God of War Review Reaction Video from Director Cory Barlog

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PowerPyx : You're a legend Cory. If someone plays this and still doesn't think video games are art, I don't know what is!

FumeKnight : GoW is probably the best game I’ve played in very long time. It’s beautiful, it’s filled with content, amazing gameplay and engaging story. It’s an experience i will never forget. Thank you Cory Barlog and everyone else for making this game possible.

KennyKennTV : Do not cry BOY. You must continue to work hard BOY

Kratos : Our journey isn't over yet boy. There's still much you need to learn....

llMcSH4DYll : My wife wants a word with you. You have caused her great loss. And the fact that I am constantly shouting BOY in my most manly deep voice around the house has caused her to enter a Spartan rage.

Riddle ??? : 95 Metacritic 😎👏👏👏 Congratulations!!!

kratos : you've earned your place at valhalla

r4ym1n13 : No loot boxes, no microtransactions, no DLCs, no unnecessary mulitiplayer. Incredible quality game that proves its 5 year development cycle. Thank you sir

HDCLAN H : My only complaint is that the game ended. So great

Arsene Lupin : They didn't just make a game, they made an ART

RobinGaming : Awesome that you decided to post this Cory. Absolutely loved the game and thank you and the rest of Sony Santa Monica for all the hard work! Can't wait to see what you'll do next :)

oldjeff100 : One word "Boy"

qwerttzizzi : A video you will never see from EA responsibles

Andrew Jackson : While I'm glad Cory gets to see his game succeed, I also want to express my gratitude to everyone else who helped develop this gem of a game

KnownAsRen : Please direct every GoW game from now on

saem901901 : You my dude is what the game industry needed!! One thing for sure I’ll remember the name Cory Barlog when I think back to one of the best game directors.

Fiks Anzo™ : Don't you just love when developers show their humanity? Why is that it's standard for consumers to see gamedev corporations as cold and unfeeling? God of War reboot turned out to be glorious, but even if it didn't - I'd rather play a bad game made by a person I know at least somewhat, rather than an amazing one made by what looks like a heartless machine. Congratulations, mr. Barlog, and good luck on all of your future projects. You've just proven that you can cobble up something legendary out of shambles of a project - that's special.

Besharps : The world needs more Cory Barlog and less CliffyB

Michael Pelton : I love the description, "...papa can cry in front of the world, or at least the 50 people who end up watching this" lol looks like you got a few more than 50

Aushim Das : This guy proved EA wrong, single player games will NEVER die!

Flamenco Culebra, Puerto Rico : This is the most beautiful game I’ve ever played. Sorry Last of Us, Uncharted, Horizon, New Tomb Raider.

Kilani Playstation : if god of war 2018 doesn't get "game of the year 2018" i will become a terrorist

Corey Friendt : This game will go down in history as one of the best. My only complaint was that after I completely 100% the game and got all the trophies, I wanted to play it again but I didn’t want to start from scratch... Then they came out with “New Game +”! Boom. Best game ever.

edgarr : Masterpiece of a game. If breath of the wild got a 10/10, god of war deserves an 11

ChrisALOO : This is one of the things I love about you Cory. You are more interested in the story you wish to tell with your games rather than just sales, and that is something I can see with this, even if you don't say it in this video. I have watched your other content in regards to God of War, and as an indie developer with big dreams, I look up to you. You have told a fantastic story with Kratos throughout the entire God of War series, even with Chains of Olympus, Ghost of Sparta, and Ascension. You guys went the extra mile and poured not just time and money into the games, but also a great deal of love. We may not have killed a god ourselves, but this newest game is something that resonates with a lot of people. It relates to those wishing to be the best or better fathers, those of us perhaps still not yet coming to terms with the mistakes of our past, or those of us fighting for balance within ourselves. Regardless of the context, you kept the essence of the brutal Kratos we know and love and turned him into a character that we can relate to in some degree. I would like to personally thank you and your amazing team, even the people who came in after hours to clean your offices, for being a part of a grand story. A good game doesn't need multiplayer or battle royale, a good game needs story, and you guys delivered it. I can't wait to see what you guys do next.

Kinda Funny Games : We love you, Cory! Congrats! - Greg

Elastic Brain : This is the best game I've ever played. Thank you and your team.

Casey Rages : Its great to see a developer that truly cares about the project they've worked on

Tom Stuart : This is a perfect example of what happens when you work really hard and put in a lot of passion into what you hoped to achieve. YOU SHALL PASS Balrog, into legend within game creators for creating such a marvelous game. You all at Santa Monica deserved it.

riveratriunfo : This game is a MASTERPIECE. Thank you for putting so much love and passion into this game. You had me caring for Kratos as a character, which is a concept I would've found laughable in the past. I found myself enthralled, gawking at the screen, moved to tears, and laughing in disbelief. I manage people and projects for a living so I can imagine how much doubt from others you struggled with and how many times you had to defend your vision, and it must have been so tough. Truly truly thank you for your hard work and for sticking to that vision.

Cesar Rivera : This guy worked his ass off and created something amazing he deserves all the praise. CONGRATULATIONS!

우준 : Don' t cry.. be better - kratos

FilmAcolyteReturns : It's a great game. Just don't let them rush you on a sequel.

COMBO BREAKER 96 : The current videogame industry doesn't deserve you.

Mot91 : *A father and son hunt for some food, but get heavily sidetracked. In the end, they just don't eat.*

MaskSo James : Good job brother. Santa Monica KILLED IT! With this game! You guys deserved GOTY!

Michael Mitchell : Hideo Kojima, Neil Druckmann, Takayoshi Sato, Hidetaki Miyazaki and Cory Barlog: the reasons I play games.

Michael Higbee : I heard a new god of war was coming out, and didn’t bat an eye. I knew what the old games were, and had played gow 3, so I had no interest in a new god of war title. A few weeks after release I decided to watch a review, then another one then another one. I wondered what about this game was deserving of across the board perfect scores. I decided to buckle down and drop the 60 bucks, and it turned out to be the best 60 bucks I’ve ever spent. I never in a million years would have thought that a god of war game would be rivaling Skyrim and morrowind for my favorite game of all time. The game is an absolute masterpiece.

ZeuZ : The describtion of the video :') On behalf of the gaming community we sincerely thank you for your love and passion that you and your team have put into this game. You're a real legend Cory.

alexkid1 : Hands down one of the best games ever created. It wasn't just a game, it is a journey.

Chad Henry : Best game I've ever played! By far the best God Of War EVER! 10 out of 10! Thank You for everything!

Raiden : Just platinumed your game. Best game since The Witcher 3 ❤

Pinnocolo : my actual favorite game right now

Horizont jesus : GAME OF THE YEAR!!


PROJECT PATRONUS : EA Should take note lol

Jesse K : I just finished the game yesterday. Seriously thank you so much for this incredible experience. To me this was a masterpiece! Us fans seriously can't thank you enough.

Ali Sakr : no micro transaction, no season pass or DLC. This is how games are suppose to be. I hope shitty EA and Activation are taking notes. you Sir the only game director I remember his name even though I dont have PS4 and I didnt play the game.

Adam Hannan : Now knowing the game wasn't in a good state at one point, Sony were worried, explains his reaction more. Good job.

hellsgate700 : my exact reaction to when I see my final grades after each semester, except they're not tears of joy