First Time I've Shaved my Beard in 7 Years

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A RANDOM BLOATMAXER : it'll be back by wednesday.

Riley Denning : Went from cartel boss to crack head Ricky

John Fury : If that's a 7 year beard then the hairdressers beard is 30 years old

ᒪᎥᗴᔕ : I'm disappointed with this in so many levels

Jeff LaFlare : Id be so bummed if I had to shave a beard like that, that beard is literally so bad ass

Yam : Who else really wanted him to shave of the moustache?

Carlos Muller : That guy seems real arrogant and conceited. Wouldn’t want to be his friend

Faisal Pat : He looks like Pornstache

Dre' M. : Damn this dude looked like serj from system of a down from a few different angles

snoopydog 98 : Who was screaming: SHAVE THE MOUSTACHE! SHAVE THE MOUSTACHE TOO PLZ! Just my opinion, but I think he would have looked a lot better without the moustache left lol

daniel bueno : So he shaves to have a tattoo done, which will be later on covered by the beard...? Huh?

Shehbaz Ali : "And make him look like a lovely lady" lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂 0:05

Angel Bitch : So is he TREVOR? 5:59

shereen b : Men with beards tho😍😍. Rip Carlos beard

Skeye : Looking like Dr. DISRESPECT.

Greg Berzinsky : Beard(less)Brand

Tamanna Yasmin : I'm here for a serious discussion. *Guys please don't shave your beard. It hurts. Keep your beard and save lives.*

Stylewars70 : From stylee dude to a guy with a big hairy slug above his lip🙃🙃😀😀

Faker Ph : Crazy Sailor to Mexican druglord lmao

Fran Lopez : Carlos costa o Chato Prada. Ni la organización lo sabía

Daisy Martins : He looks really cool with a shaved face, but I think he would look even better without the moustache

Ankit Raghuwanshi : "Mahesh" is another name of Shiva the most powerful god in hindu mythology, Mahesh is credited for destruction as anything that is born need to be destroyed

alwaysbusiness4 : l passed out , ain't gonna lie this was hard to watch 😔

Slime Beats : This guy has one of the best beards on the Internet

DeVilz NigHtmArE : Next video:: Shaving my beard after 7 year's

Justin Share-it : If I had a beard like that I’d never shave it off.

R. H. : that overbite though lmao...

SpiceGum : Barber: So what you want to day? Him: Ever seen a pedofile Barber: Speak no more

Gipsy Avenger : Freddie Mercury....NICE!!!  Neck tattoos are stupid.  Hope your independently wealthy - LOL.

Ultimate Gamer : 0:37 finishing school be like

Holy Julius : Barber: what do you want? Him: you know drdisrespect? Barber: say no more

Beverly Huttinger : If you have had a beard for a substantial amount of time and many people know you as the man with the beard, you should just keep it because they will look at you differently and your face will look weird after shaving it off, trust me.

alwaysbusiness4 : noooooooooo don't do it, say it ain't sooooooooo you're going to look like a lady 😔

Tony, The Stark : It's not that big of a deal. With that kind of beard, which is kinda like mine, he's being too dramatic... That'll grow into a full beard in no time.

apexperfection619 : 4:15 he sounded like Vikkstar123

MatrixWarrior98 : Man, he has the perfect beard growth

Max Davis : Am I the only one who thinks he looks like the punisher

Soko Moko : 8:16 Without his beard he reminds me of Vinny from the disney movie Atlantis. [Upon being asked what he was bringing aboard the ship] Oh, eh...Gunpowder, nitroglycerin, notepads, fuses, wicks, glue, and paperclips. Big ones. You know, just, uh, office supplies.

Florin Salom : I have watch this video few weeks ago, but now that I'm growing a beard this video was so fun and exciting. The beard really changes you. 😞

Muhammad Ali : Bht kaam growth hai

Ada Onur : This model name is Ulkucu Bıyıgı

Maasgate : And thats very Bad!

Ray Whyshouldyouknow? : I almost thought you were trying to hide the fact that u didn't have a chin...

Brandon Lee : This dude will have a beard in a week, no big deal.

xBoDDy 7 : 5:52 when the Trevor kicks in

alwaysbusiness4 : why Man for the love of beard oil and beard wash why Man 🤯😳😵😔

JUSTIN X : Could've kept a longer handlebar

thechosenMOE : Looked way better with the beard

puneet N : Angrejo ka shahid kapoor

alwaysbusiness4 : now you need ID to go out from one club to adult event to the next.