Bill Burr Teaches Elijah Wood How To Kill

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Rick P : Elijah Wood is actually pretty cool, he's been on the Opie & Anthony show a couple times.

imhellag : I love how casually he just drops "someone burned a car for insurance."

Ralathar Renares : I think people underestimate small caliber guns.  Yes, larger guns have more stopping power.  However if you put a couple rounds in someone with any gun 99% of them don't want any more of that if they are still on their feet.  Most of the ones that are still coming at you won't be stopped by higher caliber rounds unless it kills them outright. Many a person has been killed by a dead man who just isn't dead yet.

Kenny Tee : Just got to this recommended video after watching that 'Sarah Silverman is Hitler' skit...Jeez, what a breath of fresh comedic air.

お化け : I like Bill Burr, not because of his pessimistic humor, but because of his genuine personality. I wish everyone could be as genuine as Bill Burr.

Alfatazer _ : Elijah should get a shotgun. It's got a nice spread.

ChaseFace : Bill Burr is my hero. He talks about everything we're too uncomfortable to address and makes us both laugh and think about it. But he's still such a nice, compassionate guy behind that tough guy demeanor.

dougerber : i met bill burr once, he was very nice. that's my whole story.

Bryce : Its truly a talent how Bill can fabricate an entire story on the spot, and make it funnier than fellow big-name comics. Hand down one of the funniest guys of all time.

playsbba018 : Who's on a bill burr conan binge?

Mike Cappadocia : conan makes bill look like a dwarf and bill makes Elijah look like a hobbit.


onraj9mm : "WITH A SICKLE!"

Herv3 : Bill Burr is top five living comedians. top 15 all-time

Nick : one on one me sickles only

Franco Fernando : I watched this after watching Bill's Netflix special, I'm Sorry You Feel That Way During the same gun bit, he stops and mentions that people are usually laughing by this time, but since he was in the South, people just sat there staring at him...probably one of the funniest lines I've ever heard. I was wondering if it was off the cuff, or planned After watching this, I noticed that the crowd was already cracking up when he explained that he was doing landscaping for some guy, probably because it sounds ridiculous That made the bit in the special even more funny to me because it was really off the cuff, and totally true!

SakeV2 : I watched this video more than 10 times only today. My stomach hurts of laughing in that sickle part. Bill Burr is a legend.

lane : laying there in me undies

omly85 : Ohh America..How I envy your second amendment and your right to self defence love-The rest of the western world.

alisumwal : "....this guy's coming around your bed with a sickle."    I completely lost it  X'D

Mastikator : I live alone and I know exactly what he's talking about "You're what's for dinner".

Mrbigolnuts : when I'm laying in a hotel bed I get concerned 2 drunken bikini models are going to force their way in and have their way with me.

Timothy Ryan Fisher : I love Bill Burr, I told my wife about him and she and my son were busting a gut watching him on Netflix tonight when I got home from work. Thank You Bill for existing, your our generations George Carlin RIP.

Ronald FlobJobbin : Damn, What Elijah needs is a shotgun. Its got a good spread. 

TheBigBenji : Bill Burr Baggins

Michael Mentore : Their reaction to the sickle was priceless

Crystelle Vargas : Elijah Wood's laugh is my favorite thing in the world.

Spagman : dude with the sickle was a reapist

bob tony : the actual standup he does for the 22 story is hilarious, i recommend everyone listen to it.

Roxana Salahshoor : Hearing Elijah's chuckles in the back makes me happy!

usernamenotinvaild : if any thinks a 22. wont do it. allow me to shoot you with it and see if you will want to leave my house

TheDrewgutterz : why do I think bill burr and Louis ck need to have a face off lol. been a huge fan of both before they got extremely famous


Ron Ash : As a Brotha....just wanted to say.....BILL BURR IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST.....HE IS THE MAN, PERIOD.🔱

timmyproton : elijah wood's giggles give me life

Patrick Jung : Somebody burned a car for insurance.. ?

ltatumus : I lost it at the last part... Looking at your own body... OMG. I rewatched this twice just to hear that.

Dillon Jenings : Elijah is a weird dude, but he's also pretty awesome. Perfect guy to play a hobbit by his size and the way his face looks.

Raffino Jonathans : that sickle part was so unexpected

Job Brown : Bill Burr 2020

Fluffy Tailed Kitsune : Hes a soviet murderer coming around your bed.

TheAndyMan : I've watched this video so many times, and it kills me every time XD

TOP KEK : Elijah Wood is scared of home invasion. After talking with Bill Burr even more.

EAchank : In Canada we aren't allowed to have guns unless it's for hunting Less violent crimes than the US too :p

raul petallo : Bill is right. I've seen too many movies where the guy in the motel dies from a surprise attack coming from the front door and gets blown with a shotgun. Motel is not a good safe house boys. Remember in case of trouble. BILL FOR PRESIDENT

matterofact : Right before Bill says something really funny, you can see that little mischievous sparkle in his eye. I start to laugh even before he's halfway through the joke.

Daniel Pappan : Bill Burr and Joey Coco Diaz are the two greatest comedians of all time.

Jake Alexander : Holy crap; turns out Bill Burr is hilarious! I was not aware until just now. I will be looking him up on the Netflix.

Brodie McGrath : A sickle 😂

haxpaxed : Man this guy cracks me up