Bruce Lee Lightsabers Scene Recreation

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Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) : Insanely AMAZING :)


D : I would have killed myself in 3 seconds if I had those

Royce Guy : Only Lee could have the skill to use lightsaber nunchaku...

RocK StaR BatHei : Hahahahahahaahahahaha 👍

Che Schafer : Wow...great animating👏👏👏..congrats on trending👍

Dirty Harry : Faith in humanity restored.

rupat : That's amazing this 2.5 minutes are Better then Star Wars 7-9

G Truesdale : My life is now officially complete.

KJris DeWitt : 0:43 that was epic as fuck...

Nomo 4u : Lmao nothing better then putting Bruce in some type of star-wars battle.

Ricardo Perez Aguilera : Top 10 Best lightsabers of anime

Jeffrey Johnston : Should of name this "Enter the Jedi"

Jonathan Postell II : Damn it actually helps your eyes realize how lightning fast he was

Jacob Myers : When a 1:43 video is better than the entirety of The Last Jedi

Justin Singer : Dude this is so sick. Great ephing work!!!

Garrett Sampson : It’s a rare breed of a japanese sith Lord

airbrat : 0:43 fucking BOWDOWN!

Bob m : This is better than last Jedi!

J Anchor : Take a shot for everytime Bruce Lee says "wah tah" :)

PlanBgames : Русские привет. Уважаю Брюса Ли. Все фильмы с ним посмотрел )

Shazzkid : Be like water my friend

Ruffnek Renegade 98 : This F..kin Ruules, Bruce Lee the original jedi master 👍✌😁

Foxy Cobra : yo whats up with those 345 dislikes

chris : The sound of the chains and light blades together is so badass

PROD. July : Kill it

maccon1 : The old “Rice in the Face” trick, Classic! Did anyone else notice the Lightsabers?

Lets AnimateIt : man those are some editing skills

Jonic : Bruce Lee is a Legend & Star Wars is Awesome ! What a COMBO :O !!!

Solomon Longsworth : I texted all my friends the link 😂 This video made my day! You took two awesome things and put them together... so creative dude 😄

Poedacrow : 1) Nice editing work. 2) Lee is an amazing jedi. His opponent is disarmed, and he tossed aside his own weapon to keep an even battle. . That's belief in yourself, and very light sided. 3) Dude's hiding with a loud humming lightsaber and it almost worked...

mkq0007 : simply superb

Kento/賢人 : Beware Jedi and Sith Lords, the Force is strong on Bruce Lee and it's called "Dragon Force" :D

genlaz1 : I'm done. Bruce has mastered the force lol and nunchaku sabres

Ng Sam : the deadliest lightsaber ever

Bob M : holy crap, that was awesome

Felipe Luna Mora : Still bether than kylo ren vs rey.

papillon : Bruce Lee... nunchaku light sabers... you Sir, just made me forget all my worries for a little while!!

Baron Von Bumpkin : That was better than the whole of Episode 8!

Bart Lewis : I think I just died and went to nerd heaven.

3Savv : Suddenly I miss Bruce Lee in a way I cannot stop with watching his movies. You are a monster for creating this incredibly epic duel, and the fucking laser nun-chucks, great job, too great actually.

Addison Black : Bruce Lee would hold his own against the best sith and jedi man don't need the force

t3h51d3w1nd3r : Man that is fuckin brilliant!!!!

Genma Shiranui : I hope you also make the video where he uses green slapstick(im not sure) in tower of death movie.

Windle Wonderbe : Lightsaber nunchucks are the most important and beautiful things I've ever seen in my entire life.....

litia : Better movie than Last Jedi.

Hsiao-yu Chang : Best light saber fight ever! 10/10 !!!

Allan Truong : Better than the last Jedi!

harleybynature : Lightsabers make everything better. I could watch this for an hour.

Victor R : Who throws rice at someone's face? Honestly?