Everyday I'm Shufflin' - Star Wars Cantina Band (Original)

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border867 : Why doesn't this have more views?

miterbinnesdirty : LOOK! THEY EVEN HAVE A DROID!

emanayayas : the sole thing that will make me feel better on any given bad day.


Lord_Kalb : I wonder if this was intentional?

Peter Webb : So, I guess we all know how to dance to the cantina band song now.

Smashbrosforlife : Everyday I'm Podracin


PhantomShadowCat : YES lego star wars, must remember to play that again on my ps2...:) good times

Chaos1044 : This deserves more views!

Parp777 : Good just stealing this mate

spekie123 : That looked like PURE Class

miterbinnesdirty : I REALLLLYYYYY don't wanna be "that guy" right now, but that*. :/

cannonfodder4000 : Yeah, anyone can do it, not everyone can find stuff that syncs this well, though.

Burning : Why is this the only video on YouTube that doesn't work for me!! I really want to hear it!!

Remolay : Party Rock Anthem

MoonyVG : I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite video on Youtube.

thunderboyAAC : endlessyoutube(dot)com/watch?v=FYfDEMoeQBI

Strothy2 : because it's blockes in some regions

moumouza : no actually it's awesome

Jazz Man : this is perfect.

A Struggling Wolf : just wondering since when did ripping your jeans or why is ripping your jeans cool or how

A Struggling Wolf : you must have weird shaped legs

L a n n e m : Everyday I'm Skywalkin'

MammaSomari : I thought this would be a mash-up not just a "let's replace the song which is something anyone could do with movie maker".

James Ice : O DO It... Holy shat that works perfectly.

dahMusicDude : Well, that's seems to be the point of the video.

Vilnius Nastavnik : I dont know how it works but it just does lol

cthulhlu : in other versions were they left the original music in, at 17 seconds when the music pauses briefly it matches perfectly with the singer saying "Shuffeling shuffeling!"

unknownmercury : I love how perfectly it fits.

Cthulhu : Everyday I'm Tatooine.

MrCytrus : Whats is the name of original?

Sahdirah : :D The internet thanks you.

SirSparhawk : second. this demands to be 10 hours long

ClementsRock : This is GENIUS.

Yoshibee : LEGO Star Wars?

Yoshibee : Yes, because its from the original Star Wars....

Patrick McDonnell : Every single sone fits astonishingly well with the dance. Like, really. It's uncanny.

Bearsbarehardyarns : Cracked brought me here, fuck RWJ

BristolBerzerker : This is pure genius

BristolBerzerker : I actually can't stop watching it

loltoober6457 : Complete with aliens and a robot - this fits WAAAY too well

tabby267 : So THATS what the song sounds like underneath the recording errors they must have had

Ciarán F : Lego Star Wars?

Adam Vine : wow...

ForeverOpenSkies : Oh my Hanklerfish! It fits

Austin C. : They would be jelly

cerickNY : May I point out: there's a gold droid in the background.

Jarred Newallo : It's soo on beat...wow...

Ryan Gallerani : I could listen to this music all day.