Sharpe's Honour part 3 Duel
Sean Bean fights a duel in Sharpes Honour 1994

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Одна из моих любимых кино-дуэлей.


Pucukax : -He's better than my father. -Far better. -But father beat him. -Did he?

Regan Donohue : "HONOUR!?-" Top ten last words

firecracker 91 : three things every opponent must know about Sharpe. 1. he brawls like a thug! 2. he doesnt fight clean! 3. he doesnt fight fair!

Lilly Linke : Sean Bean's Fight stile is very cool

russell brown : The brass hats disapproved of dueling due to its efficiency at depleting an army's fighting complement before there was even an official enemy in sight. However, if the opposition's officers were just as keen on killing one other, then I supposed it all balanced out. Most officers of the era were the younger sons of aristocratic families, so both socially, and in terms of the peacetime national economy, they were pretty much expendable.

Bob Page : "I'm aaavin a shiiiit........"