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Kaplamino : Yes I bought 50 fidget spinners just to do it, don't judge me :(

Obi-Wan Kenobi : Everything is moving so perfectly, so harmoniously that I would have thought you were using the Force to influence the marbles...

You Tube : What sorcery is this?

Awesome : I think youd get 10x more views if you did this a year ago.

5MadMovieMakers : You spin me round, right round...

satya karthik : That end tho

Techno Suraj : Congratulations for 100k subs bro😀😀BTW I am your 99,978th sub😊

Taikamuna : Face reveal for 100k!

CloudySkies17695 : That ending is just perfect, honestly

Mythicc Fenrir : How long you build this masterpiece?

Double Domino : You're a genius! I'm so glad that you are uploading more :)

Joan : Wow.. you’ve got way to much time on your hands haha

HappiestSadGuy : I love rude goldblum machines!

Crystal Gaming : Amazing

DO YOU KNOW : how you get the idea to do that

Hevesh5 : you are amazing, kaplamino. EVERY video of yours has me like "NO WAY HE DID NOT JUST DO THAT TRICK!" Great ending too xD

waderocks7 : Fidget spinners are M E G A G A Y

Lyte : I feel like there is an "special" kid pleasuring himself to this video rn.

Cindy Sky : Awesome!! I admire someone that can take the time and ingenuity to make something like this! Great Job!☘🎥👍🏼

Life show : Really creative

willKILLbrasil : *Everson zoio ia ficar doido*

ald fabricators : Dont judge hin if u have able to do this make video and give link in comment box in this video so judge anyone..

Newby ton : Oof late for the trend cus it's hard to make and takes time it's ok props to you

Challenge Krew : omg this is crazy

jackofallspades98 : The only acceptable use for these cursed toys

Jim 73 : Amazing!

Spedecule : This is amazing, I have no other words

Andrew Leonardi : The ending tho

mohammad assadi : a video of fidget spinners Gets about 1 million views in 2018?? that's creepy

Trevor Tucker : I got so anxious watching this video.

CannedMemes : let the autism consume you

Doge : amazing!!! :0

Roblox Person : IQ= 1000

Alice Cruz : Ô loco meu

R4x-380 YT : Lul

Shadøw : UN GÉNIE !!!!

Shook Glitter : *BEAUTIFUL*

Adam i Paweł : R.I.P fidget spinner 2017-2017. LOL.

Crazy Domino : You are so creativeeee!! That is so fun that you upload more and more awesome videos

Tomas Salcido : Genial

Scorpion Music : OMG so true

chupa el perro : Waaaaaaats

Knight RideR : You are awesome......

Swaggy Jay : I’m glad fidget spinners are gone

Biscuit 12 : Wow that was actually pretty cool considering it's fidget spinner in 2018

daniel wu : Rube Goldberg, thank you.

Hung Rex : cool

Gabriel Eric I Tope : That's what you called a good chain reaction.

DaksDominos : congrats on trending....again XD

GoldenEagle : Home alone trap at the end, wait just a dead meme.