Ultimate Camping Pranks

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shonkywonkydonkey : Mark's acting in the last scene is better than Brad Pitt's in the original scene

Joseph Murphy : Let me check my watch, oh yes, it does appear to be Prank o'clock

Micah Philson : *_WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!_*

Jesse Reeves : "Because I'll cut you"

Hamish Woodland : “He Thought It Was Water But It Was Engine Coolant!!” Hope we get a bloopers from this one, no idea how Manbost kept a straight face with that one.

Atilla Emin : Brad Pitt needs to learn how to take a joke... Cunt.

Tea by Manu : I pray for the day the after credits bit is the majority of the sketch.

Benny Altwood : For all who didn't know what he said at 3:20 "It's Gwyneth Paltrow's head!"

Harry : prank o'clock prank o'clock what's the time broden? prank time

Michiru Sato : hahaha Mark is actually such a good actor

Toby Wood : Just broke into my mate’s house to piss on him as he sleeps and the bastard punched me in the gonads.

Finn Richardson : Between this and Poor Jim i'm surprised Mark hasn't killed himself

LaurieMoon : Anyone who doesn't get the box joke has now looked it up and also had the film spoilt for them.

D.DoT-Z : When you realise that Aunty Donna is just essentially straight-man-bashing

TAYBAGOOGY 11 : Wow that was funny and I enjoyed the comedy and humour.

Zac Harris : Zachary looks like the male version of Krysten Ritter sometimes...

Micah Edmonds : Was this video an homage to that one scene in Bryce Courteney's The Power of One where the boy gets pissed on?

whosaidpie : 'Who's gonna run GOOP?!'

Just Murtaugh : Lol classic radiator fluid prank, brad pitt would approve.

camboliusrex : PrAnK oClOcK

Natromat : Reminds of that one scene in Bryce Courtenay's "The Power of One" where the bullies piss on the little boy. Have you read "The Power of One" Mark?

Apex of Joy : Just mute the video and slap some beats on for the hottest music video of 2018.

riveraderek07 : 2:15 Didn't he say he wanted to switch comedy styles by getting pissed on instead of doing cum jokes? Just watched the end and it was confirmed.


Jack Light : to be honest i liked getting pissed on

James Rooker : Oh shit the pranks escalated! 😮

Jim _ : Extra lit

stockavuryah : What's in the box ? Didn't understand what he said

StianStyle : I like the podcasts, like if you breathe

Theangry Italian : Hahaha funny "se7en" reference definitly not an old joke from an old movie

JMizzlin : Reminds of me of my favourite scene in the Power of One.

Six Beer Math : Why isn't one of the pranks THERE'S A HORSE IN THE TENT! WHERE WHERE WHERE WHERE Oh it's me

Kyle H : Wow, literally my teenage years. I feel for marks character :P

A V : was this filmed in australia? why do they have huge coats on?

LostValley : I pay high end call girls upwards of 500 dollars to "prank" me while I lay in a bathtub

Cheqers : I was hoping for the same horror-cut frame to Paltrow's face like in Se7en. Sick homage though.

Ben Blue : Marks hot

TheREALSausage 1 : The first prank you may say it was , corny

Meggo Vjat : Good pranks.

Mr HamHands : I have those same pajamas...

peterkelly00 : Can't wait for "Ultimate Camping Social Experiments"

Rickson Rakoia - Malaesilia : I didn't know Allan Poe was a master pranker.

kirk johnson : Great cinematography and color grading

AnotherStupidUnboxingThingy ! : Wot did he drink instead of water in the marshmallow bit and whos head was it

AnotherStupidUnboxingThingy ! : Nevermind i found em out

Samuel McNeil : Hey, do you want some of this nonspecific brand soda?

Ben Cook : todaywe’regonnabeplayinsome CLASSIC CRAZY CAMPING PRANKS

The SA-X : A watched prank, never boils.


punkrock4401 : Watch out EVERYONE! I think these pranks might be FAKE!