The Mind-Controlled Bionic Arm With a Sense of Touch

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Tessa Jalloh : absolutely fascinating tech. With a few more years of research, i can imagine that this sort of thing will be the norm for amputees.

Personalized Karaoke : While watching this, I look at my arm, moving it, feeling it, and said to my self, boy im so lucky your still attached to me.

BrinkMan49 : raccoon takes her arm yet she wears a cute little raccoon printed shirt. 3:11 "Forgiveness"

invinsable izzy : I look at this and i start to cry, i have never had a left arm. ive been bullied all my life and i am only 13. i want to be able to fold my arms or to twiddle my thumbs i cant wait for this arm to become a reality I might be able to achieve, but you'll only be lucky enough to be chosen for a project like this. Itll be close to impossible to afford. and then looking at the comments in this video is absolutely ridiculous, because "now its time to cut off my arm" is a terrible thing to say. i wish i had the chance to have an arm.

coco bean : Imagine being punched in the face by that

JPM Pranks : Venom Snake approves.

jesse stoehr : 6:17 she has all the infinity stones on her arm

Shi N : Number or raccoons crushed by that arm since this video: over 9000

johnwerdagen : I still have both my arms. But I want this

Relotons Other Yt acc : Dr. Octavious in real life

Josho Wosho : Nobel prize Otto. Nobel prize.

Game Render : Developed by doc oc and spider man?

Richard Cypher : Fullmetal alchemisty

tjpld : I wonder how far this will progress in the next 30 years.

the Great and Powerful One : It’s time to cut off my arm again

TheReal Doge : First thing I would have thought of is a 👌 or a🖕

Aleks 1234 : Cyberpunk 2077 :D

J muzzzil512 : I want a robocock

c0pyimitati0n : Who gives this a thumbs down???

Arni88 : Imagine masturbation with robo hand!

Harley Thorson : I once shot a raccoon for killing our farm chickens in brutal ways(i hate killing). at night I went to the barn after mic heard it.Btw I have 1arm. This thing was MASSIVE! after 5shots with a .22 it still kept flopping around i almost cried had to use a sharp machete to hack the head off to kill it i will always cry when thinking about it. after watching this it really makes me wonder what would happen if it had gotten ahold of me.

Galahexolion : Who's here after Detroit: Become Human ?

Ben Hinman : But can i give myself 4 arms

DickTeyder : should've let her dogs had that racoon

Brandon Villada : 7:35 you'll understand

David Drouant : I want to see the day where augmentation can be done like a walk in clinic

Xxx Xyz : Metal gear solid 5 phantom pain big boss vibes

NUCLEAR DIVISION : Might we have a four ARMS??

xXx_sweg_quiCkScOp3Z_L0Rd_420_69_xXx : Serious props to the scientists that actually take their time and effort into developing the future!

Ganavak : Right, now to play some Deus Ex.

help me for the love of shrek : I wanna lose my arm just to have this, but I probably wouldn’t be getting this cause it’s so expensive!

Harold : 7:35 you looked

Seven Awesome Girls : Yay automail

Therapent : Hopefully one day we'll look back at this technology the same way we look at computers from the 1970s

Luthor Graal : At first i thought it was Gravity falls theme song

SwiftBlade4 : That intro made me come to a realization. We shouldn't be building new machines. We should be building new TOOLS. With next gen tools, we can progress even further than just building new machines. I say "building" alot.

Brandon Holt : Prosthetic limbs dont kill, the mind does it for you.

Rusty Carlos Valdez : Let's find the raccoon and make it suffer. She don't deserver to lose her arm because if the raccoon din't know she was saving it.

Unyt : Watch her do this 👌

moth : 4:33 I feel this man

The Berserk Spoogz : I wonder if you could control bionic creations outside of arms and legs. Wings, perhaps? A tail? Tentacles?

Jack Octagon : Guys.. Im feeling unsure now.. I have my normal hands but I want to have that thing instead lol.. Am I and idiot?

endermanpro200 : Not bad.

DJ : Sucks that I won't be alive in a couple hundred years to see how far our technology advances

Turtle and Wookie : now we're thinking with portals...

TotallyRandomThings : 7:42 okay so the D D D D

MsJinkerson : to hell with ethics

Gavin Rainey : Mitchell! I gave you that arm! Mitchell nooooo!

Kyle Baisa : That moment when you notice the bionic arm was made for the left arm😂

rupin kanet : finally, i can be a cyborg.