Cambridge Analytica whistleblower: 'We spent $1m harvesting millions of Facebook profiles'

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Elias Ben : So this is the same plot as the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies, where a billionaire mogul attempts to sway public opinion.

Commando Master : If you post your personal info online, you are at risk of your info getting taken and used without your consent for any purpose.

Henry Zhang : This guy is epic, love the word he use, great explanation.

Solve Everything : Why are people even using facebook? Delete everything.

Scattle : wow

shmackatrotsky : Who knew that Cambridge Soundworks and Audio Technica would merge to form such a powerful adversary to modern, democratic nation-states? Not I, said the fly.

Bryan K : Everyone shut up! The media isn’t finished telling us what to think...

tofolux : NSA to Cambridge Analytica.... hold my beer

Jovani Olivares : I thought everyone already knew this??

Lapsy Pa : he does a good English accent

Charles Kesner : Ethics and principals lacking. UGH

Okiha Addict : I don't think people understand the seriousness of this, they could as well just put a pill in my drink and torture me for information. They have done the same thing here, just in a more comfortable way. Facebook is a crazy company run by a crazy CEO.

Justin DeFouw : Ads did not change my mind. Sorry but if you can be played by 'ads' or 'news' then you don't deserve to vote. Do your own research.

Jorge Bruno : Guys! It's surprising that you are all surprised about this... Once your data leaves your computer, it is not private anymore. Forget about companies worrying about your privacy and governments securing your data. That is absolute nonsense. You want your data being private? Unplug from the internet. Simple. Otherwise, keep calm and carry on.

Carla Holley : So, at no point did Wylie stop and think "I'm working for evil"?

RTS RealTechShow : They are simply trying to reprogram human mind.

Jonathan Brady : I deleted my Facebook profile over 2 years ago when I realized how I was being manipulated and targeted. I'm much happier since.

Charlie Schorr-Kon : I wonder if this guy is a plant...

GrungeRockGod : I mean the person responsible for hiring this guy couldn't tell my guy over here complete with pink hair, a nose ring, and hipster glasses wasn't going to be a whistle blower? oof

15 Seconds of INSTA Fame : I’m confused, during the election all you saw were articles stating trump was a sexist, racist, blah blah blah but somehow someone interfered with this to help Trump win?

PL H : Wonder how much this guy made off this whole thing before becoming a whistleblower to protect himself?

K P : Honestly, is this actual news to you? Do you find this shocking? Data mining/harvesting is NOT new. It's been used by Governments, Marketing experts and anyone who wants to sell a product or idea. This guy, in my opinion has 'overstated' how vulnerable and stupid we are and how 'powerful' his weapon is, in my opinion. How many people get their voting and other opinions on just Facebook alone? If they want to investigate how data was collected for Trump then they need to do it for others. This is not new people, wake up! Facebook is the REAL enemy of the people here. They ALLOWED it to happen right under their noses. This Company Cambridge found a 'loophole' and exploited it. They are my friends simply HUMAN and this is BUSINESS!

Doug Campbell : I think this guy blows whistles daily.........

Travis Todd : I don't understand how this dude can pretend that data harvesting is like some villainous plot. Why do you think any facebook connected app asks for permissions to ask your contact list, feed, etc? The official Facebook API is intentionally designed to allow you to do this. This is freely available off their site and they encourage it's use. This is extremely generic Big Data analytics put to the purpose of an election. The idea that it is insidious is just... insane and fear mongering.

Roving Mauler : Whistles ain't all he's blowin'! Heeeyoohhh! But, seriously...

Generic Name : *Entire media companies rally against Trump* Silence *Cambridge Analytica* Watergate 3.0

Emma Klinsmann : kinda ironic that a company that is about bringing people together through connection and shared experience is actually dividing and fragmenting and molding them all for money.

Verne Fits : this blower guy is very brave

Richard Benitez : I totally agree with Cambridge Analytica that their involvement was perfectly legal. FB is to blame without question. To further the point that social media is not being responsible but is a menace, the google memo guy James Damore has been speaking up that Google search engines and youtube are manipulating search results to point towards Google’s own political philosophies to control society in their favor. In tech circles, this has been known for some time, but James Damore and the people around him have been making the public more aware.

Emma Klinsmann : how can most people not see facebbok's real twisted objectives and its bad influence on our lives years ago?

Achiles Redemptia : after snowden on NSA surveillance, now wiley on Cambridge Analytica data collection, I will not surprise if there are many more out there

alphie k : if you show his back again with that annoying cut, i am going to end myself

Unicum : Thats it. I'm closing my Facebook account

Maria : I hope FB faces massive backlash & is legally punished/sued!They have been misleading the public since bush/obama's presidency.

dʒeɪms : smart guy

Louis-David Doyon : I think it settles the battle between freewill vs determinism! How much of what we do is being influenced or manipulated?? Who controls the information controls the future, pretty simple fact of life. One could say;" I have nothing to hide", might be true, but you have everything to protect!!

HALE IRWIN : No wonder Facebook started to "filtered out comments" on certain threads. They only show you comments you "need" to see based on the data they get from you.

dntwantgglplus : pink hair and a nose ring. is he trying to be a meme?

Trump TheTraitor : *Christopher Wylie is a NATIONAL HERO - Give him the MOH*

Error Eliminator : Who knew facebook doesn't care about privacy? Jeez... everyone knows but most still used it... Explain that to me!!!

Anurag George Ekka : so you basically saying you got hold of the memes I was watching and based on that did target advertising to 50 million people, what did you show the people... cute cats with donald trump wig... you are right about one thing, lets see the world with a healthy skepticism and my spidey sense says that algorithms that can sway something as integral as political beliefs are not a walk in the park... and if your data scientist did actually figure something like this out, screw the scadal I call for a Nobel Prize.

Matthew Oh : Why is this such a big deal? Why is America freaking out that this company called Cambridge Analytica mined the big data to manipulate the public opinions? This is not anything new. The government has been doing these for years. You should read the book called, "Manufacturing Consent" by Noam Chomsky on how big corporations and government agencies manipulate public opinions through many different propagandas. Physical Coercion has its limits; so, that's why in the past many big corporations found out that the best way to control the public is through manipulations of perceptions through control of information. This is nothing new nor should be shocking.......

Suhail Sofi : Left Facebook 6 years ago, Totally worth it

x12yz : I never used facebook from day one!!!!

jbrookley : Am I the only person that is annoyed that he KNOWINGLY did this? This isn't a whistleblower, this is someone confessing what they did after the fact. The difference between this and Snowden is Snowden saw something unethical and blew the whistle about it as it was rolling out. This guy was knowingly doing all this and going as far as it brought him . . . and now that is has a bunch of press, he's "blowing the whistle". Sorry, this isn't someone that should be admired for whistleblowing, this is someone who should be condemned for his participation in the event. Just sounds like a sociopath that wants the media attention. Maybe that's just me though.

Sailor Steve Holt! : looks like an extra from the 1995 movie Hackers

Bess xcool : This is info I think everyone should know.

Ryan Fulcher : This administration is blatantly, transparently, and maliciously anti american in every polity, action, and tweet. They speek only to and for the one fringe and corrupting few private corporate privateers and nearly never for the majority of we the people who have more in common with each other than anything in our current government leadership.

Iceslab : Lol always thought it insane that companies could harvest your data without paying you a cent. Completely insane.

Jesus Garza : Breitbart a blog of angry white men..? So far Breitbart seems to be most accurately reporting actual horrific events that occur almost daily in Mexico- Texas border due to cartel related wars.. hence there's a dire need for a wall to control spillover of cartel violence