Who is Manipulating Facebook? - Smarter Every Day 215
People are Manipulating You on Facebook Smarter Every Day

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Alexander Engholm : These videos should be a standard thing in elementary schools.

DanJan09 : But even worse, Facebook is manipulating you on Facebook.

A V : facebook only cares about manipulation so long as the manipulators aren't paying them their due. when a product is free YOU become the product

karottenkoenig : facebook is not interested in preventing manipulation on their platform. they are just interested in regulating manipulation that doesnt benefit them.

Stewie Griffin : The game is already lost. People are just too stupid.

Zuzu : Hah, can't manipulate me when I don't use Facebook Next video: "People are Manipulating You on YouTube" _oh shi-_

Kevin Karges : Mark Zuckerberg is manipulating you on facebook.

Genicee : You lost me when I heard they lady from facebook say people trust them

Big Hoss : Facebook doesn't like manipulaters because that's their business.

tvsinesperanto : So facebook is manipulating people just like everyone else. But, of course, they are the "Good Guys". Never been gladder that I have never had a Facebook account

C00LX100 : FB worker: We are people... hmmm... sounds like something android would say

Yolo Swaggins : Nobody is more manipulative than Facebook/Twitter/Google. These scammers spending a couple of hundred bucks is pissing into the sea of how many R&D dollars are being used to control your behavior.

Bill Tavis : so Facebook is using this as an excuse to roll out heavy handed censorship...

Flora : "we really care about people"... now here are some ads we think you'll like based on your conversation that we were listening to without your permission also we leaked all your info also we don't care about you

TakeWhatYouNeed LeaveTheRest : First rule of Facebook manipulation is that Facebook manipulates. Other than that yet another excellent video👌

beyo5 : Problem is that who or what is the arbiter to what is "hate speech" and what is defending a legit position. Facebook has known biases, and they define extremes a certain way which is why some opinion positions are shut down.

Graeme Evans : Facebook doesnt need much help polarizing people with their obviously biased censoring

CKOD : Facebook:"Grr, manipulators" Also facebook: "We manipulate the stuff we find distateful, even if it doesnt cross the line enough that we can remove it"

S Winter : Facebook are the last people you want to talk about manipulating Facebook. All they have to do is call you dangerous and you are donzo!

Corey Schafer : I love your point about how extremist posts don't have to actually represent the legitimate viewpoint of anyone to be effective, but just need to represent some semblance of truth in order to get both sides ramped up with fear and insecurity. I don't think enough people are aware of that. Awesome series, Destin.

Gregory May : Facebook, and social media in general, and human-obsession with it, has turned humans into bots.

Ups and Downs : Also destroying conservative accounts that actually show facts and not emotions

Jason Schmidt : This a fake comment, that I paid to put on here! 🤖

Hypo Thebai : "...polarizing, sensational click bait." Sounds like most of cable news to me.

SnowCat : People are manipulated on Facebook Quit Facebook Problem solved

Colby Dutton : "Speaking of protection..." that could have gone a different way

Amira Lozse : well, Destin, those people at FB HQ did a very good job in manipulating YOU!!!

Илья Найдов : Facebook is a weapon of mass distraction...

Jeff Schell : Also look at Cambridge Analytica. They took data from what was supposed to be a university study on psychology where people filled out personality tests on Facebook. Cambridge Analytica then took this information and created targeted ads and posts that heavily influenced Brexit in the UK and to some extent, the 2016 US Election. I tend not to use Facebook for much myself and don't put too much stock into "sponsored" news posts or those shared by others, without independently confirming said story on at least 3 different trusted news sources.

jojo : The whole video was a "hard engineering problem." Deepthroating youtube, facebook, and twitter all at the same time is extremely impressive...

TMHonfire102 : So after watching this video It seems "Facebook is Manipulating Facebook." Who would have guessed that one.

Brad Kemble : Facebook news manager sounds just like a politician

Alexey Souvorkin : I quit FB 3 years before i quit smoking. My biggest regret is not quitting FB sooner.

mute8s : If we're not careful right now and react to hastily or we enact reckless regulation it has the potential of only affecting the innocent. This sounds a lot like how gun control laws are enacted nowadays.

Omnihilanth : I'm going to call reality "physical meatspace" from now on.

ChaosTherum : The funny thing is that this wouldn't be a problem if Facebook hadn't tried to manipulate us in the first place and just stuck with a chronological timeline.

Fernando Lopes : Thanks for this video about Climate Changes, I enjoyed it! P.s. I'm not a bot.

Pat Howell : Excellent series. Thanks for all of the hard work. How have I missed this channel? Glitter bomb led me here :) Just sub'd

Clint Ellish : Facebook HATES Republicans. Its NO secret. You are nothing more than a Mouth Piece for Large Business.

TheDodicat : I dont have a Facebook and this is why. Well one of the reasons why.

Mark SW : Social media is a complete waste of time unless you're running a business.

Bill Naivar : Thank you so much for doing this series. It is the best non-biased explanation of this topic that I have ever seen.

Gregory May : 9:38 EVERYTHING IS CO OPTED. The government and the mainstream EVERYTHING is a MASTER at creating fake "opposition" and then working both sides of the "issue", steering the narrative where they want it to go. Every topic, every group is worked this way.

Scott Sandifer : Scary. 8:04 "We actually have the ability to change the shape of that curve." Translation: Facebook is working hard to keep you from seeing what you _want_ to see.

Douwe Feitsma : Sad to see that these great videos only get 700k views. The YouTube algorithm is broken and doesn't take 'quality' in to account in steering the audience.

Ricky : People say they deleted facebook, but they fled to Instagram..

SunnyDisposition : Facebook has created a public utility not unlike the telephone. Its time for a digital bill of rights.

Artificial Red : FB intentionally shows you more negative content as users become more engaged , AKA advertising dollars.

AlienDog : In the interview with Tessa Lyons, she basically said reducing is showing the user mostly things Facebook wants them to see. This is the reason i don't use Facebook anymore.