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I already used two fidget spinners tricks in the previous video, but they were very simple. I knew that it was possible to do much better, because this object has a lot of potential for chain reactions and can be used in many different ways. So I made a video with 10 of these tricks, in one shot again. I hope you'll like it :)

Comments from Youtube

AwesomeVidz : I think youd get 10x more views if you did this a year ago.

5MadMovieMakers : You spin me round, right round...

RyanYTP : The only acceptable use of fidget spinners

Mystic Róy : How long you build this masterpiece?

jackofallspades98 : The only acceptable use for these cursed toys

SurajकेReviews ! : Congratulations for 100k subs bro😀😀BTW I am your 99,978th sub😊

Taikamuna : Face reveal for 100k!

Kusogaki : A mechanical heaven for spinners and balls

MJGodOfMusic1958 : R.I.P. Fidget Spinners April 2017 - August 2017 You will be missed. 😢

satya karthik : That end tho

NoJoTo : Ending was perfect. Justified the purchase of all the spinners.

Matt Stordeur : I laughed way harder then I should have at that ending! 😂

Mr Bullet King : 1:25 lol

DO YOU KNOW : how you get the idea to do that

NoobOfNoobs : I only dislike it because u made a memorial for fidget spinners... and spidget finners ARE WAY BETTER Xd

el chico : I guess you could say he/she... FIDGETED with them!

willKILLbrasil : *Everson zoio ia ficar doido*

White Tubby : *Im dont like spinners but im LIKE THIS MARBLE :PPPPP*

Obi-Wan Kenobi : Everything is moving so perfectly, so harmoniously that I would have thought you were using the Force to influence the marbles...

Luxurious03 : This is amazingly great you deserve more subs but Why the spinners?

GoldenEagle : Home alone trap at the end, wait just a dead meme.

Jack Kraken : The only legitimate use of fidget spinners I have seen.

The Dynamic Teen : *Oh so this is how spinners help with anxiety*

Double Domino : You're a genius! I'm so glad that you are uploading more :)

Be First : I got more than 100 fidget spinners and don’t judge me ok

Uncle Stone : "As useful in death as they were in life..." *[/Ralof of Riverwood, 5th Era 202]*

Hokiebird428 : Looks like it's time to apply for that 100K-sub verification! Congratulations!

ST:studio TM : AMAZING BRO! It's VERY good!👍👍👍👍

Hevesh5 : you are amazing, kaplamino. EVERY video of yours has me like "NO WAY HE DID NOT JUST DO THAT TRICK!" Great ending too xD

Spedecule : This is amazing, I have no other words

pink basketball International : THAT ROLLED BY FIDGET SPINNERS: 37 Fidget Spinners Have Go Downed: 1

Milokiss82 : Hah, Nice. That's what, Luke 50 spinners? So 50 dollars?

JAYTEE : Love it. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, JAYTEE

EDDY GOLDER : Ending was 101/100

MixZ : Rube Goldberg machine to throw away fidget spinners.

DerSibbe : RIP Fidget Spinners 2017-2017

Glowdude : Person: What do you want to be when you grow up? Me:

Master Thg : In the eyes of a contraption maker fidget spinners can be used like windmills

CloudySkies17695 : That ending is just perfect, honestly

G G : Fidget spinners are overpriced. I wouldn't pay that much even if I was rich.

mohammad assadi : a video of fidget spinners Gets about 1 million views in 2018?? that's creepy

G.R GAMES : Criatividade

Genjimede : The fidget spinner trend is just like my grandpa. That's all I'm gonna say.

Dee Znuts : The most valid usage of a spidget finner :)

ChompyDj : The last part was amazing!!!! How do you even do that magic!?!?!

corbendoeswhatever 213 : ffs spinners ? it's 2018 not 2017 juicy clunge

David 793 nogueira : Nice pun man rest and piece figet spiner 2017-2017 so cool!

Volti Voldios : #39 on trending! Never seen your channel until now, subscribed.

Lamont B : But fidget spinners aren't dead...?? sEvErAl PeOpLe ArE tYpInG