Marilyn Manson on shootings

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You wonder why these shootings still occur? You're giving them exactly what they wanted.. attention.

Comments from Youtube

Solem500 : I agree 100% I mean look at the march for god sakes, the media is making it into a political statement, and not actual any feeling towards the lives lost.

Harry Burrows : It is still more complicated than this video makes out

Neo : Meanwhile here this video is, with the guy's picture and name all over it, giving him more attention. Welp, you tried.

PaulDeRouenMusic : So the news and media should just ignore this? There have been 18 school shootings this year so far, this is the only one currently in the news.

Dan Mac : hey dumbass, the video ends with the body count, his face and his name. YOU are giving him what he wanted. It's like you made this video without even listening to what Manson said