2018 Winter MarbleLympics Event 7, Snow Rally (marble race)

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Jelle's Marble Runs : Hi there, I know that i got loads of complaints in this video about the starting orders. I apologize that i didn't give each marble a fair starting position. The problem is that we had a disastrous time in Austria, we wasted 2 days in failed recordings (corrupted files, bad courses, etc) so we recorded it in a hurry. I didn't looked to the starting order of the marbles before starting the race. I'm talking with the IMC for a solution for the upcoming events. It can be take some time before i can upload new videos because we need to check it more often.

Gene Waddle : In case no one has said it, I'd like to thank Greg Woods for the excellent play by play commentary.

Gene Waddle : I knew Momary had it in them. 😄


Luke Pearson : Congrats Momary, we have been pulling for you! Mellow Yellow fans, this just doesn't seem to be our season...maybe next event!

StamfordBridge : What was going on with the O’Rangers finish at 2:34 ???

Isak Hermansson : Congratulations to Team Momary. Midnight Wisps will get its revenge next event!

Launch UP : Oceanics! 👏👏👏 Oceanics! 👏👏👏

Lena MacKay : nothing more frustrating than being a pinkies fan, it coulda been gold if not for that one turn

Maris Dussartre : Oh my god, pinkies. just 3 seconds of hope...


Kyle Henson : I am an original Team Primary fan. I was very disappointed to see that they did not qualify this season. So I started to root for Team Momo as they’re my second favorite team. As the injuries set on, I became very worried for them and then I found out they merged with Team Primary! So now I’m excited for the rise of TEAM MOMARY!!! ❤️💛💙💚 Of course Team Momary is only in existence for this Olympics and started out in the toughest position possible, but I’m excited to see what they bring to the table and hope this win is a sign of what’s to come!

slimkt : Yeahhhh, Team Momary! I knew you could do it!

FedoraMark : Limers haven’t been the same since they got their new paint job :(

Renata Moura : #GoSavagespeederes. Give a like on the video and on the commentary if you think the Savagespeeders will win.

Elite Ghost Warrior : Come On Oceanics

Katiee Ellen : YESSS TEAM MOMARY!!

BDCS Biscu1t : My boys the savage speeders back on top!!!!

Coco Daisy : Mad respect to Team Momary!

ps4 games yay : This comment section: 10% other things 90% talking about team momary winning

Dang Li & Sans Glichtale : Nice team galactic 6th! but you are still in 10th...Continue like this and maybe you Will be 8th or 7th!And congrats to team momary for thé first position!

Mrsantyboots : Who is here before 100000000000000000 views?

Mohamad Nurhafiz : Why does nobody care about Mellow Yellow? ):

Cullen Phillips : Woo momary!

Ellie B : Everyone roots for the underdog! Congrats team Momary!

DR4GA3N : Yea boi momary won!!!!!

The_Matad0r : Good job Team Momary! This is a huge confidence boost after the injuries sustained in the bobsled. They seem to finally have perked up.

A Person With a Name : YES! COME ON MOMARY! #PriMo

Joost : YES! let's go Team Momary! Good job my dude Momo. finally picking up a medal and it's gold no less. also Gj Snowballs with that great 2nd place in the 2nd run.

Squishy Meatball Squid : Maybe instead of moMary you cold have a team called like the marble all stars. With like Momo, Mary, Red number 3,and quicksilver Idk just a thought


3nstructionB00k : Wisps would be 2-3 places higher if not for the faltering at the end of race 2

Rabbit Cube : Wow! The team merger is finally paying off for #TeamMomary! They've still got a long ways to go to reach the podium, but a four-place jump in one event is a good start! The question is, can they sustain it, and what's gonna happen in the rankings above them in the meantime... In other news, a surprising rally from the Savage Speeders! They've been oscillating between middle-of-the-pack and disastrous the whole event, and suddenly they jump five spots right into first place without even having won a single gold medal, like the Hazers did earlier in the event! But the Snowballs, who I predicted would be the wild card here (not to brag), are only two points behind and closing fast. And the Hazers are only one point behind them, and could still make a comeback. I had a hunch the Oceanics' rally would be short-lived and I appear to have been right, but then again I didn't predict it would happen at all, so they could surprise me again. And my longshot predictions from last time were bad, I'd said that Raspberry Racers and Crazy Cat's Eyes seemed to be quietly building up a run, but both of those teams choked here. Anything could happen, though! Other thoughts: Poor Limers, stuck at the bottom of the rankings practically the whole event, and now they're over ten points behind the second-to-last! I'm also surprised Mellow Yellow isn't doing better. Midnight Wisps, however, are slowly making their way up the line, and I have a hunch they might become a major thorn in the side of the pack leaders. Then again, as I mentioned, I thought that about RR and CCE, so we'll see. My current predictions: 1. Snowballs (I'm >80% sure they'll at least be on the podium at the end) 2. Hazers (a couple events ago I thought they were going to win the whole thing, but we'll see) 3. Team Momary (this is more of a longshot but I can hope! GO MOMARY!) 4. Balls of Chaos (they were ahead by like 20 points for a while, and though that's well in the past now, they could still remain competitive) 5. Midnight Wisps (another longshot, more of a wild hunch in fact, but who knows!) 6. Oceanics (I thought they'd run out of stamina but they rallied once already, so they could easily surprise me again)

On The Edge : Cmon galactic!!!


Jason Orchard : I really feel like the oceanics should have a chant like the O'rangers #tidepride

Gaming Commander : YYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!! OUR FIRST GOLD MEDAL! Oh my god, I can't believe it! This is exactly what we needed! My heart was racing during that event! You made the right choice bringing Momo out on this event. He's really good at races! Well done Team Momary/Primo! Not only do we have a medal but we're out of last place and up to 12th! We still have a chance to get up there! With Prim and Mary (Team Primary) and the good team work we have, we have a shot to get up there in the table! You have made me and I'm pretty sure you have made Momomo, Momomomo and the Team Momo/Primary fans proud! Keep up the great work! Team Momary/Primo maybe down but not out! GO TEAM MOMARY/PRIMO! MomoStrong PrimeTime PriMo Momary DoltForMomomomo

Tally Boyle : I am so darn pleased for the brace Team Momary. Brilliant performance in the second race- a well deserved gold. Meanwhile- #HazeAmaze still in great place in overall third!

Merc_Gunray : Wooooo TEAM MOMARY!!!!

willie g. : That 2nd race was lit af!!! Let's go Momary!!! We in this!!!

Ryan Harrington : Yes team momary for the win The comeback is real were winning the marblelympics #primo


FG Layer : it´s funny to be limers fan ;(

Vernowietsch : Finally ^-^ Team Momo has always been my favorite

Daniel Moy : Oh my lord you have no idea how happy I am about that win with momo praise be

Fii Nami : Sorry I doubted you guys 😭😭 #TeamMomary

Andrea Davis : >> UNO'FFICIAL O'RANGERS REPO'RT << A fast track favors the O'rangers and that showed on the first race -- only a bit of bad luck at 0:49 in the video kept the O'rangers out of the medals. Tangerin picked up some snow that they carried with them for the rest of the race. The second race, Tangerin seemingly TELEPORTED to finish with a good placement (among those who started in the back row). I'm not one for conspiracies, but that finish looked suspect. It totally wasn't though: O'rangers never cheat. Grats to #PriMo.

Derohk : Momary yeah! xD

Sudermempe The Great : Finally team Momary has pulled something off

Manda C : Congrats Team Momary!! Disappointing run from the Racers and the O'rangers could do a lot better...but they're both still in the running! Let's go!!!