Ken Sander Public Access Prank Calls

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bedavelli : Say what you want but this dude is made of stone. How many of you would've kept that kind of composure after being called a cockhead 300 times on air

J. Walker : I like how they sometimes talked about the issue for a while, making the host think they were legit.

BattleInvictus : 3:04 "War.. what is it good for?" underrated call.

Edward Bliss : He never gets angry, and it's probably because he finds the callers funny like the rest of us

TrippyNoodlesKBX : Ken Sanders a true professional.

Derek Kane : New Yorkers have to be the funniest people on the planet!

Matty : In the year 1990, America was given an opportunity to have a serious, legitimate discussion about gun control. This was the result.

John Bidochka : "Cockhead!" Never gets old.

mcrazza : These guys were the trolls of 1990.

TheLoliMaster : 4:42 "See that, I knew he had a bad connection." Dude, Ken was handling it well.

Marilyn Copeland : WAR....WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR????  The BEST!

mguy091 : Back when trolling required skill.

diviin3MaDnEsS : Never gets old! lolil!!!

Random Monkey : I remember this being posted on ebaumsworld 20 years ago, still cracks me up

BiggerThanMost : This is the funniest shit I have seen in years

daleva187goligo : he looks like steve sabol from nfl films, even talks like him too, weird

Joe T : 4:41 makes me laugh the most

unfortunatebeam : So.....does Saddam think we're bluffing? or not? what did it end of being???

puppetmaster customs : *so we can shoot people like you* One of My favorite calls

joseph blowenstein : Best expression at 3:17

James GS : this is the greatest video on the internet. you can't change my mind.

B Anderson : 28 years later and gun control is still an issue... 😒

Mark Derrick : It’s like the same 5 people the whole time 😂😂😂

Gary W-l-o-t : New Yorkers shouldn't be allowed to have handguns. Everywhere else is ok though.

CrawlerJamie : I was only about 5 months old when this took place. I’m laughing now hahaha

uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ǝʇoɹ ǝuop ᴉ zlol : 1:26 Definitely my favorite. "Oh, you have dual roles." Even someone in the studio was laughing.

CocaineWayne : "WAR WHAT IS IT GOOD FO-"

Matt Ryan : 2:56 is the BEST 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Itamar Blum : "lines are lining up, I guess it's a good subject" :))

Harry Mann Jr : 4:47

rhombusskullvsteal1 : that was kinda cute

Hunter Brinkmeier : Definitely.

Vertigo Lion : 2:47 FUCK YOUUUUU

gearsplayer0612 : 4:16

Michael Alexeyev : Where did you find the Saddam episode? Will you please post it?

Ethan Dawkster : AnOddCreator brought me here. XD

Militia Conspirator : I always come back and watch this video. It' pure gold and this is how America passed the time in 1990. <3

BOBBY PERU 1892 : HELLO? Good evening... HELLOOO?!?! Good evening....

Maxxx Modelz : Almost everyone is in agreement. We should carry handguns to kill people like him.

seanofthedead90 : Sander has a good voice

Philo Judaeus of Alexandria : are there more episodes?

Jerry Martel : Oh, dual roles!

Rigel : At this point, I doubt Saddam thinks we're bluffing.

Itamar Blum : What happened to his hair in the end?

Leah Araiza : 😂 😂 😂 😂 love this!!!!

mkfanforever58 : LOL I didn't think it would work but I looked up "new york call gun laws" because I didn't remember the name of the video and those were the only things I remember from the video. This was the second video to come up.

Steven Kenna : Poor Ken

Mike K : Back then we discussed the gun control issue and both sides had equal time. Now the one-sided Media just produces staged shootings.

Andrew S. : I just listened to the prestige soundtrack while watching this, LMFAO. 

Tami Bates : This video always makes me laugh...