Person on hoverboard runs a red light, proceeds to curse at me

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Waters : I feel like you underutilized your gas pedal.

f0rumrr : Funny how black bull dykes always try extra hard to act tuff.

BadDrivers PA : Lol he/she SMH. It's as if she was looking to start something.

John Smith : is that the average American black?

Daniel : should have treated her like a man

Driving in New York City, NYC : You know if you hit him and stay you won't get charged.

rap31264 : You were driving on the wrong side of the road too...

Zen : Single parent victim right there. Probably raised by his mother, they raise shitty criminal people with no respect for anyone.

Osullivan : Typical African American.

Drunk Channel : Would it be alright with you on the road to use this clip in my upcoming road madness compilation on my main channel ? Credit, links in the description, and name on the screen, as always will be provided. Looking forward to your response.

RCV : Hi, On The Road! would it be possible to use this video in my US Compilation? Credit and Links in the description. Thanks in advance!

C Smith : Rules don't apply to him, he's special, god forbid if you hit him, his family would want to take you for everything you've got.

Johnny Wang : he's gonna die early, no worries

D Malayev : Just a regular ghetto hood 🐀

Bobby Boca : Wait a Minute did he say the N word????? Please NYDailynews take a look at this I think Al Sharpton should be called I feel hurt by the words he used ..

Omar R : Nice camera what is it?

Watice R : using a hoverboard on any public street OR sidewalk in NYC is illegal. maybe you should've called the nypd and showed them the dashcam footage, he'd have his hoverboard confiscated and destroyed.

Sharkonabicycle : This video is really upsetting.... that the driver didn't just floor it straight into the little thug on his lame ass 'hoverboard'.

Manhattan Island : typical ghetto hoodrat

Ghost : This is where I'm different. Knowing I have the legal right of way I would have hit him, would have been issued zero tickets & moved on with my day.

jeff lutz : black people so wonderfully stupid

dustypan83 : Was she just trying to represent nah mean?