Person on hoverboard runs a red light, proceeds to curse at me

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Waters : I feel like you underutilized your gas pedal.

Driving in New York City, NYC : You know if you hit him and stay you won't get charged.

BadDrivers PA : Lol he/she SMH. It's as if she was looking to start something.

rap31264 : You were driving on the wrong side of the road too...

John Smith : is that the average American black?

Daniel : should have treated her like a man

Duck Sauce : Typical African American.

RCV : Hi, On The Road! would it be possible to use this video in my US Compilation? Credit and Links in the description. Thanks in advance!

Watice R : using a hoverboard on any public street OR sidewalk in NYC is illegal. maybe you should've called the nypd and showed them the dashcam footage, he'd have his hoverboard confiscated and destroyed.

C Smith : Rules don't apply to him, he's special, god forbid if you hit him, his family would want to take you for everything you've got.

Bobby Boca : Wait a Minute did he say the N word????? Please NYDailynews take a look at this I think Al Sharpton should be called I feel hurt by the words he used ..

Ghost : This is where I'm different. Knowing I have the legal right of way I would have hit him, would have been issued zero tickets & moved on with my day.

Omar R : Nice camera what is it?

Sharkonabicycle : This video is really upsetting.... that the driver didn't just floor it straight into the little thug on his lame ass 'hoverboard'.

dustypan83 : Was she just trying to represent nah mean?

DC TV : Would it be alright with you on the road to use this clip in my upcoming road madness compilation on my main channel ? Credit, links in the description, and name on the screen, as always will be provided. Looking forward to your response.

Johnny Wang : he's gonna die early, no worries

Zen : Single parent victim right there. Probably raised by his mother, they raise shitty criminal people with no respect for anyone.

jeff lutz : black people so wonderfully stupid