How esports changed the game: From media laughingstock to media craze

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theScore esports : Hey guys, just a small correction to clear things up. At 7:32 it is the co-owners of the Sacramento Kings that have invested in esports (specifically NRG eSports). Thanks for all your love and support!

MKJ : This narator is killing it. Riot should hire him for the "worlds intro films of players"

Jorge Mejia : Televised media? I haven't watched that trash in like 10 years I couldn't care any less about them in the future. Let them keep making fun of my Dota, starcraft, and league while they stare at people chasing after a ball. I'll keep watching theScore esports, and these amazing events. Remember we don't need them to keep being successful at we've been doing for the e-sports community.

Jin Luo : wait 2:36 did you just say starcraft as the ak sound from cs:go played

Widana Widiatmaka : The core part that people keep missing is that "sport" is not what we should focus on, it's the "game", win or lose, strategy combined with skills to outplay the other team, that's the core of what's so entertaining about soccer, basketball, football, dota, counter strike, etc.

Jay H : Baseball: "And that was a REALLY nice throw right here" Esports: "OOH MY GOD!!! WHAT IS THIS!!!" They are just way more enthusiastic than sports commentators...

gaurav gurung : "First they ignore you, Then they ridicule you, Then they fight you, Then you win." - Mahatma Ghandi

bob sam : Classic old people being wrong again, happens quite alot these days honestly.

Randy Cabbage : "boogereaters" Coming from a guy whos entire life is revolved around watching grown men chase bouncy balls around.

Lstr McGui-ing : "Watching other people play video games." sounds like "Watching other people play basketball/baseball/etc." The media must be stupid......

LuCK : Even tho I am not a fan of CoD anymore, its nice to see this video acknowledging every esport that is currently popular instead just showing off the usual StarCraft, League and CSGO

Trionix : I can say the same thing with regular sports then. "Who would pay money to see a bunch of guys throw a ball around?"

shreyas bhat : Proud that most of us have watched Esports grow :) from playing for small money in a Lan Cafe to Million dollar tournaments :).

Matty : A load of Football Clubs like Roma and PSG have FIFA Competitive players

amazingman63 : Notice how they are all 40 or 50 years and older? Go read some more tabloid magazines and cry about change some more while your networks fail year after year.

Denn : don't much care for esports or real sports but it's funny the stigma behind it. Some of these competitions pay out more money than sports, and the video game industry now makes more money than Hollywood.

Hao Sua : Awww hell no, no one disses my boy imaqtpie

Fake : I'm young, 20. I like video games and watching fun highlights. But it does feel there's a giant society gap being made. Those that have technology being a big part of their life and others like me that feel this weird sense of disconnection being made for going deep into tech. Like there are millions of people that live simple lives and in rural areas were technology isn't a big part of life. I enjoy classic sports more because it's about being the best that you can be and pushing your body to the limits. Not being restricted to the rules and boundaries of a video game that can change frequently with limited outcomes.


Taylor Nguyen : Man i love you jimmy but stfu. When you said 'i failed my parents with gaming" and literally judging the entire esport community thats done deal. You absolutely have no idea what youre talking about anym

Dyllan Torrey : 0:20 Yeah, its also like going to a football stadium and watching other people play.... oh wait.

Andrew Ricklefs : Epiiic

Hamee Ham : They make fun of it until they see how much money it racks in

NS2K 13 : I see my favorite basketball player in this video (Gordon Hayward) Then I see my favorite band (imagine dragons) Video games are lit😂🔥

Ice Lord : League rules.

Grand Eel : Yet soccer is dominating everywhere but if we want to show FIFA that Esports is competing for the throne as the worlds more popular sport we need to stop the scandals and match fixing and get our stuff together and show the integrity of a true sport for the fans

LoPezzDispenser : It's funny to see the only people who think this stuff is stupid are jaded old people who think their opinions are absolute and everyone else's are wrong.

Digital Regen : This video is so well written and flows nicely. Perfect to show to anyone who doesn't believe in the growth of ESports.

F4ngel : "Video games are so easy you jut sit there and click"... Well the prize pool is $1,000,000. Go take your easy million tough guy.

Marcello Morales : "I don't know why people watch other people play video games" the same way people watch other sports, such as football(or Soccer if you're american). Sometimes you can play it too, like I play football with my friends, but I can't play at the same level as top player that's why I watch them. Playing at top level of any sport is completely different than a casual player, and that works for e-sports too.

Kate McNamara : Great video!

Mario Erazo : Props to the commentators who make the game feel so intense!

Wrath HD : The fact is eSports is more entertaining than traditional sports that's why there's more people invested and more entertained by it over the following years

Xiiao San : yo gabe when half life 3 out? is been 3 years

shinymegagengar 1 : Call us nerds, call us whatever you want. We're an army!

Luis Garlic : lol its for booger eaters? wtf grow up cowherd

Pos3id0n : When you showed how many franchises and big names were investing in esports, i actually became worried. Unlike in europe, physical sports in the U.S. is heavily, heavily corporatized, so im worried that the same thing will happen to the sport that gamers love.

Isaiah Guthrey : What about Astralis and Audi?

Juan Carlos López Díaz : If it makes money, it will be given attention

Dewa Eryadi : poker is the best esport, its on espn

Van 'El : Dota, LoL, CSGO, Overwatch, Startcraft. Whatever we play, we should all unite to show these old people what we are!

Tua The Goat Tagovailoa : I started watching a video of Roberto aguayo being cut by the buccaneers and now I'm here???

Steeyo : As today's teens become adults and the ones who laughed at professional gaming get old and die, professional gaming will become as, if not more, serious than professional sports. We might even see a combination of the two once technology advances even further. The difference between our reality and the virtual one will one day be indistinguishable.

Joshua Lewis : This gave me chills.

Stefan Gottfried : please don't show these videos to prove the legitimacy of esports. this "hype" creates a big bubble like in the cgs times. esports will grow naturally without your mum's approval of it.

Proximuhtyz HD : If watching people play videogames is stupid for these people and hard to understand then i dont want to see them watching football , baseball , etc since these are games esentially as well

Michal M : E-sports need to die

Ayub Mohamud : You guys are getting triggered over a comedian? I'm dead lmao

Rumford Chimpenstein : i don't consider anything that needs a referee to be a sport

Sebastián Cartes : what about evo?