Linkin Park ft Chris Cornell - Crawling/HHH

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Jorge P : I hope their wounds have finally healed

Sean C : Fact: Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred into other forms. The energy from Chester and Chris' voices are still travelling somewhere on this Earth.

Maggot Amigo : *R.I.P Chester Bennington 🌹* _R.I.P Chris Cornell 🌷_

Jason Logan : I'm sorry but I'm a black man who found this music later in my life (38). This music is so beautiful and painful but the pain is transcending to beauty. May GOD embrace these 2 men. Sometimes we take our own lives and it's not meant for the world to understand. GOD IS IN EVERYONE. REST IN PEACE and know you shaped a generation and the FUTURE

Mangokingemphasis : This is just two angels singing together. That’s it

Timi T. : In retrospective, this is so incredibly sad to watch. Two great voices silenced.

teenage emo kid : holy shit!!! i actually started crying at 4:01

Lewis Barrah : I must have watched this a thousand times now. Chis singing that last harmony with Chester is beautiful, and the way they hug at the end. I love everything about that.

Handsome Squidward : I would have loved to see Chris Cornell have a album covering LP songs his voice is just beautiful.

MonsterLombard : two legends.

Emily Tooke : THIS IS SO HARD TO WATCH rip these legends

Gordon Gecko : 3:40 onwards kills me

MeytalHead : There's something about Chris Cornell's voice that sounded so reassuring and comforting. Love and miss both of these men

Jonathan : Oh man, i almost cried when they started hugging each other. Almost felt like Chester hugging him in heaven too...

pisces rising x : Killer intro 🤘 two legends singing together

PastorOfMuppets : Took me 8 years to find this? Wtf is up with Youtube's recommender system?!

Yes it's True. : chester you were NO 1 chester you are NO 1 chester you will be NO 1 Forever

santi v : The owner of this channel had no idea what he was uploading...this is more than gold

Claudia Almeida : The last part of the song was unbelievable

RONNsky TV : ... rip chris...... :-(

ahepperl : Two men born to SING and unforgettably to die too young, determined to strive through life's sorrow, with two DISTINCT rock voices that cannot be duplicated. GOD BLESS THEIR SOULS AND TRUE ROCK AND ROLL

k. liz10 : Is it only me being a little overwhelmed and seeing/hearing things or Chris' voice actually changes a little bit when he smiles to Chester?

Llucas Chazy Chaz : Agora eles estão juntos de novo E aqui ficam os fãs com os corações partidos... ;(

Uncle M : One thing you can't deny. They both sounds are indeed very iconic.

LYNX SMG : People call them cowards but how they had to live with it for 41 and 52 years

Gabriel M. : Yeah, I found the saddest video on the internet.

dylan zona : This is pure magic that these guys create. Absolutely incredible. Hard to really jam and sing along to these guys any more without tearing up. Music i grew up listening to and admiring. Legends live forever.

Jessica Holland : Everytime I watch Chris come on stage it gives me goosebumps. Chester you are missed and not forgotten. The pain is over and I wish we could have had more years of your talent, but you gave us plenty of music to enjoy and that helps deal with pain losing you. Rest in paradise

Melomixli pi : these woods..they did not heal....for none of sorry for two of my fav singers....

Spirit : Goosebumps

Matias Altamore : Today, this is so hearthbreaking to see

Mark : They sound good but it's just amazing what technology has done for sound you know what I mean

Wiktoria Zander : song chris and song chester is perfect.

Mr Zack : No words can describe what i feel just now

Nefeli Provata : Soul brothers in life and heaven... Rock in Peace legends...

xognajdx : Please never remove this video. This is one for the ages. RIP both Chris and Chester.

Mandy Marie : The happiness in Chester's face when he sees Chris fills my heart up in an unexplainable way ❤ #RIPChester

Mr F : That was powerful and it is every time I see it.

Laura Franco : who is here in november 2017 😢?

Widson Francisco : Por quê vocês se entregaram? Vocês fazem tanta falta!

TheNewAmericanMedia : This is such a killer intro.

Gulmira Gulmira : Super . Excellent. Oh my God!!! 👍😘🙏🙏🙏🌺💐💐💐💐💐🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

Thiago Mamedio : Was it a surprise for Chester?

Post Malone II : Notice how they cut his mic off at 3:02 lol

ghostos : what the hell !! best video i've seen in 2018 so far

Some Damn Author : The way Chris does the jump... 'I've felt this way before, so INSECUUUUURE'. I mean, he's just walking, it's like he doesn't even realize he's going to jump five notes in less a second.

Jose Hidalgo : RIP BOTH

nicoleta groedahl : Last year when Chester passed away, i was in vacation with my family in Danmark. I was up late, listening to Linkin Park on july 20th. before i shut down my computer, i got the breaking news about Chester and since then my life would never be the same. I fight depression my self, i try hard to stay alive for the sake of my family and all the other things that makes me smile. And when im down i find myself playing Linkin Park many times... . I miss Chester so much..

shunt117 : 2 gentleman, 2 legends

tws : This is so hard to watch now... The only thing that can make me smile here is the fact that Mike's still here with us, working hard and dealing with everything to bring us some good music. Also his intro from HHH on Crawling makes way more beautiful. Rest in Peace 2 of 3 legends.