Bill Burr: Women Want To Ruin The NFL! - CONAN on TBS

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AGbaby235 : Burr's the man cause he tells it like it is.

Curt Baboon : "You know what makes women happy? Nothing!" Bill Burr is a hero.

duchesswannabe : LOL Man! he must've had helluva fight with his wife just before the taping. love Bills rants

AGbaby235 : Bill always somehow makes me laugh at his jokes man haha.

ftghb : I was that one chauvinistic jackass who was clapping :(

Patrick : There's a thing in psychology called compartmentalizing. Men are better at doing this than women. It's basically when you can move from one thing to another and not have them interacting with each other. So men can have a bad day at work, and then go home and enjoy football whereas women wouldn't be able to do that as well. Bill talks about the simple male brain and that's exactly what he's talking about.

captainimij : nothing pisses a woman off more than a content man.

L6915 : The big fear that all women have. That their man can be happy without them.

kimsjustice09 : Nothing was wrong with the story, Bill. The problem is the shitty audience.

The Ball : Female Ghostbusters explained

Hill Red : Man I hate the fuking audience

supastar : "You know what makes women happy? Nothing!" - legendary quote because it's so true

AGbaby235 : "Next time I'm gonna get it right."

Brainbuster : So they seriously take time out of football to address breast cancer when prostate cancer kills more men than breast cancer kills women??

DiverseLA : He's right. Women are doing the same with video games, which has always been a male-dominated arena. Women can't STAND the fact that guys have always gotten together to play video games, design video games, and enjoy video games. The Anita Sarkeesians of the world had to come in, try to feminize it and use shaming tactics against males for the crime of enjoying games. They have problems with Call of Duty, GTA, and countless other games. Anita Sarkeesian is jealous of men.

trusting virus : They started doing this with video games now.

Mgtow Messiah : He's ABSOLUTELY correct about how men can do simple things and be completely happy

Featuring Dante, from the Devil May Cry Series : lmao that lizard analogy killed me

FearlessAgainstStupidity : WTF was up with that PC audience. The must of been regressive students from Yale visiting Conan in that audience.

Frank John : Modern feminism is a bane on free society

Jeremy Greenidge : This man is one of the smartest people on Earth.

rushfan2112 : 1:37 I didn't know Conan was bilingual.

Laurent Chougrani : 1:36 that Conan sentence is now my new ringphone !

ⵔⵓⴽⴰⵜⴽⴰⵜ : A simple mind, yet 95% plus of all the science and technology came from a male brain...

adam zarbon : He's a genius. Why isn't he in politics or at least teaching classes?

Cornelius Maximilianus : TV set audience do not have capacity to understand satire, they are confused.

Slowhiteguy : he talks mad shit about women and its so funny how offended the crowds get lmao in his special youre all the same the crowd got so butt hurt

Nathaniel Saez : Bill burr is me everything he says I agree with him lol

Dancing Candle : Men and women complain how unhappy or annoying their S/O is. Solution to both genders, stay single and alone. I am so tired of hearing/reading from both sides neo feminists and MGTOW. Shut up and don't bother with the opposite sex. or choose your mate carefully. My guy does his thing ,I do mine. When we have our time together it's great. We took time in the beginning to discover that we were compatible and not clingy. We adore each other and wouldn't want it any other way. So healthy relationships do exist.

Global Jay : I love Burr! He represents the push back with all of the emasculation of men! ROCK ON BURR!

DORC101 : I can tell women hate this man but he is truth lmao


theedgeinshow : Bill Burr is no comedian...he is a prophet

Moshy : Glad my girl actually likes things and is happy all the time.

lysol5555 : the guys arent cheering because there's a women next to them!

Blackswordman : Wow the video hasn't been taken down yet? I'm shocked....

5cent27 : Bill burr should be on this show nightly

Nir Zion Pengas : You know what makes women happy? Nothing. LOL :)

Kari Lari : aww man, I wish I was in the audience so I can be the one laughing at everything

mtndewman1022 : i love how conan at 0:54 went "oh god..." like * ALERT ALERT * THIS DOES NOT CONFORM TO THE NARRATIVE, INCOMING SCOLDING FROM HIGHER UPS

James Brown : women are gonna create a cult and kill Bill one day lol

KennM12 : lots of people are mad about his comments on women. anyone catch that he called men simple minded and portrayed them as being dumb? or when he said women's minds were complex and we are good at multitasking? i doubt anyone noticed that at all. because "feminism" is a trend right now, and everybody's hopping on the bandwagon.

CoreosAndMilk : Patrice would be proud lmao

David Weiser : Bill is a comic genius.

Ahan Chopra : They did it with wwe

MrZurata : Wait a second is that an attractive girl wearing a bikini in that video game I will never actually play myself? MISOGYNY REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

MetrazolElectricity : He wavered after he noticed the reaction to breast cancer, he should have gone full-steam Burr and told it like it is! cause he knows it like it is! Few do

ftghb : 0:51 conan trying to hold back his laughter because he knows he's gonna get shit from his wife later

Docktor Jim : I tried keeping track of how much time each month I think I'd be happier with a wife or girlfriend. The problem is, the stopwatch on my phone only goes to hundredths of a second.

MOVICH : 2:41 even conan is embarrassed of his own audience