help but look at the 'Y' formed between his facial hair and nose

Phizicks : 8:30 No, the surface isn't reflectting, it's more of gravitational lensing. Also 15:50, what happened to Newtowns third law? lol

Chribit : this is so me.

Eduardo Escarez : 0:22 The issue with the "mutating neutrinos" really boiled my blood. If that neutrinos would with some kind of interaction add energy to the core, it will add also to all the matter in the planet increasing the heat of everything. Also, the fake tectonics and where is going all the energy going to. 6:50 That is a great "finding a solution to a problem" face! 11:15 I love 2001 but yeah, has extremely long boring portions.

FuckYouGooglePlus : If physics and Jeff Goldblum doesn't match up, then physics needs to change.

Eozoon : 8:29That's not supposed to be a black hole, it's supposed to be a wormhole. We're not seeing reflections on the surface, we're seeing warped images coming from the other end.

Widdo Monki : omg don't get me started on 'gravity'. a better title would have been 'angular momentum', just for a start.

davidsirmons : Backscatter xrays like in airports might give something useful along the lines of Eraser.

Welpjesphinx : Hey Dominic! The scene from Interstellar shows them travelling through a wormhole, not into a black hole.

davidsirmons : True, a black hole would not be visible itself. However, since anything falling into an event horizon proper would literally be visually locked eternally in that split second when it fell into the event horizon, as seen from outside, it would remain visible at the event horizon. Further, if one is looking outward into space as one falls into a black hole, one would see time outside the black hole suddenly lurch forward by orders of magnitude, and would have a front-row seat (if somehow remaining alive) to see the entire life of the universe unfold before them in a matter of seconds.

Tommy Kuan : Hey, just a question for you. Has finding jobs with a physics degree hard for you?

willdlr : 8:30, that scene of interstellar is actually a wormhole. Edit: the blackhole comes later btw

Narata : LOL, I got sleepy with 2001: A Space Odyssey as well! I feel bad though as people keep saying it's one of the best movies ever. I will try watching it again now that I'm older and I can probably appreciate it more.

Devbo Slice : Your mustache is mesmerizing me. I didn't hear a word you said.

thedrunkenpilot : 8:33 - That's the WORMHOLE NOT THE BLACK HOLE. Why doesn't anyone pay attention when watching Interstellar? Like when people claimed the movie said love was the greatest force in the universe. When the movie said gravity was the strongest force and that love was the greatest motivator for humans. Pay attention to the movie and you won't think YOUR mistake is the movies mistake. FFS

story and muse : You and Neil deGrasse Tyson watching science movies would be the most excellent twist on the old Mystery Science Theater 3000 show. It would be a hit!

Mr S : I've devised and engineered a rocket propelled by love. Only problem is, I'm having trouble finding enough fuel to use it.

Ruan de Castro Ribeiro : Hey Dominic! You said you had some problems with interstellar, so i'm assuming you never read the book "The Science of Interstellar" written by Kip Thorne, executive producer of the movie and Nobel Laureate. It's a GREAT read, really! even for those who aren't physicists, but specially for physicists. Kip explains every bit of science in the film, obviously some bits are more artistic than science, but he fought to make it as scientific as possible. I found the book as entertaining, or even more entertaining than the movie itself.

Dan Beattie : "WE HAVE TO PAINT IT WHITE" 😂😂😂😂

Xander B : Great video! The 'mutating neutrinos' have always been a favourite of mine;)

Tim Borny : 8:32 The light is not reflecting off the surface, but being warped around the entirety of the black hole, which is accurate according to relativity. The visualizations of black holes in Interstellar were actually led by Kip Thorne and coincided with several academic papers on the subject.

Thyrone Williams : saw Jeff Goldblum in the thumbnail and clicked immediately lol

Min Andy Choi : How many movies did you watch in a day for this one video lol

kungfuman82 : The Big Bang that created our universe happened because an ancient alien being named Xorlaqk had a little too much Q⊙uiorian rum to drink and tripped and fell into the Red Matter container on his ship.

Daniel Glazer : Just to be a stickler, in the futurama bit you said the horses would be in a quantum superposition of winning and not losing with a 50% chance each, but in reality the microscope would be comparing their position wave functions, which would be required if the horses's positions were off by a quantum distance. While what you said was basically true, that measuring the horses again could lead to a different result, there's no requirement that the odds be 50/50. If the peak of one of the horse's wave functions were in front of the others, it would have a greater probability of wining when measured. But great video otherwise, really loved it, and I get why saying all this in a video would be overkill

Chris Guillen : In Star Trek: How would they get the red matter to the centerrrrr In that other: If you nuke that stroid the wouldn’t the fallout be .. worse ? Lol Chill vid 🤷🏽‍♂️

davidsirmons : movie. Not much tech facts. Still, we've had a number of meteroids and asteroids which remained undetected until they had gone past earth. At least one of them was half a mile wide or slightly less, and passed BETWEEN EARTH AND THE MOON. And that's super-bad.

Jack Sainthill : +Domain of Science 05:07 _...Vega, which is the other side of the galaxy..._ A strange slip, that, since. I think you must surely know that 25 LY is hardly the other side of the galaxy! ;)

Timofey Filin : My maths teacher once told me a story about his friend from MIPT, who became a cosmonaut (I'm from Russia). It was back in the USSSR and this guy managed to bring a bottle of whiskey on the ship. He says, that it was incredibly hard to drink it or even get the drink out of the bottle. Nevertheless, the found a way how to do it and so the whole crew has been drinking small doses of whiskey for a year.:)

Andre Gon : 16:14 Ian was trying to pick Dr Sattler up before knowing she and Grant had an affair. That wasn't real science, it was pick up science.

Dene. F. : Thanks for the video. Most amazing thing is how he managed to shape is facial hair under his nose. So difficult.

Shan mugam : Domain of science hey bro I find something about quantum physics my theory explain how the sub atomic particle move in quantum state some time my theory violate uncertainty principle i need help from you I want publish my theory in scientific journal but I am not good in english please reply me bro I am from india

edgeeffect : Really, we don't specifically need a PhD physicist to tell us Hollywood is shite... I think the fact that Hollywood is shite is a more direct indicator that Hollywood is shite.

The Guy That makes you mad : *11:50** unless the station was spinning, meaning that "centrifugal force" would keep trying to pull lt. Clooney out.*

Chris Fryant : This guy needs to replace Neil Degrasse Tyson in all things. He's more entertaining, more detailed in his explanations, and above all he doesn't color everything with condescension.

travis hunt : PhD in physics? normally you get a PhD in something specific not just the whole field haha.

trmofmusic : If I recall, "Event Horizon" didn't create the folding paper trope; it was a visualization in Kip Thorne's book "Black Holes and Time Warps," which also discusses in detail the consulting work he did for Carl Sagan's "Contact." Kip Thorne would then go on to be the co-writer and consulting physicist for "Interstellar." "Interstellar" is actually based on the thought experiments at the end of his book which contains the aforementioned visualization.

Markus Andreas Roth-Gross : 2:04 Would your blood really boil? Doesn't the human body have an internal pressure of its own? I'm also pretty sure your saliva would boil.

Sphakamiso Zondi : bring Futurama back

Neo Dimi : actually in interstellar they didn't go through a black hole in the beginning but through a wormhole.