First Time I've Shaved my Beard in 7 Years
Man shaves off beard for the first time in 7 years

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Grenouille665 : Who else really wanted him to shave of the moustache?

Riley Denning : Went from cartel boss to crack head Ricky

ᒪᎥᗴᔕ : I'm disappointed with this in so many levels

Jeff LaFlare : Id be so bummed if I had to shave a beard like that, that beard is literally so bad ass

LJ Clark : He's got a 7 AM shadow... he can probably grow a full beard by midnight.

MOVIES GOD : "And make him look like a lovely lady" lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂 0:05

Dewa Ngakan : So is he TREVOR? 5:59

snoopydog 98 : Who was screaming: SHAVE THE MOUSTACHE! SHAVE THE MOUSTACHE TOO PLZ! Just my opinion, but I think he would have looked a lot better without the moustache left lol

Faisal Pat : He looks like Pornstache

Toxy : Why does this guy think it is acceptable to have 10x more beard follicles than everyone else

Jtrain2619 : I don’t care what anyone else says, that mustache is baller!

MatrixWarrior98 : Man, he has the perfect beard growth

Tyrone Franchize : This guy’s stubble thicker than my 3 month beard

BASED POPPA PUMP : it'll be back by wednesday.

Slime Beats : This guy has one of the best beards on the Internet

Lone Ranger : “Shave the sideburns. I won’t get any work” But that neck tattoo is gonna seal the deal for work 👍

John Fury : If that's a 7 year beard then the hairdressers beard is 30 years old

Fran Lopez : Carlos costa o Chato Prada. Ni la organización lo sabía

daniel bueno : So he shaves to have a tattoo done, which will be later on covered by the beard...? Huh?

TheVacinator : With just the mustache he looks like Steve Gomez from breaking bad

White Knight : I hate to be a troll, but am I the only one who doesn’t like Carlos?

Tamanna Yasmin : I'm here for a serious discussion. *Guys please don't shave your beard. It hurts. Keep your beard and save lives.*

ron : i love how they’re all having fun in there


DANNO : Taking his beard off bc his tattoo is going up to his chin- to only then be covered by his next beard 🤔 good thinking Carlos, you're a Buffoon! 🤣😂

Andrew H : Just an observation but ppl who don't suit beards grow 'em and ppl who suit 'em shave 'em off. Crazy.

Elijah Garma : Crazy Sailor to Mexican druglord lmao

William Barrios : I'm Carl's son's cousin? 🤨 Am I missing something? Oh, wait... Castro's; that makes more sense. Such a great atmosphere in that room! 👍

Justin Share-it : If I had a beard like that I’d never shave it off.

Florin Salom : I have watch this video few weeks ago, but now that I'm growing a beard this video was so fun and exciting. The beard really changes you. 😞

Soukaina Elk : i'm a 21 year old engineer girl student and i don't know why i'm obsessed with this channel

apexperfection619 : 4:15 he sounded like Vikkstar123

Wak Yad Jaeger : With that moustache he looks like "Dr Disrespect" 😎

Greg Berzinsky : Beard(less)Brand

Frank B : I’ts amazing you created Freddie Mercury(!)

Brandy Graham : 5:47 OMG HE LOOKS LIKE A FRICKIN ITALIAN GUY!! What the hell just cam out of my mouth

Tazkin Hossain : Every man dreams to have beard like costa..

anil2 : That beard was sick too

Steve Parker : so shaves the beard but leaves you with that terrible Ned Flanders moustache, either keep both or clean shave dude.

John Mullen : As a southerner... that bit at ~6:00 had me CRYING laughing!! Holy shit, well played!

Joxygen : You went to Blockbuster Video with that beard 7 years ago lmao

priestof1 : Freddy Mercury? Face cough was an a hole thing though.

Kanak Gogoi : He was looking much good b4 he had the cut though

Holy HLY : Barber: what do you want? Him: you know drdisrespect? Barber: say no more

Sahin : Never ever shave beard ! 🤦‍♂️

reskate777 : scott adkins??? lol

Chain Reaction : This man got teeth like Abraham Lincoln

A fat Paki bastard : Shave the beard the stubble looks good.

Knaeckebrot1992 : man this guys was the sexiest man alive before