Linkin Park ft Chris Cornell - Crawling/HHH

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Jorge P : I hope their wounds have finally healed

Pranav V : Are we not going to talk about how awesome Mike Shinoda's rap was?

Maggot Amigo : *R.I.P Chester Bennington 🌹* _R.I.P Chris Cornell 🌷_

Vignesh Ramesh : Cornel is great. He sang at a scale that amplified Benningtons performance instead of diminishing it.

Jonathan : Oh man, i almost cried when they started hugging each other. Almost felt like Chester hugging him in heaven too...

Emily Tooke : THIS IS SO HARD TO WATCH rip these legends

Mangokingemphasis : This is just two angels singing together. That’s it

Claudia Almeida : The last part of the song was unbelievable

k. liz10 : Is it only me being a little overwhelmed and seeing/hearing things or Chris' voice actually changes a little bit when he smiles to Chester?

Drushka8 : RIP Chester, but thumbs up for Shinoda's solo. He made an amazing intro!

T T. : In retrospective, this is so incredibly sad to watch. Two great voices silenced.

TRAIL BLAZER : 3:00 I love how chest had no idea he was gonna join him

Dagzilla brofist : "He's got the fucking most beautiful voice in rock and roll" - Chester Bennington. and he was right, chris has an amazing voice. Both of you will be missed dearly. i hope when my time comes i get to listen to both of you sing in heaven. May you both be at peace now.

Nick Velasquez : "He's got the most beautiful voice ladies and gentlemen"....chester...your half right on that...but most of all you both had the most sensational most awesome voices known to man

Emilien Coicaud : Mike Shinoda is a legend, this intro is epic

ugh why : The scariest thing in this video is that they both knew exactly what they were singing about...

pisces moon x : Killer intro 🤘 two legends singing together

The Wedge : So weird to watch this and know that they are no longer here. It's almost as we are watching ghosts.

nicoleta groedahl : Last year when Chester passed away, i was in vacation with my family in Danmark. I was up late, listening to Linkin Park on july 20th. before i shut down my computer, i got the breaking news about Chester and since then my life would never be the same. I fight depression my self, i try hard to stay alive for the sake of my family and all the other things that makes me smile. And when im down i find myself playing Linkin Park many times... . I miss Chester so much..

Jessica Holland : Everytime I watch Chris come on stage it gives me goosebumps. Chester you are missed and not forgotten. The pain is over and I wish we could have had more years of your talent, but you gave us plenty of music to enjoy and that helps deal with pain losing you. Rest in paradise

dandouglas41 : Wow. Chester's a great vocalist. But Chris Cornell walks on stage and takes Chester's highest high note and looks like he's strolling in the park. Then he does harmonies on the chorus that the band probably never could have conceived. And all the while he looks like a Jedi master. The world will miss you, Chris.

Uncle M : One thing you can't deny. They both sounds are indeed very iconic.

baraka flaka : This is pure magic that these guys create. Absolutely incredible. Hard to really jam and sing along to these guys any more without tearing up. Music i grew up listening to and admiring. Legends live forever.

Handsome Squidward : I would have loved to see Chris Cornell have a album covering LP songs his voice is just beautiful.

Mariam Abisonashvili : Chris & Chester - 2 greatest vocalists and legends of our time.

Srishankar Sundar : The way Chris does the jump... 'I've felt this way before, so INSECUUUUURE'. I mean, he's just walking, it's like he doesn't even realize he's going to jump five notes in less a second.

Nefeli Provata : Soul brothers in life and heaven... Rock in Peace legends...

Thiago Mamedio : Was it a surprise for Chester?

Mr Zack : No words can describe what i feel just now

Erien Euros : Did Chester even know that Chris was going to be there? Looks like his mic was just cut off and he was surprised.. And it's really the saddest video on the internet RIP

Gabriel M. : Yeah, I found the saddest video on the internet.

Kατερίνα ゚ : Chris' voice was fucking phenomenal, and his sense of harmony was also incredible, no wonder he was one of the best (if not the best) vocalists to ever live. May he rest in peace, I really hope he's with Andy now. But I doubt he found that thing he's wearing in the men's section, lol.

Wiktoria Zander : song chris and song chester is perfect.

Star Raiyez A.H.F : I still don't think they committed suicide. It's never sat well with me..

Maria QR : R.I.P Chris Cornell 🌹 R.I.P Chester Bennington 🌹

xognajdx : Please never remove this video. This is one for the ages. RIP both Chris and Chester.

Mr F : That was powerful and it is every time I see it.

Lucy K. : Chris Cornell’s vocals are way, way more powerful than Chester’s. I love how he holds back and let Chester shine.

Yes it's True. : chester you were NO 1 chester you are NO 1 chester you will be NO 1 Forever

Erick R : Whoa, Goosebumps.... I kind of felt their friendship when they sung together. Chris Cornell sounded so good on that song. I thought it would've been too up tempo for his style.

SnowAndReef : "He's got the fuckin' most beautiful voice in rock and roll, man" Something I've always loved about Linkin Park, specially Chester, is their humbleness. What a wonderful and solemn thing to say.

Mediangryphon1 : When Chris sings the lower part fear is how I fall he sounds like an opera singer it’s actually terrifying

Theresa T : Mike Shinodas part was awesome in the beginning. Came across this after YT recommended. I’ve seen many LP videos and this gave me chills when Chris came out near the end to sing with Chester. Heartbreaking to know they were both struggling from wounds that wouldn’t heal. RIP to both Chester and Chis...praying you both are finally at peace.😩🎤🙏🏻🎧

TRAIL BLAZER : This lack of self control I fear is never ending

Llucas Chazy Chaz : Agora eles estão juntos de novo E aqui ficam os fãs com os corações partidos... ;(

nickmcp71 : I just came across this by accident. Wow. I need more accidents like this.

Gordon Gecko : 3:40 onwards kills me

Gulmira Gulmira : Super . Excellent. Oh my God!!! 👍😘🙏🙏🙏🌺💐💐💐💐💐🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

ghostos : what the hell !! best video i've seen in 2018 so far

Toni Tadic : This two legends r.i.p never die in my heart 🙏😭