God of War Review Reaction Video from Director Cory Barlog

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Riddle ??? : 95 Metacritic 😎👏👏👏 Congratulations!!!

Grant Reid : This is why God Of war won GOTY, look at passion here

The Furschlong : People who say Rockstar put in more work in RDR 2 than Santa Monica need to watch this dog. Cory took a massive risk with taking a franchise which lets be honest was dying down and the only people playing were hardcore fans, and complete 180'd a franchise and somehow made a classic PS exclusive even better. I mean RDR 2 had a formula of success and took the best parts that made RDR amazing to next level with its new engine. Cory literally had to come up with a new story, characters, world, setting, gameplay, graphics, look, etc. I mean the only thing this new GoW has in common is its brutality, Kratos, and Kratos past.

Giggityman0273 : Game of the Year, God of the Year

kratos : you've earned your place at valhalla

PowerPyx : You're a legend Cory. If someone plays this and still doesn't think video games are art, I don't know what is!

Brannon H : This was the closest experience I've had that compares to the first time I played The Last of Us. I'm glad I bought it day 1 and I'm glad Y'all got the Game Awards Game of the Year.

Vero Digital : Any game that makes my wife (a seriously non-gamer person) come home and ask me "are we playing God of War today? " deserves game of the year. I have been with God of War franchise since the beginning. Being Greek felt like an obligation to play the game and see our mythology come to life in such a great game. And even when the game hit a low point you managed to turn it around and give us a masterpiece in storytelling and gaming. Thank you

Kratos : Our journey isn't over yet boy. There's still much you need to learn....

Paul Marks : All devs should be like this, Not just looking to milk us dry, but actually care.

saem901901 : You my dude is what the game industry needed!! One thing for sure I’ll remember the name Cory Barlog when I think back to one of the best game directors.

Sheldon Kelly : You think you call that crying should have seen me when i got the blades of choas back

CosmicKitten10 : _"or at least the 50 people who end up watching this"_ *_1.5million views later..._*

Brandon Watson : Congratulations on winning direction and game of the year. You and your team really deserved it.

Luke Ylias : Can someone share this to Todd Howard please

RobinGaming : Awesome that you decided to post this Cory. Absolutely loved the game and thank you and the rest of Sony Santa Monica for all the hard work! Can't wait to see what you'll do next :)

Matt Damon : Glad I'm not the only one that decided to come back and watch this after the great news of GOW4 winning GOTY.

Arsene Lupin : They didn't just make a game, they made an ART

Andrew Jackson : While I'm glad Cory gets to see his game succeed, I also want to express my gratitude to everyone else who helped develop this gem of a game

Igor19485 : Just finished the game.. and man everything is top notch. Voice acting, atmosphere, scenery, music, characters and most important of all - gameplay is so damn polished and satisfying. This is my game of the year.. yeah I prefer it even over RDR2.

Kinda Funny Games : We love you, Cory! Congrats! - Greg

vis vises : Congratulations for winning game of the year! So well deserved

qwerttzizzi : A video you will never see from EA responsibles

Kilani Playstation : if god of war 2018 doesn't get "game of the year 2018" i will become a terrorist

Clash with Jay lee : Congrats on winning the game award deserve it man

Flamenco Culebra, Puerto Rico : This is the most beautiful game I’ve ever played. Sorry Last of Us, Uncharted, Horizon, New Tomb Raider.

kykw33e : if only bethesda cared as much as this.

Otavio Rover : We are GOTY... We Are GOD of WAR !!!!!!!! Thanks again !!!

Corey Friendt : This game will go down in history as one of the best. My only complaint was that after I completely 100% the game and got all the trophies, I wanted to play it again but I didn’t want to start from scratch... Then they came out with “New Game +”! Boom. Best game ever.

Fiks Anzo™ : Don't you just love when developers show their humanity? Why is that it's standard for consumers to see gamedev corporations as cold and unfeeling? God of War reboot turned out to be glorious, but even if it didn't - I'd rather play a bad game made by a person I know at least somewhat, rather than an amazing one made by what looks like a heartless machine. Congratulations, mr. Barlog, and good luck on all of your future projects. You've just proven that you can cobble up something legendary out of shambles of a project - that's special.

Cesar Rivera : This guy worked his ass off and created something amazing he deserves all the praise. CONGRATULATIONS!

Aushim Das : This guy proved EA wrong, single player games will NEVER die!

Trevor Haken : Game of year and well deserved.

Michael Mitchell : Hideo Kojima, Neil Druckmann, Takayoshi Sato, Hidetaki Miyazaki and Cory Barlog: the reasons I play games.

Xanax Peep : why is everyone getting this in the recommended NOW??

Chad Henry : Best game I've ever played! By far the best God Of War EVER! 10 out of 10! Thank You for everything!

우준 : Don' t cry.. be better - kratos

zodiac909 : So I just finished this...IT DESERVES Game Of The Year Award.

Jamie McGuinness : Well done for GOTY. It's great to see people extremely passionate about their projects get the praise they deserve. Here's to the next God of War!

Michael Pelton : I love the description, "...papa can cry in front of the world, or at least the 50 people who end up watching this" lol looks like you got a few more than 50

hugothester : This game is amazing, thank you for taking a huge risk to make God of War advance since, unexpectedly, this game is the best God of War made so far!

vagg : this game shit's on persons who say single player doesn't matter you proved them wrong by making the best game of 2018 great job and i hope the next game will be as good or even better

GREENMAN JOE : And that’s why it’s game of the year BOI

COMBO BREAKER 96 : The current videogame industry doesn't deserve you.

CrunchyJayman : Bought a PS4 because of your work. congrats

MaskSo James : Good job brother. Santa Monica KILLED IT! With this game! You guys deserved GOTY!

Pinnocolo : my actual favorite game right now

webrock : There is this guy who seems to respect the public's opinion so much and so humble after the praise. Then there are arrogant pricks at EA who feel "Gamers are uneducated" and do a celebration mocking the bad reviews they got. Btw "SInglE pLaYeR gaMEs aRE dEaD"

Pierce Smith : This is what the gaming industry needs. Good people like this who work their asses off to deliver a fantastic experience for the players. Godspeed Cory

Darkly Tranquil : I just finished the game literally minutes ago. What a fantastic game. You and your team should be rightfully proud of what you achieved with God of War. Bring on GotY.