How esports changed the game: From media laughingstock to media craze

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theScore esports : Hey guys, just a small correction to clear things up. At 7:32 it is the co-owners of the Sacramento Kings that have invested in esports (specifically NRG eSports). Thanks for all your love and support!

DrowsyDude : This video makes me happy.

Vinsmoke : "Why watch people play games" Same thing could be said about everything on TV, why watch people talk about a random topic

Alberto Medina : These people are living in the past. Esports is the future.

Joseph Engelhardt : I cry happy tears every time I see a video like this. What a wonderful world.

Jorge Mejia : Televised media? I haven't watched that trash in like 10 years I couldn't care any less about them in the future. Let them keep making fun of my Dota, starcraft, and league while they stare at people chasing after a ball. I'll keep watching theScore esports, and these amazing events. Remember we don't need them to keep being successful at we've been doing for the e-sports community.

John Venice Caro : "if you dont break a sweat i will consider this as a sport" I just wanna see her get fucked in the ass by chess players

Trionix : I can say the same thing with regular sports then. "Who would pay money to see a bunch of guys throw a ball around?"

xmp220 : i wish they mentioned the dota 2 international prizepool. 1 million dollar (2011) ----> more than 20 million dollar (2016). and that all (mostly) funded by the community because they love the game.

이근영 : In terms of gaming, Conan is like a pioneer He reviews video games and put some humor on it Even tho he is not a good player, he does not judge people playing them at least He admits and accepts the trending market and analyzes. This is why Conan is better host based on that(I love Jimmy as well btw)

Hao Sua : Awww hell no, no one disses my boy imaqtpie

FAG LORD : I like how they 90% only talked about lol in viewers

Rannarr CSGO Content : omfg I love this, I love being a part of exports, it's a massive community

mini Wanton : i wanna fight back jummy kimmel word, the way his word said could go against people who watch soccer, i mean why would people watch other people play when they could just go out and play soccer with their friend, but instead they watching other people playing soccer

Eddie Ouille : but we watch people play football and don't question it, why not play it yourself then?

bob sam : Classic old people being wrong again, happens quite alot these days honestly.

Aggbala : dude? e-sports is still a laughingstock in media.

Jay Mike : I don't care if you watch it. But whoever thinks videogames are sports, is a fucking idiot.


RyV3TOficcial : Get cancer, get brain cancer, that was the most stupidest video u made, get aids

HHLuca : Idk if it was accidental but holy dann white washed as fuuuuuck

Griff : Just waiting for jimmy "I paid to be on the trending page" kimmel to start sucking up to Esports, nah mate you can fuck right off


IttzzMatt : "NHL finals" that hurts as a hockey fan

necro arcan : like it or not we are the future . game on

SealthruX : Bro, dont use LoL as an example for everything ok ? srsly, some ppl hate that disgusting piece of shit game.

Vsauce Puppet : "Why watch people play video games when you can play them yourself" Why watch people play football when you can play it yourself?

Raphael Morgenshtern : The warriors cavaliers rockets and Yankees have also invested just so everyone knows

Kaiser Chiefs : And this year lol will have the best lol championship in his history made in china where the final will be played in the national stadium of pekin

Zach Attack : Lol at 00:20 have anyone ever though about that, but sports?

Danny avelenda : One hell of a narrator

CypherWalks : You know, I was having trouble with what kind of degree I wanted. And now I know, I want to be apart of the growth for eSports. Gaming is my passion. It's either this or Twitch.

Nick Multi : Watching someone play video games is like going to a sports bar and watching football on TV instead of playing it yourself

Andru (Zoular) : The only thing that scares me is corporations getting too involved and ruin what the community has build, I play fighters and can see EVO getting like that, that would only make me want to support another community.... Until that gets too big too. But hey, let's be positive, another 5 years something amazing might happen.

jelaninoel : I can’t even be mad at people that don’t get it. They are ignorant to the fact how games have changed. I remember a friend of my older brother being utterly shocked that they cursed in Last Of Us. He Said “they curse in video games now? Since when could they do that??” the ones that make fun of it honestly believe esports is about who is better at Mario. They have no idea about the competitive scene or that video games can even be competitive.

Andreas Bisgaard : It's funny the amount of people that argue against E-sports by saying, "well why would you pay money to watch people play video games?". Because you could literally give the exact same argument about sports. "well why would you pay money to watch people toss a ball across a field repeatedly?".

Marko Zec : I love how I used to be a silly nerd, and who is laughing now :D

Joseph Zedong : Why is it normal to spectate someone kickin a ball, and you're insane if you spectate gaming.

Denturion : With Kimmel's way of thinking we shouldn't watch interviews on TV either, but instead go out and talk to people.

dafuqawew : e-sports is trash we dont need it - r/kappa

mcgibs : Whinge and hand-wring all you want, you can't stop the way the wind is blowing.

misterkrabbe : stop caring about ignorant people care about your game and all is fine.

Shashlik bashlik : It's just like our parents watch football or soccer we watch shroud rekt people it's the same shit

Kkab Yul Jjang : is it really hard to understand why people watch esports? why do people watch guys play ball then?

Chloe Caufield : Here is where i damn my parents for getting me only playstation!

Michael Görtzen : I love how you pronounce FC Schalke! XD

Jeed92 : I got so much more respect for those who pushed their games 10 years ago when noone believed in them or their games (sometimes not even themself but they still did it) than those who watch videos now that 1 million others watched and then come to the unoriginal conclusion that they wanna become a pro as well. The struggle and especiialy the disbelief in the people back then made them better humans in the end in my eyes. Looks like this part of esports is dieing right now because of the money pumped into it. Im not bitching or crying I just write this so I wont forget it either. Every good thing comes with something bad I guess...

Chris Drake : Kinda offensive what some of the media says wont lie

eBrew News : This is amazing content, really well done, great video! Great job guys!

Inbound : Humans are amazing creatures that forget the fact that change isn't the only thing that's related to evolution. I don't frankly care as much about TV hosts making personal comments about their though in eSports because it doesn't affect them and pretty sure their viewers are more or less in their age group (except for big ones like Conan or Ellen). The public is a herd of sheep that quickly change their minds because of what the shepherd (celebs) say. They are, for the most of the part, irrelevant as the real deal happens behind the stage. It's the investors that I am amazed that are rapidly making swift decisions to put a lot of money into buying a spot for the eSports tournaments. There are so many sports stars, especially retired ones, that are teaming up to buy their way into the professional tournaments like LCS. But I also fear that these companies might influence negatively on how the gaming scene has been going for years and try to force their own way. I'm not sure yet as they are starting to emerge but let's hope it brings better pay to these hard working players and better infastructure. I would also like to add a little side comment that Korea has been already doing this ages ago since the 90's when Brood War was a big hit. Companies rushed into that market and started investing into these players for better results. I guess North America is a bit late on that but at least it's better than never.