Movie Night With a Physicist

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Domain of Science : Lots of comments about Interstellar: They travel through a wormhole not a black hole. My response: They are the same thing. What!? Yeah. In the model of wormholes that I'm familiar with, the mouth at each end of the wormhole is a black hole. This was why I was using the two terms interchangeably. Here is a nice description: But perhaps Christopher Nolan was not thinking about a wormhole with black holes at either end, but another kind of 'gentler' wormhole. In that case, yeah it makes sense that you can see a projection of the stars and galaxies from the other side of wormhole on the face of this side. That's cool.

atenahena : This comments section is so thirsty for this dude

Kylar Stern : I love the look on his face after "Several minutes of Hypothesizing" Lmao

Avana : I honestly thought this would be some kind of youtube-bullshit, but I'm actually surprised at how entertaining and somewhat educational too, he pointed out many things I didn't know about, or hadn't thought about that much. I like it c:

Sinneric : "Don't put your antimatter in a storage device that's on battery power!" Thumbs up for that one alone. lol

Anna K : I feel so stupid compared to this man.... here he is, with his big brain full of knowledge, and here I am totally distracted by his good looks and wonderful voice.

reee eee : I want that guy to explain one punch man

Red haired Gangstah : there is a letter "Y" below his nostril.

TurboOvenMan : Armageddon 2 will be about professional painters saving the Earth from another asteroid threat.

I'm right you're wrong : The math one got me, usually there's a lot more crying.

John Manalo : 6:06 When you change your profession from Paleontologist to rocket scientist because you almost got eaten by a dinosaur 8 times.

Zeebugjones : LOL I totally forgot about the 'power of love' bit from Interstellar. Such a sick film but....really? Finding a specific time in the whole universe's history with love? Criiiinge

Beer & Cheesefries : This guy's adorable. I want to keep him in my pocket.

Xris Kava : FINALLY! I am NOT the only one who fell asleep during 2001: Space Odyssey!

William McAtee : This guy looks like the rat from the movie Flushed Away

Luis Jacob : "physics is so basic..." 20:16 tells the guy with a PHD...

rachelle5694 : Can I have a dinner date with a physicist? 😛

Svinja : His face makes my head explode ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Machine Geek : I don't really understand how people can get math and not physics, particularly in school. Physics is just math applied to relationships that determine the way the physical world works. Simple physics is no harder then multiplication and division when you plug a couple numbers in. I never did well in math but I was pretty good at physics, still can't do a lot of calculation in my head, but I can understand these relationships. The thing I always felt was missing from mathematics education is a legitimate application, which makes it hard for rebelling teens to focus on learning it.

Angela M : Well damn. I'm not usually attracted to guys, but he got my attention. Smart and cute :)

Xiaoke Ding : 10:25 "...That will keep your brain in when you explode..." LOL

danteelite : I took Interstellars "love" explanation more as a one word quantization of something he couldn't put into words.. a parents intuition, heightened adrenaline, and a bit of luck. He knew where to go because he let himself just trust himself and follow his "heart" (his subconscious mind) and find her. Similar to a mother lifting a car off a baby, if you asked her she might also say "love" let her do it. Although we know the truth, and it's just a simplification of multiple mechanisms and reactions that gave her that extraordinary strength.

swgrrrl : I could fall asleep with this guy in his parent's basement watching 2001.

it be B : 10:21 "I like their hats, those special kinds of hats keep their brains in" PLEASE BECOME A PHYSICIST COMEDIAN 😭😭😭😂 Im crying o

Happy Person : Damn... I was waiting for at least a reference of Doctor Who...

Tobi 3009 : 18:43 I thought that the black side would absorb the rediation and the white side would reflect it?!

jsmall10671 : The Good Will Hunting one was silly. The point is that Will is a super-genius and can solve these faster than his mentor.

Timur Arslanov : I quite honestly cried my way through most of Interstellar.

Quaternions : 5:26 "Nerd sniped" I understood that reference.

Blaise Zak : the problem I have is not so much with bad physics in films, but with bad film in films. Spot on.

Cloud Landing : In Insterstellar, when he mentions love, I don’t think it was to say that love was some ultra form of physics, but rather it was the love for his daughter that gave him the will to eventually get himself to this Time dimension, that if he didn’t love his daughter, he wouldn’t get to the point to eventually communicate with her their in that plane and that, again, without his love to his daughter, he wouldn’t get his daughter to learn what she needs to learn, save humans as a whole, and ultimately save him.

dru. : Is it just me or is that guy kinda cute?

Jonah Combs : we have to... paint it... white. bwahahahahahahaha

GoodRiddanceGooglePlus : If physics and Jeff Goldblum doesn't match up, then physics needs to change.

Vilmos Péter : 20:07 I love love! It's good! Aww( ^ω^)

lexiconlover : Movie night with a physics Enthusiast doesn't sound as impressive as movie night with a physicist Wow 2 whole thumbs up thank you I never thought I'd get so much attention. Just voicing my humble opinion, heh

No Akomplice : Armageddon... Why wouldn't they teach astronauts to drill? You'd think that'd be easier, cheaper and more efficient all around than teaching oil drillers to be astronauts, no?

JStone : I love how hes such a human human despite being very intelligent :D

mmc : This dude is ok.

S B : love isnt physics, its chemistry, its all chemicals.

Farzher : 0:04 20:17

Skylight112 : Imagining Armageddon with a crew of painters and a trip to lowe's to pick the right shade of white is the best idea I've heard all day.

Domain of Science : Also Vega is 25 light years away, not the other side of the galaxy. I did an astrophysics fail! But I didn't know what clips I was going to be shown beforehand so I was winging it. Unfortunately a few little errors crept in which I won't forget in a hurry.

Karthic Cool : Show him jaadoo from koi mil Gaya.

Ilavenya : Worm holes were actually invented by Kip Thorne when he corrected Carl Sagan's book "Contact". Sagan had sent Kip the book to ask for his professional opinion and before Kip came up with worm holes, he had something else in there that didn't cut it. So that's how that happened :D

Ilavenya : Oh, one more thing, the wom hole in Interstellar is accurate, because it's a computer simulation designed by Kip Thorne and they even published papers about new things they learned from that. The "reflections" are actually the other side of the worm hole and everything you see is based on ray tracing in the Kerr metric.

Zoran Ristic : I came for the physics and stayed for the looks :)) So sexy 😍

cheezemonkeyeater : "Exploding it with a giant nuclear bomb is not the best idea." But it's the only thing Michael Bay is good at.

C : The crater of the asteroid that made dinos extinct hit the Earth is the Gulf of Mexico.

Trey : The Earth is already somewhat boiling from the inside due to planetary differentiation.