Ken Sander Public Access Prank Calls

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bedavelli : Say what you want but this dude is made of stone. How many of you would've kept that kind of composure after being called a cockhead 300 times on air

Spartacus Mills : Fag! *clicks next caller* FUCK YOU

J. Walker : I like how they sometimes talked about the issue for a while, making the host think they were legit.

BattleInvictus : 3:04 "War.. what is it good for?" underrated call.

Indy The Great : "Hi you're on the air" "FUCK YOU COCKHEAD"

diviin3MaDnEsS : Never gets old! lolil!!!

Marilyn Copeland : WAR....WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR????  The BEST!

TrippyNoodlesKBX : Ken Sanders a true professional.

Derek Kane : New Yorkers have to be the funniest people on the planet!

Airgunhunter2010 : " Ithink it's good that New Yorkers have handguns so we can shoot people like you." 'Right...' "FAG!" This is where I lost it


John Bidochka : "Cockhead!" Never gets old.

Adam : been watching this on here for years and it never gets old.

TheLoliMaster : 4:42 "See that, I knew he had a bad connection." Dude, Ken was handling it well.

kirotalon : This guy is a champion. He's absolutely unfazed by all the prankers, and stays cool as ice to the very end of the show.

Mark Smith : @ 1:41 Grover from Sesame Street had an issue with his av switch

Fortified Enhancements : "Jenkins is a lousy nigga" still the funniest and most random line

mcrazza : These guys were the trolls of 1990.

scott1643 : "Most people keep uh, their gun near their bed most likely, and so a criminal come in and ro...FUUUCK YOOOOUU!!!!" Pure gold!!

BiggerThanMost : This is the funniest shit I have seen in years

azzonie : I left NYC in 1992 because of this, too many rude people like the prank callers.

DoctorTranIsBack : 4:15 i am CRYING

HRRyan2 : this guy got absolutely owned.

Matt Lister : 4:17 and 2:56 are the funniest

CocaineWayne : "WAR WHAT IS IT GOOD FO-"

Patrick Dromgoole : Hi. How ya doin'. WAH - WHAT IS IT GOOD F... *click*

daleva187goligo : he looks like steve sabol from nfl films, even talks like him too, weird

ComaLies225 : At least this guy had patience and a sense of humor. Not like Gorgeous George.

Harry Mann Jr : 4:47

BowmanFlex : he handled himself very well

Ethan Dawkster : AnOddCreator brought me here. XD

PeanutButterShelly : what ever happened to this guy? As funny as it was I felt kinda sorry for him.

Hunter Brinkmeier : Definitely.

Bill Overbeck : If it were me I would call in breathing all heavy and making jerking off sounds

mguy091 : Back when trolling required skill.

Andrew S. : I just listened to the prestige soundtrack while watching this, LMFAO. 

Michael Alexeyev : Where did you find the Saddam episode? Will you please post it?

kyler shipley : xD its the same fucking guys over and over lol

hakoon1234 : "if he wants to shoot someone why doesn't he go off to God Damn Iraq and COOOOCKKSUKEEERR!!!" LOOOOL


Mr. Bludclot : ken sander was also the host another call in show dealing with vcr's and av.. the prank caller tells him "hopefully the guy who does Taxi Talk will give up his job to you as well"

Edward Bliss : He never gets angry, and it's probably because he finds the callers funny like the rest of us

Joe T : 4:41 makes me laugh the most

unfortunatebeam : So.....does Saddam think we're bluffing? or not? what did it end of being???

BarryDennen12 : FUCK YEEEEEOUHH!

Lonnie514 : I saw this years ago and had forgotten all about it until world's dumbest showed it....ahhh still just as funny. I like even with the pranks the guy still answers the questions

azzonie : Notice at 5:04 Ken Sander puts up his middle finger at the prank callers.

Indy The Great : AV*

TheFoxSays : War what is it good....LOLOL

Shane O : "Uh, hi, caller called before I thought it was a really valid point I think it was one of your first calls, FUCK YOU YA COCKFUCKER!"