How esports changed the game: From media laughingstock to media craze

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theScore esports : Hey guys, just a small correction to clear things up. At 7:32 it is the co-owners of the Sacramento Kings that have invested in esports (specifically NRG eSports). Thanks for all your love and support!

Exotic Chaotic : "watching people play games is like going to a restaurant and having someone eat you food" - I could say that watching sports is like going to a gym and letting someone lift your weights then right? what kind of stupid statement was that.


Matty : A load of Football Clubs like Roma and PSG have FIFA Competitive players

bob sam : Classic old people being wrong again, happens quite alot these days honestly.

Dyllan Torrey : 0:20 Yeah, its also like going to a football stadium and watching other people play.... oh wait.

Randy Cabbage : "boogereaters" Coming from a guy whos entire life is revolved around watching grown men chase bouncy balls around.

Hamee Ham : They make fun of it until they see how much money it racks in

Lstr : "Watching other people play video games." sounds like "Watching other people play basketball/baseball/etc." The media must be stupid......

MKJ : This narator is killing it. Riot should hire him for the "worlds intro films of players"

Van 'El : Dota, LoL, CSGO, Overwatch, Startcraft. Whatever we play, we should all unite to show these old people what we are!

amazingman63 : Notice how they are all 40 or 50 years and older? Go read some more tabloid magazines and cry about change some more while your networks fail year after year.

Duckervert : Failed parenting? Yes because everyone who plays video games are failures.

Proximuhtyz HD : If watching people play videogames is stupid for these people and hard to understand then i dont want to see them watching football , baseball , etc since these are games esentially as well

Joseph Engelhardt : I cry happy tears every time I see a video like this. What a wonderful world.

Denn : don't much care for esports or real sports but it's funny the stigma behind it. Some of these competitions pay out more money than sports, and the video game industry now makes more money than Hollywood.

NS13 : I see my favorite basketball player in this video (Gordon Hayward) Then I see my favorite band (imagine dragons) Video games are lit😂🔥

Marcello Morales : "I don't know why people watch other people play video games" the same way people watch other sports, such as football(or Soccer if you're american). Sometimes you can play it too, like I play football with my friends, but I can't play at the same level as top player that's why I watch them. Playing at top level of any sport is completely different than a casual player, and that works for e-sports too.

Aveka Kristianto : 'Watching other ppl eat food', isnt it already normal in youtube? :/

Wrath HD : The fact is eSports is more entertaining than traditional sports that's why there's more people invested and more entertained by it over the following years

lieutenant Joker : To all the people that see games are for kids and shouldnt be taken seriously. Let me remind you that the gaming economy is 3x bigger than the music economy and twice the movie economy.

Grand Eel : Yet soccer is dominating everywhere but if we want to show FIFA that Esports is competing for the throne as the worlds more popular sport we need to stop the scandals and match fixing and get our stuff together and show the integrity of a true sport for the fans

Juan Carlos López Díaz : If it makes money, it will be given attention

anonymoweb : first they laughed, then they dismissed, now they bow to the superiority of this new trend. but, with this as well comes the investors that will probably make this a whole lot more commercial. damnit.

Fake : I'm young, 20. I like video games and watching fun highlights. But it does feel there's a giant society gap being made. Those that have technology being a big part of their life and others like me that feel this weird sense of disconnection being made for going deep into tech. Like there are millions of people that live simple lives and in rural areas were technology isn't a big part of life. I enjoy classic sports more because it's about being the best that you can be and pushing your body to the limits. Not being restricted to the rules and boundaries of a video game that can change frequently with limited outcomes.

Neurotyczny Kot : Watching games being played... we all did that even before YT or internet, we gather on couch and played together, we gather at arcades watch people play and let them watch us... Internet is just another form of that.

Stefan Gottfried : please don't show these videos to prove the legitimacy of esports. this "hype" creates a big bubble like in the cgs times. esports will grow naturally without your mum's approval of it.

Jin Luo : wait 2:36 did you just say starcraft as the ak sound from cs:go played

Mario Erazo : Props to the commentators who make the game feel so intense!

Luis Garlic : lol its for booger eaters? wtf grow up cowherd

ZERO : Whether you like it or not, eSports will become bigger than classical sports. Nothing will die. But the balance will flip. Entry barriers are simply too low.

_duzz : Godamn, I got chills watching this!

Trionix : I can say the same thing with regular sports then. "Who would pay money to see a bunch of guys throw a ball around?"

ᴛɪɴɪ : 2:08 *And that's when the legend has begun.*

NOTORlOUSBlG : Colin Cowherd isn't just neglecting e-sports, hell, he neglects and discredits the NBA as well. Doesn't give it the attention it deserves, and still believes that players act like thugs like they did in the early 2000s. Colin Cowherd isn't a credible source, but he does his job of competing against ESPN in a slow adapting media platform with a clear conservative bias and demographic, in other words, he is a talking head that FOX needs for their Fox Sports networks. ESPN has their own issues too yet I haven't seen any of their most notorious analysts in this video.

Bastian Hau : Who is watching this in 2030 and is questioning himself what NFL was ?

Beaver knight : #PrayforGordonHayward

gaurav gurung : "First they ignore you, Then they ridicule you, Then they fight you, Then you win." - Mahatma Ghandi

WolfMan Gaming : "Why watch someone else play a game instead of playing it yourself?" to that I say why do we all watch sports instead of playing them ourselves?

Inbound : Humans are amazing creatures that forget the fact that change isn't the only thing that's related to evolution. I don't frankly care as much about TV hosts making personal comments about their though in eSports because it doesn't affect them and pretty sure their viewers are more or less in their age group (except for big ones like Conan or Ellen). The public is a herd of sheep that quickly change their minds because of what the shepherd (celebs) say. They are, for the most of the part, irrelevant as the real deal happens behind the stage. It's the investors that I am amazed that are rapidly making swift decisions to put a lot of money into buying a spot for the eSports tournaments. There are so many sports stars, especially retired ones, that are teaming up to buy their way into the professional tournaments like LCS. But I also fear that these companies might influence negatively on how the gaming scene has been going for years and try to force their own way. I'm not sure yet as they are starting to emerge but let's hope it brings better pay to these hard working players and better infastructure. I would also like to add a little side comment that Korea has been already doing this ages ago since the 90's when Brood War was a big hit. Companies rushed into that market and started investing into these players for better results. I guess North America is a bit late on that but at least it's better than never.

Xiiao San : yo gabe when half life 3 out? is been 3 years

Rumford Chimpenstein : i don't consider anything that needs a referee to be a sport

Eddie Ouille : but we watch people play football and don't question it, why not play it yourself then?

Kimanuel : for anyone who fight againts esports, a huge community will fight back,very painfully

Ankit Singh : It looks like as the valve is getting richer the gaben is getting fatter please don't buy more games for the sake of this guy.

awsomewild : Did that one guys just hate on professional wrestling? Is he high?

Sebastián Cartes : what about evo?

LoPezzDispenser : It's funny to see the only people who think this stuff is stupid are jaded old people who think their opinions are absolute and everyone else's are wrong.

Rizz CS : I don't like all these suits coming into e-sports. Gtfo, i liked it better when you thought we were all school shooters. :@

Tua The Goat Tagovailoa : I started watching a video of Roberto aguayo being cut by the buccaneers and now I'm here???