God of War Review Reaction Video from Director Cory Barlog

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Riddle ??? : 95 Metacritic 😎👏👏👏 Congratulations!!!

Lammert Miedema : Director of God of *B* *O* *I*

oldjeff100 : One word "Boy"

FumeKnight : GoW is probably the best game I’ve played in very long time. It’s beautiful, it’s filled with content, amazing gameplay and engaging story. It’s an experience i will never forget. Thank you Cory Barlog and everyone else for making this game possible.

MrDaale : Absolutely the best game I’ve ever played in my entire life. Thank you for this masterpiece.

RobinGaming : Awesome that you decided to post this Cory. Absolutely loved the game and thank you and the rest of Sony Santa Monica for all the hard work! Can't wait to see what you'll do next :)

Chicken Little : This is my favorite video game since Ocarina of Time. Thank you Cory.

Matt Brown : Thank you, not only for providing a tremendously affecting experience for millions of fans, but for proving a vital point: that artistry, passion and care are not dead in AAA gaming, that there is still very much a place for single player experiences. You and your team have earned every positive comment you've received and more

Dear Gamer : Thank you for making this amazing game! I saw you a PSX last year, it was great to finally experience the God of War masterpiece.

Gunmetal Speedster : Such an amazing game. I saw the gameplay and bought a PS4 because of how amazing this game looked. I just beat it and it is by far the best game I've ever played. I've never picked up a God of War game and I didn't have to in order for this to be such an amazing experience. Thank you and your team for all the hard work you have put into this masterpiece. You guys deserve every bit of praise this game gets. I can't tell you how happy it makes me as a gamer that in a time where it's been so long such a great game has graced us, that God of War was able to transcend that and set the bar so incredibly high for years to come. I can't wait to play through this again and again until the next one is out. Don't keep us waiting too long!

PowerPyx : You're a legend Cory. If someone plays this and still doesn't think video games are art, I don't know what is!

Wahhbajack : I thought nothing would beat the Witcher 3 for me but uh You did it.

r4ym1n13 : No loot boxes, no microtransactions, no DLCs, no unnecessary mulitiplayer. Incredible quality game that proves its 5 year development cycle. Thank you sir

COMBO BREAKER 96 : The current videogame industry doesn't deserve you.

Francisco Lozano : An absolute Masterpiece!! Being a GoW fan since the first one, I give a 10/10 to this one... I'm so glad I've bought the Stone Mason Edition... it was totally worth it!!!!

SpartanUruk : I never knew who Cory Barlog was before, but after watching all these interviews I can say he is one of the most noble, honest and down to earth person I've ever seen in gaming, you can tell he has complete passion for his work and really strives to create great games, for me he has a place in my respected game devs along with Hideo Kojima, Ken Levine and Neil Druckmann. I will be excited to keep upto date with his future work, thank you for God of War Cory, the game is an absolute masterpiece, GOTY contender for sure and one of the most beautiful works I have experience in gaming.

KennyKennTV : Do not cry BOY. You must continue to work hard BOY

Brett Chambers : If more games had directors & developers with as much heart as you & yours do Cory, it'd be a golden age of gaming.. The majority of us cannot go out on heroic journeys in today's reality. So when you give us a game, a story like this, we are eternally grateful for your dedication to us. Thank you so much for this masterpiece

Burnouts And Bourbon : Thank you Cory, for giving so much of yourself so that many of us can find enjoyment and restitution in your art 🙏🏻

li88pieces : Dude you made a fucking awesome game, I finished it yesterday and that finale... is fucking mindblowing, thanks for doing this "pseudo-reboot", my favourite god of war by far, it has alway been a good series of videogames, but I never get to feel excited about it, because the gameplay and the story, but this one man, this one is something different, very very different, one of my top 4 games ever, you made and incredible story, full of cliffhangers and plot twist that made everything so epic... and that gameplay, OMFG THAT GAMEPLAY IS FUCKING AWESOME, one of the most addictives games I've ever played. Congratulations, cause you guys made a fucking masterpiece, hope the sequel comes out soon, cause I can't wait to see what will happened with the side characters( specially the Witch ^^ ) and the thing we heard in the ending with Atreus... that fucking surprise *^*. Anyway congratulations really, you made the best game of the generation till now, hand to hand with Last Guardian for me :P

Ali Plays : We are so proud of you man!!! You're a legend now

HDCLAN H : My only complaint is that the game ended. So great

Drum n Bass Dan : This video made me sell my ps4 slim.and buy the gow ps4 pro console and extra gow pad... the game is astonishing.

llMcSH4DYll : My wife wants a word with you. You have caused her great loss. And the fact that I am constantly shouting BOY in my most manly deep voice around the house has caused her to enter a Spartan rage.

