Goose Chases and Attacks Dog

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Orange Chicken and Rice : honestly that dog is adorable. she's just sitting looking all sad like "daddy you gotta protect me" lol what a mellow pup. my dogs are big babies too lol

rayjinflo : Far Cry: Canada

xxcringelordmasterxx69xx : never in my life would i think i would see a man grab a goose by the neck and throw it off a boat

Doug Christensen : Self Defense equals dinner in my book

Jack is not in the box : Dinner jumps in your boat and you throw it away. Americans.

CapnGet Some : geese are the enemy! open your eyes people

hitmontop16 : Not mah dawg!

Mission Outdoors : Throw in the fact that it isn't my dog, and I'd say it's all good. My dogs would have eaten him shortly after that started.

Jason Johnson : I'd kill that goose, pluck it, clean it, marinade it and let 'er fry

Slucshis Videos : I would choke the goose by the neck if I were you

Slucshis Videos : Woah your brave grabbing goose by neck omg

Da Man : She has her babies around for sure!

Josh Reichenbach : When you grab their neck make sure you break it quick and they will leave you and your poor pup alone

Blyatiful Cyka : maybe do a bit more more than *G E N T L Y P U S H I T O U T O F T H E W A Y ?*

patricksreels : this is soooo funny. when he drove off the goose went after him "sup? better run..." hahahahha

Mission Outdoors : Dude (Jake Z) if you'd have read the info you'd have seen its not my dog.... my dog would have ate that goose.

Kode Dean : Get off my dawg.😂😂

W Gaston : The dog's owner should've snapped that aggravating bird's neck, then they'd have had a goose supper!

BullToTheShit : Maybe the goose had some goose-babies nearby that he/she was protecting.

Bee Spirit : I lost it when the goose walked on the dock to get back inside the boat after you threw it.😂😂

hurkamur1 : Honey goose don't care

Emz Xx : The swans like I ain’t goin nowhere mate

me and my bro!! try toy showers!!! : why are gooses so agrasive!!!!!

OMGMaw : 😂😂😂😂 id be soo scared of thay geese. This guy normally grabbing it by the neck lmfao

Everlovingful : That dog is a perfect thing for goose hunt!

BrightBlue : Persistent bugger isn't he?

Baki Hanma : Goose is at the top of the food chain......

OgrabliatorKorovanov : probably somewhere near was goose's nest

Getsuga Tenshō : I love how that thing doesn't give two shits about the guy grabbing it by the neck and throwing it away, it just keeps coming back to murder the dog! Thing is weird man!

Yul Strokheet Al-Wauch : Should have grabbed him by his neck and yelled at him right in his face.

Ikua Muita : If i were you I woulda hit its head on the side of the boat to show iy whos the superior species.😡

xThreeYearsx : Dog owner of the year. Personally I would’ve ripped its flight feathers off and thrown it but this guy did a good job.

Scott Bailey : That would be one dead ass goose if I was in the same situation. An animal with no survival instinct is just asking to be made into dinner.

TamptheChamp2 : Canines are a goose's natural predator. I've seen an entire flock of Canada geese retreat from a single dog much smaller than this one. This is indeed a rare happening, although I agree with the person who said its nest was probably nearby.

Eugene Kheyfets : ():33 he was calling his friends "Yo, guys, come here! I need backup!"

FAT XENO : Those god damn Canadians

RiptideV10 : I would slam it on the side of the boat and shatter it's neck

dayyou : Should have dunked its head underwater for a few seconds. See how it felt after that.

Ye Yeet : I think it wanted to mate. Lol

Pip Smith : If that were my old springer, there wouldn't be a video.

hunter McKamey : Beat it up

Nocturne : Yoted

Prop Paper : Wring it's neck... Sunday dinner

American guy : Geese are so evil and mean that I blame them for why people are fat, why there is homeless people everywhere, why people want to kill each other, blame them for the wars in history, and blame them for just about everything. Also the only way to stop a war between anything and anyone is to kill the geese and their evil goose lord otherwise the evil geese will make humanity extinct and the goose lord will rule the world.

Anthony Stockton : He is a nicer man than me. I would have whipped that thing around by the neck the second time it went after my dog.

Don .P : "prepare to repel boarders"

Winter : OhMyDog

Mill : LOL

Anna Marie Fratt : This video never fails to get me in hysterics

wwwDESwww : LOL WTF was that?