Mega Medley that was supposed to be 5 minutes but wasn't

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lara6683 : Updated list by Mika Rivera: NOT COMPLETE YET 0:15 - Ill make a man out of you_Mulan 0:29 - feather theme _ forrest gump 0:36 - xena theme 0:47 - Pokemon theme 1:00 - my neighbor totoro theme 1:12 - The dark world_Legend of zelda 1:19 - under the sea_the little mermaid 1:32 - Green Hill Zone_ Sonic The Hedgehog 1:44 - legends of zelda_lost woods 1:53 - the moon_ducktales 2:04 - overworld theme_mario 2:12 - blank space_taylor swift 2:29 - let it go_frozen 2:45 - all star_smash mouth 3:01 - Halo theme 3:25 - song of storms (ocarina of time) 3:36 - lord of the rings_fellowship of the ring 3:53 - Game of thrones theme  4:02 - ships to shore theme 4:12 - power rangers theme 4:31 - tetris theme 4:47 - Linked Horizon_ Guren no yumiya(attack on titans op1) 5:07 - Waltzing Matilda 5:17 - evangelion opening theme 5:35 - Trololol Song 5:54 - fairy fountain theme zelda 6:16 - fairytail main theme 6:24 - stranger things theme 6:34 - guile's theme 6:47 - A whole new world _ Aladdin 7:08 - Haku's death song_naruto 7:50 - Fur Elise_beethoven 8:42 - temple theme_legend of zelda 9:20 - mortal combat 9:42 - Dr.Wily Stage 1_megaman 10:44 - Harry potter_ Hedwigs theme 11:02 - he's a pirate_pirates of the Caribbean  11:19 - dont stop believing_journey 11:55 - creep_radiohead 12:29 - never gonna give you up_rick astley 12:46- interstellar  13:46 - angle beats_ichban no tukaramono 14:01 - Final Fantasy victory theme 14:50 - dearly beloved_kingdom hearts 15:09 - part of your world_little mermaid 16:49 - neverending story theme 17:26 - Bubble bobble theme 17:40 - toccata et fuge_bach 18:40 - mike oldfield_tubular bells 19:29 - darude sandstorm 20:07 - merry go round of life_howls moving castle 20:32 - pokemon intro theme 21:24 - fairytale main theme 21:40 - megalovania_undertale 22:04 - Demons_imagine dragons 24:04 - How far will I go_moana 24:16 - All of me_John legend 24:49 - The simpsons theme song 24:57 - Under pressure_ Queen/Bowie 25:15 - Circle of Life (Lion King) 25:25 - Complicated_avril lavigne 26:20 - Nena_99 luftballoons 26:39 - Trouble_ taylor swift 26:59 - Evanescense_my immortal 27:28 - Queen_ bohemian rhapsody 27:45 - abba_take a chance on me 28:15 - still alive_portal 28:30 - xfiles theme 28:49 - I will survive  29:09 - stranger things theme 29:45 - River flows in you _ yiruma 30:05 - Bad romance_lady gaga 30:33 - my heart will go on 30:57 - take five_ david brubeck 31:24 - friday_ Rebbeca Black 31:56 - toto africa 32:23 - Piano man_ billie joel 32:40 - darude sandstorm 32:50 - Inspector gadget theme 33:11 - Mad world 33:53 - radioactive_ imagine dragons 34:50 - Barbie Girl_aqua 35:25 - bob omb battlefield_super mario 64 36:10 - gummy bears theme 36:22 -  zelda theme 38:09 - Pirates of the Caribbean 38:34 - Hans zimmer_time 39:05 - A thousand years_christina perri 40:26 - Moonlight sonata_beethoven 40:35 - Fear not this night_guild wars 2 42:30 - we're all in this together_high school musical 42:46 - zelda lullaby 43:00 - Tetris Theme 43:10 - Chopsticks 43:45 - YMCA 44:09 - Star Wars Theme 44:34 - Go the distance _ Hercules 45:12 - One summer's Day _ Spirited Away 45:44 - Eye Of the Tiger _ Survivor 46:28 - Barbie Girl _ Aqua 46:42 - Ghostbusters Theme 46:59 - Stranger things theme 47:14 - Take on Me _ A-ha 47:25 - Jurrasic Park Theme 47:51 - Despacito_ Luis Fonsi 48:20 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow 48:41 - Canon in D _ Pachelbel 49:01 - Ocarina of Time 50:01 - My Immortal _ Evanescense  50:13 - Careless Whisper _ George Micheal 50:38 - All the Small Things _ Blink182 51:10 - Lets go to the mall_ Himym 51:45 - Megalovania_ Undertale 52:07 - Gangnam Style _ Psy 52:55 - Trolol 53:19 - Phantom of the Opera (she killed this one!) 53:48 - chim chim cheree_ mary poppins 54:04 - attack on titan theme 54:33 - Under Pressure_Queen/Bowie 54:51 - lord of the rings_ the shire 55:46 - Dire dire docks _ mario 56:04 - Evangelion Opening Theme 56:21 - Overworld? Mario 56:40 - Never gonna give you up_ rick astley 56:54 - Imagine_ John Lennon  58:14 - Dragonborn 58:38 - megalovania_undertale 58:51 - underground music _ mario 59:09 - Path of Wind_totoro 59:41 - Halo Theme 1:00:10 - Hedwigs Theme Harry Potter 1:01:06 - When she loved me _ Toy story 1:01:52 - Darude Sandstorm 1:02:05 - Game of Thrones Theme 1:02:27 - Song of storms_ Ocarina of time 1:02:47 - Stranger things theme 1:03:08 - Zeldas Lullaby_ Ocarina of time 1:03:58 - Dearly Beloved_ Kingdom hearts 1:04:23 - Bloody Tears - Castlevania 1:04:31 - legend of zelda_ lost woods 1:06:36 - Married Life_up 1:07:45 - someone like you_Adele 1:07:16 - Pokemon Theme 1:07:33 - chocobo theme 1:09:55 - Mass effect 1:11:13 - attack on titan 1:11:22 - amelie theme 1:11:44 - Stranger things theme 1:12:12 - Halo theme 1:12:19 - I am the doctor_ murray gold/dr.who 1:12:40 - Nena_99 Luftballoons 1:13:13 - game of thrones theme 1:14:46 - stranger things theme 1:15:23 - You are a pirate_pirate of the carribean 1:15:28 - fur Elise_ Beethoven 1:16:27 - shape of you_ ed sheeran 1:18:08 - To zanarkand 1:20:19 - Peach Castle_Super Mario 64 1:20:46 - Livin on a Prayer_ Bon jovi 1:22:19 - Game of thrones Theme 1:22:47 - Queen_ bohemian rhapsody  1:23:55 - Clocks_ Coldplay 1:24:26 - Song of storms_ Ocarina of time 1:24:44 - The nanny theme song

