Ultimate Camping Pranks

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shonkywonkydonkey : Mark's acting in the last scene is better than Brad Pitt's in the original scene

Micah Philson : *_WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!_*

Jesse Reeves : "Because I'll cut you"

Hamish Woodland : “He Thought It Was Water But It Was Engine Coolant!!” Hope we get a bloopers from this one, no idea how Manbost kept a straight face with that one.

Tea by Manu : I pray for the day the after credits bit is the majority of the sketch.

Mon Omo : For all who didn't know what he said at 3:20 "It's Gwyneth Paltrow's head!"

Harry : prank o'clock prank o'clock what's the time broden? prank time

Michiru Sato : hahaha Mark is actually such a good actor

Toby Wood : Just broke into my mate’s house to piss on him as he sleeps and the bastard punched me in the gonads.

Finn Richardson : Between this and Poor Jim i'm surprised Mark hasn't killed himself

LaurieMoon : Anyone who doesn't get the box joke has now looked it up and also had the film spoilt for them.

Z H : Zachary looks like the male version of Krysten Ritter sometimes...

TAYBAGOOGY 11 : Wow that was funny and I enjoyed the comedy and humour.

Micah Edmonds : Was this video an homage to that one scene in Bryce Courteney's The Power of One where the boy gets pissed on?

Just Murtaugh : Lol classic radiator fluid prank, brad pitt would approve.

D.DoT-Z : When you realise that Aunty Donna is just essentially straight-man-bashing


camboliusrex : PrAnK oClOcK

whosaidpie : 'Who's gonna run GOOP?!'

JMizzlin : Reminds of me of my favourite scene in the Power of One.

Natromat : Reminds of that one scene in Bryce Courtenay's "The Power of One" where the bullies piss on the little boy. Have you read "The Power of One" Mark?

Cars Uncovered : Just mute the video and slap some beats on for the hottest music video of 2018.

riveraderek07 : 2:15 Didn't he say he wanted to switch comedy styles by getting pissed on instead of doing cum jokes? Just watched the end and it was confirmed.

AnotherStupidYouTubeThingy ! : Wot did he drink instead of water in the marshmallow bit and whos head was it

Jack Light : to be honest i liked getting pissed on

stockavuryah : What's in the box ? Didn't understand what he said

Jim _ : Extra lit

James Rooker : Oh shit the pranks escalated! 😮

StianStyle : I like the podcasts, like if you breathe

Theangry Italian : Hahaha funny "se7en" reference definitly not an old joke from an old movie

Kyle H : Wow, literally my teenage years. I feel for marks character :P

Six Beer Math : Why isn't one of the pranks THERE'S A HORSE IN THE TENT! WHERE WHERE WHERE WHERE Oh it's me

A V : was this filmed in australia? why do they have huge coats on?

LostValley : I pay high end call girls upwards of 500 dollars to "prank" me while I lay in a bathtub

Ben Blue : Marks hot

Cheqers : I was hoping for the same horror-cut frame to Paltrow's face like in Se7en. Sick homage though.

TheREALSausage 1 : The first prank you may say it was , corny

Anyway_heres Wonder_Wall : This is my favorite video's from you guys since Charlie's Salami fucking quality had me laughing all the way through

Ben Cook : todaywe’regonnabeplayinsome CLASSIC CRAZY CAMPING PRANKS

chris neto : 3:32 perfect high 10

Logan Huntley : BECAUSE I’LL CUT YOU


IAmDingus : pissing on mark banana with friends

Jeff Wright : I sort of laughed at the shaving cream marshmallow

peterkelly00 : Can't wait for "Ultimate Camping Social Experiments"

AnotherStupidYouTubeThingy ! : Nevermind i found em out

JunkDNA Reviews : I love how they get more crazy

Yousef Jeddi : I love the Se7en parody ending

Nate Gates : It's SE7EN O'clock

Alex Marshall : Fuuuuck mates I'm dying at the se7en reference Hahahah