$0.80 Punjabi Indian Street Food

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Discoverthevibes. : I've been watching your videos (and balds) for around 2-3 months now, the more you upload the more I want to go to India. I think I'm gonna go this summer, thanks for the videos mate, love from England 💜

Rob : Good choice, the food looked delicious and the company was priceless. That whole experience almost seemed surreal. Great video.

Hemanth Kumar : The guy on the scooter was cool and helping

sahil pandita : I am sure now u will be having the highest immunity levels in whole of Norway :)

Mini Tiwari : U said I pay for you..he started playing his band 😂😂😂

Firoz H : Keep doing what you're doing. Don't listen to people who says ( don't help this don't help that) I think Harald is smart enough and he knows what he's doing. Just " cuz you're Indian doesn't mean you can tell him what to do and what not while he's in india. Feeding hungry people is a very good thing as long as you don't give lots of cash to the wrong people. Have a wonderful day Mr. Harald and keep up the good work. God bless ya.

rahul d : When u have lot of money. In other countries : Lead a decent life In India : live like a king

NoFap 365 : that beggar woman had better teeth & smiled more than most European ladies. Greets from Switzerland.

Kanwar Anand : I think the bandmasters are hilarious!

Abol Tabol : It takes balls for a westerner to not think so much about hygiene sit on the road side with the band members and eat.


Ritik Singh : The prize of whole food is 180 , but you gave him 500 rs

Jason G : Guy making the food Lowkey looks Mexican haha. Where them tacos at?

frankiexfantastic : My top Indian favorite dishes: chicken tikka masala, Paneer tikka masala, palak paneer, any type of curry pretty much. Oh rice pudding, rasmalai, etc. rose milk as well as Indian chai tea

Rafiq qureshi : Befor have he couldn't play After had parantha he started play.. hahaha

Jagdeep Athrady : Do not support or help the beggars especially with the babies on their shoulder, its basically a mafia run by some underworld , they drug the babies before begging, the babies are not even related to them. They kidnap those babies from other cities. You can research on this topic if u want to.

Psycho Records : Okay i invite u to visit my cousin wedding on 19th in delhi u can experience the real wedding.🙏

Jessie Valdez : Gotta love when the orchestra man played a little more when finding out that he was getting a free meal. .... Food hunting is really nice. Great video 😁

Manushi Chhillar : Ur videos will still be enjoyed after World War 3 !!!

luv Raghubeer : Why don't you learn hindi that would be easy for you.

Vikas Shanbhag : 10:54 plz Harold don't help people like those who carry small kids to beg for Money and food.. actually it's a racket where these people kidnap small children and drug them so that they sleep all time in the day ..she seems to be physically fit and can work on her own..No hate to homeless people...

Kshitij Vengurlekar : The man told him to make a new one so that you can film it!

You are stupid. really. : 22 pakistani dogs came here😚🚩🚩🚩😚😂😂😂

Utkarsh Kumar Singh : You really do have a big heart , huge respect!!!

Nagesh Cavatur : He played Tequila for you.

Azlan Jumat : Just upgraded my PC system with high definition graphic GPU and watching your awesome vlog. What a nice vivid color. love it.

jabjabgrab123 : ”punjabi food is very healthy”lol

Swapnil Ilkar : Hi there nice video be careful these ladies carrying theses small kids are not their mothers these children are rented and drugged and remain silent most of the time let me tell you one trick whenever you come across such children begging tell them you are running NGO/school and will take them there this will scare them and they will run away it's because they are part of a racket and are thought to stay away from NGO people. And don't remove all of your money in front of all people in market might be someone will follow you and you will be robbed. Keep uploading keep motivating.nice video.

Luigi Valdez : The band member on the left is sure eating a lot for someone that doesn't like the food! Harald, even with such simple videos, you keep me subscribed and watching them! Besides, giving us an idea of the culture, you're just one cool dude. Keep up the great work. Ohhh...shhhhh..... I like you better than Bald n Bankrupt, but he's pretty cool too.

Sandeep Kumar : Love all ur videos😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍Plz come to Odisha....

Sourav Kumar : Today is Teddy day for each like I will add a Teddy 🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻

krrish 4 full movie : It's a center point in Ahmedabad near polytechnic

vilo kitzzz : Guys please do not skip ads on this channel.. Remember your 30sec contribution can bring smile to others.God blzd

Rishav Dev : That shopkeeper wasn't a nice guy.He could've give more parathas to the lady and her child for that ₹500. Anyways,Harald you are awesome man.Please hire a translator if possible.

Brutus Zypher : Me: You smell that ? The wife : no ! Me : me neither start cooking !

krrish 4 full movie : You are near at my College

Je-ann Bolivar : North Indian food are tasty.

Wildlands1 : I eat those bread/roti/nan/chappati things everyday here riding around Borneo Island.

mc luvin : at 12:07 not sure where that cheese ended up..

Henry Tudor : Harald is a good man with a kind heart I like it the way he buys food for less fortunate people

xamurai00 : Harold , people in these comments are trying to put you off helping the needy. Dont you dare listen to them! They are just jealous that they are not out helping others themselves and you make them feel bad about themselves.

vsboy 25 : He should have his own tv show he is natural on camera presenting and teaching about location an food

NYTENEX GAMING : You will definitely go to heaven! Love you man, you are doing a good job!

Dee Raz : Harald was wise to avoid the salad 🥗 They can give stomach problems as they are washed in dirty water in India 🇮🇳

SB UNSTOPPABLE : *Man your stomach is very strong..*

Tom Edwards : What you have to love about India is that strangers talk like friends...when visiting India I found the people of amritsar very kind and helpful. Here in UK the gujrati and punjabi get on very well and are great for 🇬🇧

Akbar Mahmood : Harald You are very generous to feed the poor people that Lady had a big smile when she left... we enjoyed watching your videos.

Chris Holz : Hi Harald , pls send me some Food to Germany , i have only Loaf this morning ...Greetings :)

Gamer Harry : Dont listen others.....dude and also plz show us full videos and dont cut when u eat food

bubs Nadeau : Where have all the racist street dogs gone Harald?