Voofey : when your 5 minute study break turns into a 1 and a half hour study break

Cuban Rider : I've wondered into the epic part of YouTube again.

Guido Anselmi : This might be a dumb question, but, how does she do this? I've been playing the piano for a while now and the pieces I practice I can play well, but does she just improvise all of these melodies on the spot, or has she learned them all before once? I could never play a piece without knowing the notes beforehand. Or is it something that comes along after a lot of practice and experience? Surely it is something you need (near) perfect pitch for. (which I don't have) This stuff blows my mind.

Adam Skrzymowski : Why has YouTube only suggested this to me now?? Amazing!

GameXplain : This is one of the best videos I've ever seen

Chimonakimi : Imagine all the copyright teams licking their lips over this one though

Marcella Hull : I wanted to only watch like 5 minutes of this to see if it was any good and I got sucked in. I watched the entire thing and subscribed as soon as I got out of the kinda trance I was in. You’re incredibly talented.

Kasia : "was supposed to be 5 minutes but wasn't" *glances at the video length* whAT

Christian Räßler : The longest 5 minutes of my life. Totally worth it.

Harrys Cupboard Music : - OMG We've all just witnessed undeniable TALENT - 👍🎹🎧

SantiFiore : 0:08 Lara, for the love of God, tell us what did you drink in that McDonald's glass than allowed you to play dozens of songs during one and a half hour NON-STOP.

snubben per : This really should go into the books of internet history!

Captain Donger : How are you so perfect? I remember going onto youtube specifically to watch people to mashups, and medleys. And you... with just a crowd and your own power created more content than any one person could do in that time... Youtubers would dreams about getting this much content in the space of a year. And you did it in an evening. I don't even know how to express my hope for your success, because you're talented, and you deserve to get seen as you are; Awesome!

Dragens2 : I am a musician myself and I ask you one question. How in the world can you KNOW all these tunes???? do you hear every Song that exists in the world? This is incredibly good. I am so impressed I cannot even say how much.

Radu Brezeanu : I don't usually have the patience to listen to more than 10 minutes of instrumental music before I feel the need for something else. This has been recommended by youtube, though I've never watched something like it before. Ever. Figured I listen to a bit and that's it. Now I wish I'd been there that day watching you live... 85 minutes of hearing you seamlessly shift gears and burn songs like high octane jet fuel is far from enough! Even without knowing all the songs! It's not your large library of songs that is impressive, that's a must, but your transitions are point blank beautiful. Like the wind sculpting the landscape it passes over... You though youtube would ban it or at least mute it with all those soundtracks, yet... so far... it's being recommended and has surpassed half a million views in about 50 days. "Impressive" is the word that comes to mind and so many have used it. I find it to be an understatement. Simply beautiful. It's all I can really say...

JustReality : This might sound kinda dumb but im learning to play the piano and this video inspired me to learn more and gave me some motivation, you're so talented and you earned a new sub in YouTube and a follower on Twitch, keep it up, you're awesome ^^

Morgan Studios : I got severe chills when you played To Zanarkand, would love to hear you do the whole thing like that. I will have to learn it myself!

Tim Lucas : Not only is your playing incredible, but you have attracted the best of Youtube to your comments sections. I can see hardly a single snarky or negative comment which is such a nice change for the a weary and cynical among us :D

Shikazu Okari : I showed this to my music professor and he said this is human peak performance. Truly mind-boggling

kylelandry : I'm in heaven. <3

PatrickAllenNL : When you want the neighbours to think you play you put this on

IffeOnline : I feel like the internet has let me down somehow. I didn't know about this until just now. Incredible.

TimmyTechTV : 00:15 - I'll Make a Man Out of You - Mulan 00:28 - Feather Theme - Forrest Gump 00:36 - Ken's Theme - Street Fighter 00:47 - Pokemon Theme - Pokemon : Indigo League 01:00 - Theme Song - My Neighbor Totoro 01:12 - The Dark World - The Legend of Zelda : A Link To The Past 01:19 - Under the Sea - The Little Mermaid 01:32 - Koopa's Road - Super Mario 64 01:44 - The Lost Woods - The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time 01:53 - The Moon Theme - Ducktales NES 02:04 - Overworld Theme - Super Mario Brothers 02:12 - Blank Space - Taylor Swift 02:29 - Let It Go - Frozen 02:45 - All Star - Smash Mouth 02:54 - Nerevar Rising - The Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind 03:01 - Opening Suite - Halo : Combat Evolved 03:17 - Song of Storms - The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time 03:36 - Concerning Hobbits - Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship Of The Ring 03:53 - Main Title - Game of Thrones 04:03 - Theme Song - Ships to Shore 04:12 - Go Go Power Rangers - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 04:31 - Korobeiniki - Nikolay Nekrasov 04:47 - Linked Horizon - Attack on Titan 05:07 - Waltzing Matilda - Banjo Paterson 05:17 - Cruel Angel's Thesis - Evangelion 05:35 - Trololo Song - Eduard Khil 05:54 - Fairy Fountain - The Legend of Zelda : A Link To The Past

