The Mind-Controlled Bionic Arm With a Sense of Touch

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Plester : She could install aimbot on that thing.

Unyt : Watch her do this 👌

Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel : Iron Woman is born as of now. 😄

Writers Block : Unbelievable...just unbelievable

Jenova Izq : Wow I’m happy that this will help people like her and more.

Violet Dirge : While the intended use for amputees is a noble cause, I must wonder... ... what if I had 3 arms?

Ethan Ethan : She gon have some problems when she realises that shes missing a right arm and using a left bionic arm

What the... : I can already see the billboards: *Human+* _Augment today_

MeldThe Steel : I think that they should make prosthetic flesh for the arm so you can get a better grip on things

лорд тачанка : but can it pull a trigger

Bill 123 : Amazing step into the future. However, we will need to be careful of the dangers that we have yet to encounter. Anyway, affordability is key to spread the bionic limps. Then, it is security.

Asterio : This is what I do my engineering degree fore.

xXx_sweg_quiCkScOp3Z_L0Rd_420_69_xXx : Serious props to the scientists that actually take their time and effort into developing the future!

Pistachio : The future is now.

Xx_potato_master_x X : Im very tempted to saw my arm off with a chainsaw.

Dikkie Dik : could you imagine jacking off with that thing

Tommy Tukamoto : Snake Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake

Luke William : Every time I hear "It's raising ethical questions" I just roll my eyes. Yeah, 200 million deaths in the 20th century from democide but THIS is what is keeping ethicists up at night... give me a fucking break.

Peter Nguyen : This reminds me of Full Metal Alchemist

Double Moustache : All respect to her, really. It's really unfortunate what happened to her. But I don't really know what she was thinking in taking the dogs away from the raccoon? Did she not want them getting sick? Or did she feel bad for it? I really wanna know..

René : He said that the limb costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Logan Paul just wasted $90,000 buying two couches, not to mention his other ridiculous buys. Money should be going to projects like this not a freaking couch!

Ben Peterson : 1:00 god damn walter white just got scarier

Lucas Ribeiro : Incredible!! Now, we can send more people to war.

KIRA : People will soon cut off their working limbs to lift a Bus.

Sherif : I can already see this "feeling" thing glitching out and sending her into a shock...

SenHen CUQ : It's weird I got a deus ex ad

RagebrosINC : Skynet!!!!

Kevin Natanael : "i feel the orange ball" how can you know it was orange when you closed your eyes when you touch it for a test? 🤔

DON'T READ MY PROFILE PIC : With these upgrades, you never stood a chance.

GabisonStudios : Human Revolution, here we go!


Cobac : the moment when you get quickly to the doctor and the dumb shitbag can't provide pre-infection aid to help combat it

Jordan Taylor : Full metal alchemist anyone ??

Альберт Афаунов : I watched it with tears. It's really wonderful

Kyle Baisa : That moment when you notice the bionic arm was made for the left arm😂

A. J. : Can God heal an amputee ? No.. science can

TacticalTurd : "it's more expensive than my whole life" lmao

Matthew Williams : This is hope. Pure hope.

Blake Boyd : Can it lift its ring finger on its own?

tQue 21st : well gaming is gonna suck for you, that's for sure

Erick Tan : Winter soldier here i come

iruma : and then she had a second left hand. wtf

The Outdoorsmen : 7:36 👌

Devon C : Robotic AI will take over the world

Half Blind Productions : I hope we can make this kind of progress with eyes soon

rappy scores : does anyone realize this means humans could have four arms now?!?!?!?!

Pufik charik : where i can buy this ?

Bradley Abel : This may seem silly, but does the user have to charge or change the batterys on the arm?

Christian Beatzzz : She deserves it...a very kind person...

Therapent : Hopefully one day we'll look back at this technology the same way we look at computers from the 1970s