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NobodyEpic : I didn't really achieve my goal of what this looked like in my head due to a lack of editing/acting skills but I hope you all enjoyed my effort because this is the kind of content I think about when I think of video ideas and I need to try stuff like this more often.

Hova : LMAO

NoahJ456 : This is gold.

Masked Luchador : This was great Joel! XD

FloridaSky ツ : Lmao. Looking like Murr from Impractical Jokers, in the thumbnail.

Nothing Special : Sattire-like videos by anyone in the crew are amazing 100% of the time

EarnedSummer 4 : Joel is the goat

Powerslayer : Get Bdubs in on some games

DownToTheSock : Why isnt this viral? lol pure gold!

Olympic55 : Think how difficult it is tho to get 10 minutes and 1 second of content per day. Just unbelievable work they put into it...

BANKR0BB3R : Communicating with the no skinners

JayRokkah : I like this shade of lipstick Joel. Really brings out the color in your eyes.

Tim Honks : Joel has the body of Gabe from the office lol...jk love you Joel

Daniel Wright : I love this Joel

David Johnson : Blake Griffin and Klay Thompson combined

DaBoss : Omfg this was soo good

LowSoulGamers : It's unfortunate that this is actually such a prominent issue in so many different gaming communities. Humor aside, I hope that YouTube, in some way, takes more serious action against these channels.

MC Grenada : I really liked this Joel, gets the point across quite well imo

jambonater : This is the satire I needed today! 😂😂😂 I'm glad someone pointed these out. Wonder what nobodies channel name for this would be? 😏

Danny Schutzer : You like DrDisrespect? Not sure why

Jst sayit : This was great 😂

Gama : Lmao, we need more videos like this from you Joel, best crew member

Sol Murray-Ward : Blake Thompson can dunk it hard and catch fire from the three

Konsept : Dude I thought his name was Joel

HamdoggyPS : This is great Joel <3 looking forward to more skits and stuff like this.

Xavier Flowers : Do more of this bro😂😂 im not into fortnite like that but the way it was presented actually made me laugh. This was great. Keep growing.

Miles : This was great, hope you post more stuff like this, love the ambition

JustSavageThings : Great vid as always Joel!

Teenagewasteland1000 : Savage! Savage! Savage! Chat disabled for 3 seconds...

Honest- Mistake87 : I almost peed laughing so hard!!!!

JebusNogga : Yooo, This is so funny lol :D

carebearstare5000 : Great video Joel. Hope it gets traffic

ShadowHunter : who am i

typicallaughs : Golden

Beep Beep Richie : Who doesn't pull their shorts down when whacking it? Can't get a full hand thrust if there's clothes in the way


Diego N : Hey Joel, I’m doing a research paper how video games have revolutionized society. Such as making a new community. I was wondering if I could send some questions regarding this??

O_LEGENDS9090_F : Whoever the person is asking the questions sound kinda sexy

Sofa : Remember when Community Channels were a legitimate way that smaller channels were able to share their content to a broader audience? Yeah, me neither.

Darakaa : It's an epidemic. I'm glad not everyone is just shrugging it off. YouTube lets this slide because they're too busy demonetizing original content. Essentially you could upload a video that gets demonetized, and if I cut out what got it demonetized and upload it myself, they are fine with it.

Matt James : nice lipstick sidearms

Mr Billz : 😂😂😂😂

josh64big : I knew what this would be just from the title. All the recommended videos are channels stealing content. Nearly all twitch content is stolen now/

Culilus : Community channel? We're not calling them leeches anymore?

mikesPOTCO : Are there channels that actually do this?

Gabriel Blomkamp : Hahahaha! Loved the vid Joel! You should make more of this format.

Brandflakes : Ayeeeee someone that likes Beastie Boys!!

Kratos Gaming : This video is too funny

dirtmanleo : Dude, love the vid! I appreciate youtubers who take time to create and edit a project for their subscribers. Keep it up and sorry but damn that hair thinning is exposed at the beginning of the vid.

jorgech11 : how come you dont have a tesla?