Peacock Spider 20 (Maratus tortus)
Another peacock spider discovered

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peacock spider from the southwest of Western Australia with a courtship display like no other. The spiders are a little over 3 mm in length, to put this into perspective. The video is in 4k and you can watch it in that resolution using Google Chrome or firefox (but not Safari) also check out my Vimeo channel for this spider, I will be uploading many more clips there Still images of this species For updates follow me on facebook website for any licensing requests contact Brave Bison


Astropipe : It's so cool to see that they seem to know what they exactly can do, like this lovely guy has the lashes and uses a completely different dance to use them in their fullest potential.

Ria Pi : I xannot express how much I love your videos!

TheWheelofLife100 : These spiders must have excellent vision,the female was completely memorized by the movement of the male's abdomen,she couldn't keep her 6 eye's off him.Oh and 1 more thing,first.

jo han : He's setting mascara trends :) But then again he gets totally ignored some of the times :)

Amethyst Dawn : It kinda looks like he's got little wings that he's flapping :)

cndns2 : Success. She liked his moves. Lol.

KlingonCaptain : All that work for a girl.

Gunship : These two were adorable ☺

Eric Duong : It’s got little tail feathers

Chuck Boren III : The environmental sounds are incredible!

Keith Dvorak : These always make me so happy! Thank you for sharing ❤️

IANRPARKER : One day we may understand what they are communicating. " Yey Shielagh! Great party last night" "Yey Bruce what a gas. Tell me that one about camera man and his long lense again." Thanks Peacockspiderman great films.

Staudinka : That pan-out with one spider waving from the right is worth an award.

Claudinchenchen : Great footage! This small spiders are not easy to film. Well done!

Lord spider : Such interesting angles. Nice work!

D Petty : Wow, spectacular!

Tiffany Hallmark : I'm always impressed by your video captures, especially unknown species. You, sir, are amazing. Please keep sharing these fantastic films.

Han Ng : Someone please mash this up with that “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” song.

Holly Blair : Ok...we already have Sparklemuffin...can this one please be Fluffbutt?!? He legit has tail feathers 😄

Deb Snider's Critters & More : Amazing and beautiful! How do you manage to video them without scaring them away? I'm glad the male didn't get eaten.

jettavrsix : I just want to thank you for producing such beautiful, interesting and vital content. There is so much human narcissism on YouTube that makes it hard for me to see value in humanity. And then I happen upon a channel like yours documenting the fantastic wonders of our planet and how these beautiful moments can be found in the smallest spaces and tiniest creatures. As I watch your videos, they give me a meditative, calming effect, they are fascinating and I love seeing the diversity in the species. I would really enjoy a documentary feature on your work filming these tiny miracles.

ConstellationQueer : I like how she snubs him a couple times. He doesn't know what to do with himself.

Jane Doe X : The way she lifted her tiny head at 1:56 ! ....Those tiny things are so cute, their body language is really impressive !

poppedweasel : Amazing record of natural history.

myrmecofourmis : I am always so impressed you manage to capture this moment.

Not Today : I live for these.

jaguar956190 : Hi! I'm very interested in insect photography. Would you mind telling me what sort of equipment did you use for these videos? They are amazing!

Programme and control : is this a new species or something? first time i've seen one of these. totally amazing

DOOM OCTOPUS : tufted eyebrow spider

Lee Williams : works every time

Gawrila Ghul : that's what i call a happy ending!

Rüdiger Hartmann : A great video which certainly wasn't done one the fly 👍

TheFaithArtist : This is excellent! Thank you for including footage of both courtship and insemination. And I have to say how much I appreciate the soundtrack, with subtle FX and location-appropriate animal calls. Good job.

Golden Bug : 와~~ 귀여워...^^

말랑몽 : I really want to make tiny pompoms for their wee legs.

Angel : Omg little cuties!! <3 I found your channel from the other channel that has your christmas video. You should post it here too!!

Tor : beautiful

Astropipe :

bpanther : No need to look for Aliens in space...

Moon Striker : Gorgeous footage, what equipment did you use here?

W0LF B3AT5 : boom shake ur body and do the conga...

Chris A : Fantastic! My favorite however will always be #7!!!!!!!!!

bpanther : He's placed himself on her face for a BJ first !!! 😍🤑

Ambi Sinistrous : What is this audio? :O Are those tail "swoosh swoosh"es real??

X Ewah97 : The lady spider looks so confused 😂😂

Daci Sky : Wonderful video and perfect sounds as well.

VesperaTheKindTheBrave AndTheGamer : I absolutely LOVE Peacock Spiders because of your studies, Jürgen! 😁 Please keep up and continue your studies, my favourite is Maratus Sceletus! I am even studying it and the Nursery Web Spider for an assignment! I love your work! It's amazing how you record such beautiful spiders!

TTTE FAN 8623 : So cute

Kathleen J. Minniti : Woot! He got the girl!