Tiroler Zungenpritschler
A reminder to do your daily tongue exercises

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A Gaudi muss sein | ORF 1982


Viktor : Teacher: there's gonna be a new girl joining your class

Florian Posch : If anybody thinks the guy at 0:24 doesn't participate - You are wrong. He's the just the oldest and his technique is so advanced you can't see his tongue moving.

RIPMarkESmith : When she just shaved

Pipsta : I nearly forgot to watch this video today.

Matthew Kosloski : This belongs in the important videos playlist

Trey Smith : Yo what that mouth do

T : this is going to be memed eternally

Benedikt Danting : One of many fine examples of Austria's proud culture and heritage.

dmelsted : Older Guy at 0:25 is like " kill me please "

Big Stru : Round of applause for the graduates of Cunnilingus academy, class of 78

Mrdead Inmypocket : I walked in and caught my girlfriend watching this. She gave me a look of disappointment.

doitenzankburg : This is gonna blowup


stulander : 00:21 Albert Einstein's less successful younger brother

ChaoticDuk : *Kakyoin licking a cherry intensifies*

Russell M. Hossain : Straight to the comments.

Kitchen Gun : Don’t get me wrong, it sounds great. But it looks ridiculous and makes me laugh every time.

Abraham Nixon : A Woman's dream come true! Ciao.

Edward Bliss : Where's the 10 hour version?

machuki96 : Joel McHale's Show brought me here. tum tum -Netflix

Magenta Cyan : " Girl, wanna see my tongue pritschel?" 😂

Won hee Hwang : This is another kind of Bitcoin Its value will jump

#RadeMany# : София Демашов Thank you so much.(Спасибо большое я так долго искал это)

CynicalVillain : And it was then when the lesbians knew the game had changed...

Yolandi : the legend says they once licked a girl and she died

D4RN : Well I needed a new pick-up line

Nathan R. : All jokes aside, this is actually really nice. Only choir boys know how hard it is in a 21st century student choir to reich such beautiful potential. ❤️❤️❤️

Will : These men are all married

Alec Sturdevant : What the world needs.

WallyRocket 87 : OL OL OL OL OL mustache OL OL OL OL OL mustache...creepy guy..OL OL OL...

jigglymabob : what tongue thing, homie?

Yorkshire_Dude 32 : When the gril that all Ur m8s fancy walks into the room

Marcelo Gálvez : Dale like si llegaste por The Joel McHale Show!

Guts : Where's the 10 hour loop of this? I want to sleep to this.


wasti_ngtime : Joel McHale Show 💪

Reconquista Germania : The man on wedding market, pricing there tounquee skills.

manman1235 : 0:21 is just Rosas from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Stephan Weenk : Original song, midnight in Moscow!

foxhound13 : Thanks Joel Mchale

Alice Macias : Thanks to Joel Mchale show Im here hahaha

Savage Javii : Am I the only one that thinks it sounds beautiful?

smol pp : Top 10 anime theme songs

Sam Gamegie le brave : I do not know what to think a bout that. It's creepy and beautiful at the time

Frumlock : i do this when i'm alone at home. Maybe i should put out an album.

Snotty Boi20 : I’m here from the markiplier try not to laugh video 😂

Mals Mals : I FINALLY FOUND IT!!!!

Marco : 493.497

DanielTheFreak : Can't get this out of my head help