The Mind-Controlled Bionic Arm With a Sense of Touch

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Personalized Karaoke : While watching this, I look at my arm, moving it, feeling it, and said to my self, boy im so lucky your still attached to me.

BrinkMan49 : raccoon takes her arm yet she wears a cute little raccoon printed shirt. 3:11 "Forgiveness"

jesse stoehr : 6:17 she has all the infinity stones on her arm

coco bean : Imagine being punched in the face by that

Tessa Jalloh : absolutely fascinating tech. With a few more years of research, i can imagine that this sort of thing will be the norm for amputees.

JPM Pranks : Venom Snake approves.

Shi N : Number or raccoons crushed by that arm since this video: over 9000

johnwerdagen : I still have both my arms. But I want this

Veemon digimon : Every time I watch these videos I get inspired then I watch the price range and I feel deflated. Basically, unless you are lucky enough to be sponsored by a charity, or lucky enough to be used as the test subject... There's no way you can afford this. Sigh....

Harley Thorson : I once shot a raccoon for killing our farm chickens in brutal ways(i hate killing). at night I went to the barn after mic heard it.Btw I have 1arm. This thing was MASSIVE! after 5shots with a .22 it still kept flopping around i almost cried had to use a sharp machete to hack the head off to kill it i will always cry when thinking about it. after watching this it really makes me wonder what would happen if it had gotten ahold of me.

Galahexolion : Who's here after Detroit: Become Human ?

Relotons Other Yt acc : Dr. Octavious in real life

Frank Carter : "what did you do to me?! what have you done to me?!" -Detective Alex Murphy

DickTeyder : should've let her dogs had that racoon

TheReal Doge : First thing I would have thought of is a 👌 or a🖕

Sulay11 : So this is how Bucky Barnes (winter soldier) got his arm🤔

It's Boosted : Can the wrist spin like 360°

Richard Cypher : Fullmetal alchemisty

tjpld : I wonder how far this will progress in the next 30 years.

UntoldTruth. : Is dr octavious able to become real? Lit

Brandon Villada : 7:35 you'll understand

Anon Ymous : *S Y N T H E T I C* *A S C E N S I O N*

Luthor _Graal : At first i thought it was Gravity falls theme song

xXx_sweg_quiCkScOp3Z_L0Rd_420_69_xXx : Serious props to the scientists that actually take their time and effort into developing the future!

Seven Awesome Girls : Yay automail

jC_0353 MC : Who else thought that the start of the video sounded like the intro from gravity falls?

help me for the love of shrek : I wanna lose my arm just to have this, but I probably wouldn’t be getting this cause it’s so expensive!

Riasat Salmin Sami : WAsn't Venom Snake already using prosthetic arms since 1984?

Therapent : Hopefully one day we'll look back at this technology the same way we look at computers from the 1970s

David Drouant : I want to see the day where augmentation can be done like a walk in clinic

the Great and Powerful One : It’s time to cut off my arm again

Brandon Holt : Prosthetic limbs dont kill, the mind does it for you.

Antigay Gaming : Like Joseph Joestar+++

ItsNotTrue : gen one can curl 45lbs. gen two will do about 65-70 gen three you can rip the door of an armored truck lol.

Harold : 7:35 you looked

The Boss : Holy sh!t its Jason Born

MongolTV : Well i guess Doctor Octavius would be proud!

Rusty Carlos Valdez : Let's find the raccoon and make it suffer. She don't deserver to lose her arm because if the raccoon din't know she was saving it.

Kyle Baisa : That moment when you notice the bionic arm was made for the left arm😂

Turtle and Wookie : now we're thinking with portals...

Lil Noodle512 : I want a robocock

snajperek : That arm looks amazing !

Game Render : Developed by doc oc and spider man?

c0pyimitati0n : Who gives this a thumbs down???

Tarena : I wonder, could we get an extra pair of arms and even wings based on brain neurology! Imagine that!

Amnesiaguy1213 : Otto its not safe!

Kenny lee : What about feeling heat for example feeling whether a frying pan is hot or cold.

Noovaz410 : Free AimBot EDIT: Expensive Undectectable AimBot

Unyt : Watch her do this 👌

OG BamBam GO : brb gotta chop off my arm so i can get one of these bad boys