$0.80 Punjabi Indian Street Food

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β–  INDIA, AHMEDABAD: Ever since I started sampling the Gujarati street food around Ahmedabad people have been telling me their favorite is actually Punjabi dishes. I've therefore long since wanted to put this to the test, but how? I don't know what Punjabi street food even looks like! Luckily today I ran into a stall selling a Punjabi potato dish by pure accident. So was it really better than the Gujarati dishes I've had?


Austin101123 : "spicy or medium or light?" - spicy --> tells him regular lmao he knows spicy for white guy is just regular

Dhruv Shah : The guy on the scooter is my dad yo ! πŸ€—

Jagdeep Athrady : Do not support or help the beggars especially with the babies on their shoulder, its basically a mafia run by some underworld , they drug the babies before begging, the babies are not even related to them. They kidnap those babies from other cities. You can research on this topic if u want to.

roseslasher : Should've paid for the scooter mans lunch instead.

Swapnil Ilkar : Hi there nice video be careful these ladies carrying theses small kids are not their mothers these children are rented and drugged and remain silent most of the time let me tell you one trick whenever you come across such children begging tell them you are running NGO/school and will take them there this will scare them and they will run away it's because they are part of a racket and are thought to stay away from NGO people. And don't remove all of your money in front of all people in market might be someone will follow you and you will be robbed. Keep uploading keep motivating.nice video.

Rushikesh Tade : You told him spicey and he told shopkeeper regular. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Jessie Valdez : Gotta love when the orchestra man played a little more when finding out that he was getting a free meal. .... Food hunting is really nice. Great video 😁

rhubarb : GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN WOMAN HAHAHAπŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Omg thx for the heart and likes

sahil pandita : I am sure now u will be having the highest immunity levels in whole of Norway :)

exploringwithomar : I love the dude in the band who just repeats everything you say haha

Mayur Panghaal : harald is lucky english is widely spoken in india. The scooter guy works in press media.

Movin On : Harald: I will buy you a paratha! Beggar woman: No, you will buy me two... Those Indians sure know how to abuse a person's generosity.

Don Spampinato : This is real YouTube. Always keep it real and authentic :)

vsboy 25 : He should have his own tv show he is natural on camera presenting and teaching about location an food

Ritik Singh : The prize of whole food is 180 , but you gave him 500 rs

Rajeev RAI : The scooter guy is speaking 3 different languages with 3 different people at the same time. He is speaking Hindi with the Food guy, Gujarati with the Band guy and obviously English with Harold. Diversity 😍!!

I am Chegg : the guy cooking looks like hammond from top gear lol

Kshitij Vengurlekar : The man told him to make a new one so that you can film it!

Kanishk S : Punjabi food is healthy- Lmfao πŸ˜‚

erik myers : he played you the song "tequila" on his horn...and u didnt notice

Ashley Bambrick : That band member who plays the euphonium...if you listen near the end of the video, he's playing the song "Tequila". 😁

Henry Tudor : Harald is a good man with a kind heart I like it the way he buys food for less fortunate people

Psycho Records : Okay i invite u to visit my cousin wedding on 19th in delhi u can experience the real wedding.πŸ™

snaik_ 14 : "Oh no,ive been spotted..ive been spotted!"

pankaj bhanot : u r a nice man dear sai bless u . sai is indian god.

Brutus Zypher : Me: You smell that ? The wife : no ! Me : me neither start cooking !

Luigi Valdez : The band member on the left is sure eating a lot for someone that doesn't like the food! Harald, even with such simple videos, you keep me subscribed and watching them! Besides, giving us an idea of the culture, you're just one cool dude. Keep up the great work. Ohhh...shhhhh..... I like you better than Bald n Bankrupt, but he's pretty cool too.

Monster gaming : Plot twisted: now harald started street food business becoz of lack of admission fee

Azlan Jumat : Just upgraded my PC system with high definition graphic GPU and watching your awesome vlog. What a nice vivid color. love it.

jeff davin : Come and visit PHILIPPINES sir ... I guarantee you so nice here to stay ..😊😊😊

Golden State Resistance : Lmao. Foreigner says i want spicy food. Translation: he wants a normal one lol. We eat way to spicy stuff

Pablo Eido : I like how you go to random places and get the real,raw,random,realistic off the grid experiences. I have watched a lot of travel shows.yours my friend is a cut above the rest. No cover up background music. Respect.

Mr. Pickle : 8:30 Oh he pay for my food? Lets play hem a real note πŸ˜‚

Trygve Evensen : 17:31 *_"It tastes like a spicy, spicy, Norwegian loaf"_* ur a nice person

NYTENEX GAMING : You will definitely go to heaven! Love you man, you are doing a good job!

The Worshipper : Ur videos will still be enjoyed after World War 3 !!!

Mini Tiwari : U said I pay for you..he started playing his band πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

maximus 007 : Band vala Baba khera 5 min ruko money degaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Ron Yeahright : Grate cheese.......throw block of cheese , unwrapped, back in dirty trunk on sidewalk.

ippili manikantha : Hi harald from last few days I have been watching your videos continuously. You are so kind and down to earth person.. I had been seeing you going to such places in India where'd even we don't want to go and even you are helping people out there.. May Jesus bless you and wish that your helping should continue.. Thanks from an Indian.

Vishal Singh : Harald aaloo paratha are awesome to have specialyy in tge breakfast. I liked your reply πŸ‘‰ that it doesn't matter how you eat indian food untill u r enjoying the taste., πŸ™

jabjabgrab123 : ”punjabi food is very healthy”lol

Galal Victoire : Harald you are a good Soul & God blesses you in Jesus Name Amen !

HitmanPvP : This is the same men who cuts your hair πŸ˜‚

__ : Such a surreal, awesome 20 minutes that could only have been born into the cosmos under these specific circumstances through the countless trillions of threads of fate that brought this specific group of people together in this moment for us to behold.

Eddy Que : i was fortunate to try that shit before you dip it with some sweet sauce

Tom Edwards : What you have to love about India is that strangers talk like friends...when visiting India I found the people of amritsar very kind and helpful. Here in UK the gujrati and punjabi get on very well and are great for πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

diamonds__ : You are very humble man I wish I can be humble like you

Mr.Mister : Those people are very nice around that area. The guy translating at the start was just so nice. I would have bought his food for him for translating. The guy at the end was nice too, "bye bye, nice to meet you".