DEALT - Official Trailer [HD]

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Tony Music : My dad is an elevator mechanic... Whenever anyone asks how the business is he says "It has its ups and downs."

Sufyan : Came from tim ferriss 5 bullet friday ^^

Alexandre Aubrey : Learned about this guy on P&T Fool Us, amazing to watch him, will want to see the movie.

Oscar Gomez Borda : 5-Bullet Friday brought me here

Rick in Texas : I cannot wait to see this movie. I have had the privilege of being the "spectator on the left" for one of Richard Turner's close-up shows. He is truly amazing!

Gavin Rae : While I absolutely respect his sentiment of just being introduced as Richard Turner I, from the bottom of my heart, mean the world of him when I say this blind old man could take you for everything your worth with a single deck of cards.... not to mention he could probably take you in a fight if you tried to take it back XD What an absolute fucking legend.

Brian Cooper : Dudes fingertips are so sensitive he can know the cards by feeling the micro indents left by the ink/printer from the card manufacturing co. Superhuman if you ask me.

Mostafa Abdelnaser : The trailer already gave me goosebumps\shivers up my spine!

Rene Rebbase : This guy deserves more recognition

newmagicfilms : I am just Richard Turner...

Rxonmymind : The "magic" behind the cards is even more amazing. Motivating & inspiring others with your own will is the best magic transfer ever.

Some Things In Life : Plot twist....He's not blind!

Dhaval Bhawani : Who else came here from the Rooster Teeth Podcast?

Le Sangtuaire : is it actually possible to watch it elsewhere ? I'm from France and I want to watch it so bad, any solution ?

Shadi Halloun : Bullet Friday ftw

James Markham : Tim Ferris: 5 Bullet Friday

Samuel Smith : Hello fellow 5 bullet Friday readers

Michael Buehl : Amazing

Barry Kent : Well, Zatoichi is real... All the best!

joKeRwiTHlOve 13 : Unbeleivable!!!

Matthew Peter : Tim ferris

Superman Steve : Wow, I cannot wait to watch this.

Homer Simpson : so inspiring

Lewys Cousins : I have to say I am really looking forward to this movie!! What an inspiration this guy is

John Smith : It's a great movie!

Cyborg Kritiker : So hyped about this

Kasun Gayantha : wow reality wizrad

Bin Jie Mai : Now you see me 3- now you don't

Dandan : truely respectable

Taylor Jarboe : NEED TO SEE THIS!!!

Jay Lee : Amazing Trick

Dominic Andrew : I watched this movie over the weekend. It's one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. Very inspiring story and well made movie. What the previews don't show, but what is also a treat is the profile of Richard's sister, who is also blind. Wonderful movie.

digitalis7 : 'I'm just Richard Turner.'

Max : What a film, the man is a living legend and an Inspiration

Ale Bisello : Is that a movie?

Liam O'Brien : amazingly inspiring person :)

Justin Way : I watched this movie and it made me filled with so much emotion. He is 100% dedicated to this craft. I love his view that his blindness doesnt define his talent

Jon as it is : What a stubborn guy!! LMAO

Justsome Guy : An inspiration to all of mankind.

dj Wearn : How can I watch this!!!!

l i l ֆ h i n i n : procrastination and laziness is the worst disability " bible thump clap

wolfppo : Nice Fool on Penn and Teller also.

Jimmy Cieszki : This guy is outstanding! Even if he wasn't blind! That just adds to his outstandingist. Yeah I know! I didn't think "outstendingist" was a word either. But it came up without the little line under it. So it's real to me. Again this guy is outstanding!

Voo Doo1 : He amazed me on Fool Us. One word...WOW!!!!!!

Michele Spaliviero : jee, unbelievable!

Haider Magician : Bro what movie name

Kevin Ducharme : Anyone who said they want to see this film, DO SO! It is as awesome as his magic. The guy went through a hell of a lot in his life besides just his blindness and it is a downright emotional rollercoaster of a movie and also probably very inspirational to people that have disabilities. (it sure was for THIS disabled person posting this comment)

01hei31 lee : What is the name of that move in 0:18 ?

Michael : amazing story I'm excited to watch it.

That Guy You Know : If there was a prime candidate to be **banned** from the casinos a.k.a. blackbook listed, this would be that guy.