TRIPBALLS : Reddit user non_troppo: Pasting my comment from the last time this was posted: Nope, this is impressive regardless of which way you look at it. There is subtlety here that most people won't pick up on, even people that play the piano. 1st layer of impressive: she knows all of these melodies and can play them from memory at the drop of a hat 2nd layer of impressive: it's very likely that she's never explicitly played many/most of these on the piano before, but she Solfeges like a fucking champ and can easily translate a melodic memory to her fingers 3rd layer of impressive: she's able to use harmonic knowledge to come up with chords on the fly, again for the majority of these melodies she's likely never seen sheet music so she's taking the arpeggiations present in the melody and just figuring out chords according to harmonic conventions, which own it's own isn't terribly impressive buuuuuuut~ 4th layer of impressive: her left hand isn't just doing block chords, she's inverting and arpeggiating chords to make the bits more interesting 5th layer of impressive: she is transposing these melodies, on-the-fly, into keys that make them more suitable for the arrangement. So to summarize - plenty of people can play the Green Hill Zone theme and the Forrest Gump theme on the piano, but can they: Perform the melody from solfege memory without necessarily having ever seen those notes on a page Harmonize those melodies without never necessarily having seen the chord symbols or sheet music Transpose those melodies into keys that compliment one another, so you aren't flying across the circle of fifths with every transition and creating a very jarring patchwork Do it over and over again with dozens of melodies for a continuous 90 minutes

Bryce Wayne : i need to know what was in that drink

EPrimeify : Jump by Van Halen 16:26 If You Could Read My Mind by Gordon Lightfoot and/or Stars On 54 25:01

amfibie77 : I can't believe they didn't donate more money. This is pure talent!

Qealax : *This video was on my recommendation and it's totally worth it !*

Daniel Hendrickson : I haven't watched lara in well over a year now, maybe 2, and I just saw this in recommended and gave it a shot out of boredom. Holy shit. This was a tour de force!

mohammed Altamimi : This girl's brain holds more songs than the entire iTunes Store

orsettomorbido : I love the fact that you change the arrangement every time you play the same song °_° Really really really cool medley <3

tobe kcool : Wow isn't it a world reccord ? never seen anything like this .

Westside Navajo : This is so over the top amazing. I can not describe the chills, the amount of inspiration, just over all incredible moment this is. I love it. I am super stoked I found you. I had to share. You did amazing. I know I am late to the party, but I made it finally. *raises glass*

gnei gnei : watching this so it can reach 1 million before your birthday! Also because it's amazing :D

lara6683 : 1 MILLION VIEWS!!!!!!

Project Ace : Hands down the best video on youtube. Cant comprehend how talented you are. It's like watching magic happen before your eyes.

The Yellow Entity : God has joined the server

phanpymanaphy : you are absolute goals please teach me your ways aaa

Courtney Thomson : "Oh this looks like it could be cool I'll just watch a few minute-" *1 hour later*

Asgeir Lie : The perfect woman don't exi-

Nathan Young : I’m a bit late, but this is absolutely amazing. I am so blown away. You are incredibly talented. Seriously I’m about to start shedding tears. Call me dramatic but this has got to be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

Cassiel Aralim : I have one question: How?

Mdawg Gaming : The greatest performer of our time

lavendermagic84 : This deserves more than a million likes, like SERIOUSLY. This Mega Medley is probably the best thing I have heard and will ever hear on YouTube.

EternalCreator : You made Earth a better place.

GSON : Did you play on the wedding that the guy in chat asked for?

tran minh thy : you- are absolutely amazing

Google User : Legend has it, Lara is STILL playing that medley...

Brandon Blume : Thumbs up just for Tubular Bells.