Ken Lee or Without you by Mariah Carey (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

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Fuzy2K : 0:46 -- I love how her expression changes from amusement to absolute shock. XD

Ken Lee : I am flattered that she is singing this song of love to me. But so sorry, it's not meant to be, Valentina.

McBirdsong : KNOCK KNOCK Who's there? Ken Lee Ken Lee who? KEN LEEEE TULIBU DIBU DOUCHOOO

D C : I guess Mariah Carey got the lyrics wrong

양파 : You better marry her Ken Lee! Cuz she cant tulibu dibu douchooo!

David Ying : "Don't you mean without you"? "No" I love that. So definite

Ruby Doomsday : Somewhere there's a guy named Ken Lee who is SO SICK OF EVERYONE POSTING THIS TO HIS FACEBOOK! I can guarantee it. :)

Roddas : "Tulibu dibu douchoo", now there's something romantic to write on a post-it for my wife o.O

Gorky Duque : i love how confident she is when she remarks that the name of the song is ken lee XD

Break the ice : This is the same as when English speaking people try to sing along to K-Pop.

SA *from SABooks* : she's obviously a Sim

blacc beard : Women, Ken Lee with them, and Ken Lee without them.

Joel Joel : Ken Lee: Barbie's Asian boyfriend.

HitStep08 : This song scarred me... to the point where I can't listen to the original without laughing LOLLL 

PauseForGames : Have been singing Ken Lee all week. Have almost forgotten words to the original! 😂

Jonathan Rex Redor : Lord take me now "ken lee" anymore..

StephenDHenderson : Ken Lee Tullibudi douchoo I live in Tullibody Ken does not lee in Tullibody

jade : Tulibu dibu douchoo

Xyzene : Whenever I listen to "Without You" on the radio, I can't unhear "Ken Lee"

bryant koh : But still better than justin bieber

Glenn Arriola : Ken stop laughing.........

Angel : "Do you mean Without You"  "No man, it's Ken Lee"

Keeno : Nailed it

Ken Lee : I think I am in love ...

Ivan Kanchelov : Whenever I get sad, I play this video and I stop being sad. True story.

Mad9977 Productions : "tulibu dibu douchoo" everytime it brightens up my day, just epic =D

DamageIncM : "Don't you mean 'Without You'? ... No." LOL Ignorance is bliss.

MC Hilmy : her confidence level is top notch.

helpmycatsonfire : Respect to her for having the guts to try a song in another language.

OrangeXenon54 : Key to acing an audition: show up in a matronly prom dress.

Challen Mathews : The old guy in the middle doesn't find it funny-he has seen it all XD

Doodley Bunny : I can never get enough of this.

Ted dibiasi-JLC-Sinn : for her foreign languages like english are just sounds with no meaning!

thomas parkinson : Tulibu dibu douchoooo hahhahahhahahhah lmfao

Viktor Velikov : я ми харесайте коментара да си мислят че съм казал нещо умно - кен лиииии

Serafini Gaunt : Press 6 and 8 repeatedly - German Siren

Mimi Motte : Ken Lee 4ever!!! The way she sad "no" when the judges asked if she means without you :-DDD!priceless. She is my star.


valhalla homebound : lol the guy at 0:07 sees the greatness coming

giusepe pruteanu : I'm pretty sure she's singing in Minionese!

lampuiho : I can't live any more after listening to this song. My ears bled too hard and my stomach exploded when I burst out my laughter.

yanchen Jimmy : Ken lee....tulibu dibu douchoooo.... Now i almost forgot the original lirycs...tulibu dibu douchoo ringging on my head 😂😂😂

Nestor Hugo : this was posted on 2008. I can't believe this is the very first time I watched this.

Presley Petrus : 0:47 Her reaction is priceless.. XD

Disco Saturn Loves To Do Subtitled Comedies and Other Things 24/7 : Ken Lee approves this song.

modarXmodar : The one & only: #Ken_Lee

20SpiderPig10 : It sounds like she's singing in Simlish.

Nightingale250 :  Valentina Hasan her name but i think a better name : Miss Libudibu

Zukiryo : it's like you like kpop but you don't know  how to sing   like one

Andy A : to whomever uploaded this, thank you, a million times, thank you.