How esports changed the game: From media laughingstock to media craze

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theScore esports : Hey guys, just a small correction to clear things up. At 7:32 it is the co-owners of the Sacramento Kings that have invested in esports (specifically NRG eSports). Thanks for all your love and support!

DrowsyDude : This video makes me happy.

Vinsmoke : "Why watch people play games" Same thing could be said about everything on TV, why watch people talk about a random topic

Rannarr CSGO Content : omfg I love this, I love being a part of exports, it's a massive community

Trionix : I can say the same thing with regular sports then. "Who would pay money to see a bunch of guys throw a ball around?"

Hao Sua : Awww hell no, no one disses my boy imaqtpie

MKJ : This narator is killing it. Riot should hire him for the "worlds intro films of players"

Alberto Medina : These people are living in the past. Esports is the future.

이근영 : In terms of gaming, Conan is like a pioneer He reviews video games and put some humor on it Even tho he is not a good player, he does not judge people playing them at least He admits and accepts the trending market and analyzes. This is why Conan is better host based on that(I love Jimmy as well btw)

John Venice Caro : "if you dont break a sweat i will consider this as a sport" I just wanna see her get fucked in the ass by chess players

Joseph Engelhardt : I cry happy tears every time I see a video like this. What a wonderful world.

gaurav gurung : "First they ignore you, Then they ridicule you, Then they fight you, Then you win." - Mahatma Ghandi

FAG LORD : I like how they 90% only talked about lol in viewers

xmp220 : i wish they mentioned the dota 2 international prizepool. 1 million dollar (2011) ----> more than 20 million dollar (2016). and that all (mostly) funded by the community because they love the game.

Eddie Ouille : but we watch people play football and don't question it, why not play it yourself then?

Ed Echo : The sad part is Colin and Kimmel will say shit like this, but I want them to put their fucking money where their mouth is. I sincerely hope you two arrogant people don't invest into esports and when you do I hope you get shit on bc of what you said

Jorge Mejia : Televised media? I haven't watched that trash in like 10 years I couldn't care any less about them in the future. Let them keep making fun of my Dota, starcraft, and league while they stare at people chasing after a ball. I'll keep watching theScore esports, and these amazing events. Remember we don't need them to keep being successful at we've been doing for the e-sports community.

extreme : it's useless, these are old people, Kimmel probably doesn't even know what alt+tab does, I don't give a fuck what he thinks, the same way I don't give a fk that my grandma tells me I'll get monitor shaped eyes when I play for too long lmao.

Dewa Eryadi : poker is the best esport, its on espn

theagiknight23 : Jimmy Kimmel is just a fucking retard.


Blank Gamer : So excited that I'm young and get to be apart of this right as its spiking in growth :D

Some One : Television launched a show, you watch other people talk to other people. We should all be very ashamed as parents. Hurts, doesnt it Jimmy? You shit comedian.

LoPezzDispenser : It's funny to see the only people who think this stuff is stupid are jaded old people who think their opinions are absolute and everyone else's are wrong.

Jefferson OGR : I play football, basketball, soccer and league. All of them have similarities, required the same thing to be good at them, and watching sports and video games are pretty much the same shit. The people that find esports laughable are just close minded when it comes to sports.

HolyXerxes : By the first guy logic...what the actual reason people pay money to watch other people playing sports then?

Kim Undal : u guys should watch thorins vid about the enemies of esport. where he says dont hate the haters, give them facts that esport is a legit sport

Widana Widiatmaka : The core part that people keep missing is that "sport" is not what we should focus on, it's the "game", win or lose, strategy combined with skills to outplay the other team, that's the core of what's so entertaining about soccer, basketball, football, dota, counter strike, etc.

Aysar Aburrub : that sarcastic Jimmy Kimmel remark about watching people play video games is like letting people eat your food for you could be said about literally any other traditional sport. If you like football, dont watch it on TV, just go play it yourself. Kimmel's opinion about eSports is so stupid

Just Michael : I don't care if you watch it. But whoever thinks videogames are sports, is a fucking idiot.

Jay H : Baseball: "And that was a REALLY nice throw right here" Esports: "OOH MY GOD!!! WHAT IS THIS!!!" They are just way more enthusiastic than sports commentators...

Aggbala : dude? e-sports is still a laughingstock in media.

mini Wanton : i wanna fight back jummy kimmel word, the way his word said could go against people who watch soccer, i mean why would people watch other people play when they could just go out and play soccer with their friend, but instead they watching other people playing soccer

Richard Lofamia : "When there is no Sweat involved, I dont consider it sports" Some random stupid ass closed minded woman said. Then why is chess considered a sports then? The thing is that the older generations cannot accept the fact that games had changed. It is not like super Mario 8 bit game anymore. It is constantly evolving to a more competitive genre. I found people who disagree that games should be a sport to be a bunch of Stupid ass Hypocrites who are insecure on how much pro gamers earn, Because they can never earn those kind of money simply because they are stuck to the job that they don't like while players of e sports gets a ton of money just by doing the things they ENJOY. Just look how OPEN MINDED they say they are.. LoL What a bunch of Hypocrites

bob sam : Classic old people being wrong again, happens quite alot these days honestly.

shreyas bhat : Proud that most of us have watched Esports grow :) from playing for small money in a Lan Cafe to Million dollar tournaments :).

The Vaping Vaporeon : chess is considered a sport. and yet video games arent

joker781100 : Colin Cowherd is a fucking idiot.

CPO : LMAO! why flame Jimmy Kimmel? That's not going to help the perception of gamers and e-sports. The internet has no chill xD

ayy lmao : are you paid by riot or are your editors just in love with fucking league? jesus christ.

Psalms 14:1 : playing a video game will never be a sport

Michal Tilahn : Kimmel "One of the top video game players, Pewdepie"

Ice Lord : League rules.

luqman ikmal : Urm where is "The International" ?

Van 'El : Dota, LoL, CSGO, Overwatch, Startcraft. Whatever we play, we should all unite to show these old people what we are!

Rajit Sarma : No mention of Dota 2 prize pools going well over sports. Stuck with just League of Lesbians??

Lozi Magonegro : so, the regular and most toxic game is the most representative? omg

Shroxy's Gaming : Can someone send me a link to the video on 5:47 please?

Frautic : League of Legends has made the evolution of eSports happen so much faster! Thank god for Riot Games!

Strauss Odyssey Osoria : They just focused more on LOL sad🙄