First Time I've Shaved my Beard in 7 Years

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SUPER FREAK ATHLETES : it'll be back by wednesday.

Greg Berzinsky : Beard(less)Brand


Addy Light : How to from Zach Galifianakis to DrDisrespect in 10 minutes

Justin Scali : If I had a beard like that I’d never shave it off.

Fear The Beard : This video had me cracking up, I guess if you have to lose the beard at least have some fun with it. Carlos, amigo how does it feel? Good job mahesh hahah.

shereen : Men with beards tho😍😍. Rip Carlos beard

Philip Sandercock : Carlos Carlos Carlos, dude you look better with your beard get it growing dude

Sheila Dey : With those sideburns Mr Carlos Costa seems to me like Hugh Jackman

Classicmonkey : Bye Carlos beautiful beard

Anthony Omega : Αt 3:40 he looks like Serj Tankian 😂

Rauhaan Inamdar : Now he just kinda looks like freddy mercury...

Jake String : I was lowkey hoping Carlos was human under that godly beard. Just to find out the dude is handsome as hell underneath too, not even mad.

Matt Thornton : But why get more ink all the way to the chin only to cover up with the beard? Seems like a waste to me.

UserName Forgotten : He looks like the main actor from the tv show. “My name is Earl” 😂😂

Declan Corcoran : He suits any facial hair!

Skeye : Looking like Dr. DISRESPECT.

Another F-in' Video : Ok I'm gonna ask: why set a tattoo when you're gonna cover it up with a beard again?

Daisy Martins : He looks really cool with a shaved face, but I think he would look even better without the moustache

BeardAstra : Was waiting for this after seeing Carlos's handlebar on Instagram :)

Diego Savage : That moustache looking like a slug balancer

Holy Julius : Barber: what do you want? Him: you know drdisrespect? Barber: say no more

Dre' M. : Damn this dude looked like serj from system of a down from a few different angles

Matthew Greene : Those are some sharp clippers. Mine would tuck it's cord between it's blades and hide in the corner weeping oil.

danz beard : NO WAY!!! I can't believe it!!! The new cut with the camo hat though!!!! Epic!!!

srinivas shenoy : Recently clean shaved my beard which took 4 months to grow and it was full beard none of that patchy shit,like right to razor clean, felt so different, even deleted the older pictures which had that full length, because it hurt just to look at that pictures. The feeling of air hitting the skin under the beard after such a long time. Carlos you are brave, by the way a good moustache and new look.

OthMan : I think it was all good until he shaved and gave him the jaw beard, where is the 2finger rule.. anyway you seem to like it, that’s what counts

ジャマル Gojira_ : Give it 2 months. It'll be back the way it was.

Tom Mate : omg r u mad?

Beards and Cars : Hurt to watch

Mr.Mister : Shaving to get a neck tattoo finished that won't be seen when his beard grows back.

Amos T : Mad bastard.

StreetTruckinTitan : Now you look like the leather biker guy from the Village People.

Brosef Stallin' : Nothing worse than when a barber cuts a beard along the jawline...This guy is very talented but that's one of the primary rules of cutting/growing a beard!

Rafael Bautista : Legend says its already back how it was..

Wizhumpapoom : DrDisrespect here 😂

vishnu mahadevan : hurting

Papa njole : best video i've watched this year tbh

Shantanu Kaushish : He shaved his beard after getting married! I love my beard too much,i think i wont marry at all 😓

Gray Bailey : Looks great. A nice look. I approve. Change is always a good thing.

James Samuel : Carlos used to be my inspiration but its hard to see him now without the beard🤕😔😭 I beleive Carlos is the only man that looks young with the beard over a clean shave. please grow your beard back legend carlos

Diogo Azevedo : O Carlos a abraçar a sua herança portuguesa, com o belo do bigode! Se Portugal vencer o Mundial, fica aqui o desafio para repetir este feito ;) ( I'm sorry to force you guys to use google translator :p )

Matufa Music : I need my popcorn

Zunsu : Screwed up the line :/

NoNickName : Looks younger and Turkish! 👏 👏 👏 👏

James Morris : Handsome man, no homo shit... I shed a single tear when it came off... But can pull off this look too... Well done 👍

Carlos Ferreira : Carlos Costa a honrar o típico bigode português! Gostei

Fitz Aran : Looking like a skinnier version of Jon Bernthal with a badass stache.

Marco Resendez : Rest In Peace Beard.

Just Mike : "Make him look like a lovely Ladie" yup sounds about right