Andrew Jackson : While I'm glad Cory gets to see his game succeed, I also want to express my gratitude to everyone else who helped develop this gem of a game

bakerXderek : Masterpiece

DV : I finished the game and cried...It can't be described with words...it is a complete MASTERPIECE....a GIFT from GOD

MAKI Watashi wa kinishinai! Shitakunai! : God of War is a Masterpiece who prove Singleplayer games still good.

SAK Alofa : That is the passion we need in the gaming industry! I salute you for such a great game. Ggwp 💙

edgarr : Masterpiece of a game. If breath of the wild got a 10/10, god of war deserves an 11

saem901901 : You my dude is what the game industry needed!! One thing for sure I’ll remember the name Cory Barlog when I think back to one of the best game directors.

KnownAsRen : Please direct every GoW game from now on

jared williams : It wasn't just hype, this game was a masterpiece. Thank you for the effort you put in. I hope it paid off you deserve it, as well as with the cast and crew that built this amazing game.. I can't wait for the future dlc or the next game, how ever it plays out, I'm all in. :)

BigBotz One : Good for you brother! You deserve it completely, your vision created possibly the greatest video game of all time or at least the greatest I've played in my 42 years of life. I'm patiently waiting for New Game plus so I can experience it again with all of the great things I've earned in the game.

Kilani Playstation : if god of war 2018 doesn't get "game of the year 2018" i will become a terrorist

Kinda Funny Games : We love you, Cory! Congrats! - Greg

DOOM 173 : I literally just got the Platinum trophy at 3am! I’m a 43 year old gamer and have been gaming since the Atari 2600 days. Sir this is hands down THE BEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!! Very well deserved Cory! You have just raised the bar for the ENTIRE GAMING INDUSTRY!!! A huge congratulations to you! 👍😎

pengunara :3 : Masterpiece!

Pre Eclipse Griffith : Just platinumed your game. Best game since The Witcher 3 ❤

Tom Supreme : You look so damn tired, Dude. Take a Rest, it is well deserved.

Grohlvana : Amazing game. 10/10.

Christmas Crustacean : my prediction for the sequel, its been a few years and Atreus and Kratos have been living a peaceful life... Atreus has grown into a young man, anyway. they end up meeting with Freya, who has forgiven them and realised the whole thing was an unavoidable accident... she and Kratos end up getting together and she helps in the background all the way into the second sequel to this game even having two sons with her... however this relationship means Atreus ends up estranged from Kratos who believes that he has forgotten about his mother so he starts going by the name Loki and teams with Odin.

Conor Murray : Amazing video. My wife sitting beside me says coldly... Jesus is he whinging?.. He made a game, he didnt cure cancer... Shes been thrown out of the bed Needless to say. Great work Cory

Spocklee : YEah Boi!!!!!!!!!! You guys did something right cuz I'm a gamer since the early 90's and have a hard time getting into many games these days cuz I feel they just don't make em like they used too but this one, This one! I was like going to work on 2 hrs of sleep everyday till I beat it😂

Stevo OGPlatformer1994 : This game made me want to buy a PS4 so I did which opened me up to a whole library of games so thank you sir

Flamenco Culebra, Puerto Rico : This is the most beautiful game I’ve ever played. Sorry Last of Us, Uncharted, Horizon, New Tomb Raider.

jaylove : God of war destroyed the Witcher 3 thanks Corey for a masterpiece game of the century.

Pierce Smith : This is what the gaming industry needs. Good people like this who work their asses off to deliver a fantastic experience for the players. Godspeed Cory

Gonzalo Nuñez : God of war (2018) GOTY worth every single penny I payed for. Masterpiece!!!!!!!

FilmAcolyteReturns : It's a great game. Just don't let them rush you on a sequel.