God of War Review Reaction Video from Director Cory Barlog

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Riddle ??? : 95 Metacritic 😎👏👏👏 Congratulations!!!

KALVIN : You are Great Director 🔝

Grohlvana : Amazing game. 10/10.

DevilGames : GOTY! ❤🏆

Johhny Riinvagir : Electronic Arts can clean your boots. THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!!!!!!! <3

RobinGaming : Awesome that you decided to post this Cory. Absolutely loved the game and thank you and the rest of Sony Santa Monica for all the hard work! Can't wait to see what you'll do next :)

AdamHartGaming : Who knows what a 100 looks like. This rating though is still great and completely deserved. I bet a lot of people will buy a PS4 just for this game.

Johhny Riinvagir : Hats off to you sir. The game is amazing, i am still playing but i think i am halfway trought it or maybe a little more. Incredible work thank you.

Dee Bee Geek : This guy is my favorite human being right now because of this incredible masterpiece!

Lammert Miedema : Director of God of *B* *O* *I*

PowerPyx : You're a legend Cory. If someone plays this and still doesn't think video games are art, I don't know what is!

MrDaale : Absolutely the best game I’ve ever played in my entire life. Thank you for this masterpiece.

kineographBOT : You earned it man. Wonderful experience. Looking forward to more!

fulltimespy : the niagara falls don't weep as much as I did watching this

Matt Brown : Thank you, not only for providing a tremendously affecting experience for millions of fans, but for proving a vital point: that artistry, passion and care are not dead in AAA gaming, that there is still very much a place for single player experiences. You and your team have earned every positive comment you've received and more

SpartanUruk : I never knew who Cory Barlog was before, but after watching all these interviews I can say he is one of the most noble, honest and down to earth person I've ever seen in gaming, you can tell he has complete passion for his work and really strives to create great games, for me he has a place in my respected game devs along with Hideo Kojima, Ken Levine and Neil Druckmann. I will be excited to keep upto date with his future work, thank you for God of War Cory, the game is an absolute masterpiece, GOTY contender for sure and one of the most beautiful works I have experience in gaming.

Random Ads : God of War is next level awesome. Like next level. I am a huge fan of Uncharted series, GTA V, The Last Of Us etc God of War has seriously exceeded everything! Well fucking done!!!

Ruben Oomes : "Or at least the 50 people who end up watching this." Well... 😂😀

Burnouts And Bourbon : Thank you Cory, for giving so much of yourself so that many of us can find enjoyment and restitution in your art 🙏🏻

JPE-2017 : With all due respect, there's not a shred of luck involved. You guys absolutely knocked it out of the park. That's hard work paying off, and we're all reaping the benefits. God Of War is a literal masterpiece. It's extremely close to perfection in my opinion. Every aspect of this game was incredible. The story was so deep and powerful, and it's backed by some of the best combat I've ever experienced. Not only that, but the world feels lived in, alive, realistic and yet somehow still magical. The relationship between Kratos and Atreus was so beautiful, and I've not felt a connection like that since Joel and Ellie from The Last Of Us. God of War is the best game I've ever played. 10/10

Ali Bekki : We are so proud of you man!!! You're a legend now

Jason Roark : You have every reason to be proud. This is hands down in the top 3 games I have ever played. You guys did a phenominal job! Cant wait for the new releases. Thanks for making this badass game for us.

Buzz The Buzzard : Hands down game of the year.

Brett Chambers : If more games had directors & developers with as much heart as you & yours do Cory, it'd be a golden age of gaming.. The majority of us cannot go out on heroic journeys in today's reality. So when you give us a game, a story like this, we are eternally grateful for your dedication to us. Thank you so much for this masterpiece

Monokuma : I love this game but i have one MAJOR problem with it... I want more

bakerXderek : Masterpiece

Crusty Crab : U did an amazing job with a great story in a gaming genre most people thought was dying but u did something most people would shy away from and made a mark on gaming to last congrats and wish u luck with future products

Christmas Crustacean : my prediction for the sequel, its been a few years and Atreus and Kratos have been living a peaceful life... Atreus has grown into a young man, anyway. they end up meeting with Freya, who has forgiven them and realised the whole thing was an unavoidable accident... she and Kratos end up getting together and she helps in the background all the way into the second sequel to this game even having two sons with her... however this relationship means Atreus ends up estranged from Kratos who believes that he has forgotten about his mother so he starts going by the name Loki and teams with Odin.


Sin Kodigos : 10/10 congratulations!

saem901901 : You my dude is what the game industry needed!! One thing for sure I’ll remember the name Cory Barlog when I think back to one of the best game directors.

MildManNerd : This game needs to win awards...lots of them.

AoMaRu_Kx : The game is absolutly amazing, thanks for all the work and ppl involved in this project, you deserve all thses reviews, thanks for this masterpiece Cory and all Santa Monica team. I'm sick and then stuck at home, but your game makes me happy, so thanks for that !

Aragem : You did something I didn't think possible. You took a muscle bound, violent character with a paper thin personality and cliche background and turned him into a complex character that I now cherish. Thank you for giving Kratos a soul and gave life to a franchise I had thought dead.

BanneR : I finished the game and cried...It can't be described with words...it is a complete MASTERPIECE....a GIFT from GOD

Kinda Funny Games : We love you, Cory! Congrats! - Greg

JeRzYG81 : The only bad thing about the game is that it ended.

Froehlich07 : Keep on this path and you will always have the love

M83 Collective : Damn, this makes me want to go out and buy a PS4 just so I can pick up this game and support you. Its rare to find a developer care so deeply about its product these days.

ᗩᒪᗴ᙭ :D : Game of the year? It's not that, this is the MASTERPIECE OF THE FUCKING YEAR. This is a masterpiece, it has no other name besides art and awesomeness. Great job Cory, you totally deserve it!

Flamenco Culebra, Puerto Rico : This is the most beautiful game I’ve ever played. Sorry Last of Us, Uncharted, Horizon, New Tomb Raider.

Tristan Bigornia : Now THAT is a man who is proud of his product!

Conor Murray : Amazing video. My wife sitting beside me says coldly... Jesus is he whinging?.. He made a game, he didnt cure cancer... Shes been thrown out of the bed Needless to say. Great work Cory

batman20110 : Thank you Cory to you and the entire team for making the greatest game I have ever played. Its great having a developer that cares more about making a great product then squeezing every penny out of each consumer.

Eric Erickson : Can’t wait to finish the trophies so I can start over and play it again! Which is why there really should’ve been a new game plus option. That’s my only complaint. Other than that, it really is one of the best games ever made. For me it’s up there with Fallout 3, Red Dead Redemption and The Last Of Us.

Robert Daniel Curtis : This is one hell of a game. If this game only got a 9.5, but the first god of war got a 9.3, something is wrong. This game completely raised the bar for all other future games to come. If this game got a 9.5, then the original god of war should have gotten a 7.5. GTA 4 got a perfect 10. If that's the case, this game deserves an 11 or 12.

Sambo Panda : SPOILER ALERT COMMENT: Cory, I was tearing when The Blades Of Chaos returned! BY THE GODS! It was an epic emotional moment for me. Good Job! Thank you!

Zan : The culmination of 5 years of hard work and dedication. Well done, Cory. Well worth the wait. <3

Black Rose : This was a crazy fucking game and I bought a ps4 just to play it thank u for creating a masterpiece