First Time I've Shaved my Beard in 7 Years

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Greg Berzinsky : Beard(less)Brand

Philip Sandercock : Carlos Carlos Carlos, dude you look better with your beard get it growing dude

shereen Harris : Men with beards tho😍😍. Rip Carlos beard

daniel bueno : So he shaves to have a tattoo done, which will be later on covered by the beard...? Huh?

Sheila Dey : With those sideburns Mr Carlos Costa seems to me like Hugh Jackman

SUPER FREAK ATHLETES : it'll be back by wednesday.

Carlos Muller : That guy seems real arrogant and conceited. Wouldn’t want to be his friend

Daisy Martins : He looks really cool with a shaved face, but I think he would look even better without the moustache

Skeye : Looking like Dr. DISRESPECT.

Rauhaan Inamdar : Now he just kinda looks like freddy mercury...

Classicmonkey : Bye Carlos beautiful beard

Holy Julius : Barber: what do you want? Him: you know drdisrespect? Barber: say no more

Another F-in' Video : Ok I'm gonna ask: why set a tattoo when you're gonna cover it up with a beard again?

Dre' M. : Damn this dude looked like serj from system of a down from a few different angles

abo dlim : Dirty people 🤢


ZENNology of Everything : Giant douche

Misael Toledo : He still looks like shit with the mustache

OthMan : I think it was all good until he shaved and gave him the jaw beard, where is the 2finger rule.. anyway you seem to like it, that’s what counts

Diego Savage : That moustache looking like a slug balancer

UserName Forgotten : He looks like the main actor from the tv show. “My name is Earl” 😂😂

Starr-1one Entertainment : Noooooo!! He realized he made the wrong decision, look at his face 13:34

Shantanu Kaushish : He shaved his beard after getting married! I love my beard too much,i think i wont marry at all 😓

Matthew Greene : Those are some sharp clippers. Mine would tuck it's cord between it's blades and hide in the corner weeping oil.

John Fury : If that's a 7 year beard then the hairdressers beard is 30 years old

BeardAstra : Was waiting for this after seeing Carlos's handlebar on Instagram :)

Beverly Huttinger : If you have had a beard for a substantial amount of time and many people know you as the man with the beard, you should just keep it because they will look at you differently and your face will look weird after shaving it off, trust me.

Broseph Stallin' : Nothing worse than when a barber cuts a beard along the jawline...This guy is very talented but that's one of the primary rules of cutting/growing a beard!

AdrienBroner'sDad : Should've took the mustache down a bit

AvocadoAtrocity : How does he get his hair like that?

danz beard : NO WAY!!! I can't believe it!!! The new cut with the camo hat though!!!! Epic!!!

Sacrificial Lamb : Freddie Mercury

Nayan Naik : He looks like a Bollywood actor shahid kapoor.

DeVilz NigHtmArE : Next video:: Shaving my beard after 7 year's

Faisal Pat : He looks like Pornstache

Beards and Cars : Hurt to watch

Manuel Cojocaru : "making him look like a lovely lady" - if the beard defines your manliness, you are not a man at all. If some pubes on your face make you a man, what kind of a man are you?

Code Dreizehn : 0:07 "Today we are gonna take his beard off and make him look like a lovely lady." Oh wow dude, what are you trying to say? A beard makes the man or what? You know vaginas grow hair too?

Protein Shake : "From all the heavy bouts of masturbation." Hahaha, greatest Mahesh line. 9:17

James Morris : Handsome man, no homo shit... I shed a single tear when it came off... But can pull off this look too... Well done 👍

vishnu mahadevan : hurting

Papa njole : best video i've watched this year tbh

yg1 : This is how you would look if Jon Bernthel and Lionel Messi had a kid lmfao

Tim Thomas : I wish I could grow a beard liked that but mines spotty

Justin Share-it : If I had a beard like that I’d never shave it off.

Thirsty ? : Oh hell no he didn't just leave that mustache

Elijah Garma : Crazy Sailor to Mexican druglord lmao

Diego Honorio Castillo : Oliver Giroud? Xd

Arthur Delos Santos : great success

Rafael Bautista : Legend says its already back how it was..