Bruce Lee Lightsabers Scene Recreation

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G1zmatic : The most skilled and reckless use of a lightsaber I have ever witnessed.

Monster Bash : Bruce Lee would tear apart any Sith or Jedi to come at him. What about the force you say? BRUCE LEE IS THE FORCE!

zodiac909 : Darth Vader wouldn't have stood a chance.

Julian Zimmerman : Star Wars episode XIX: Fury of Dragon

Sbeast : "You must be shapeless, formless, like the Force. When you pour the Force in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour the Force in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour the Force in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. The Force can drip and it can crash. Become like the Force my friend."

Bruce Wayne : I respect you a lot for this, this legend shall never die.

chris : The sound of the chains and light blades together is so badass

airbrat : 0:43 fucking BOWDOWN!

Dason Greaves : This is better than the Last Jedi

Awesoman66 : We need to resurrect Bruce Lee and put him in a star wars movie

Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) : Insanely AMAZING :)

J Anchor : Take a shot for everytime Bruce Lee says "wah tah" :)

Bilingual Minimalist : this was better than the last jedi

sillysausage72 : That was awesome!

Charisma_XP : Ok, at first I had doubt's. But now?...NOW?....They BETTER have light-chuck's/nun-saber's in the next star wars.

The Sarcastic Lover : Wow...great animating👏👏👏..congrats on trending👍

Kento/賢人 : Beware Jedi and Sith Lords, the Force is strong on Bruce Lee and it's called "Dragon Force" :D

Darren M : He would be the scariest Jedi to fight, ever.

Sr. Favo Posso deixar vazio sim : I didn't know I needed this in my life until now. How are Light-Nunshucks not a thing

Novastar (SaberCombat) : Good job! Always great seeing Bruce brought back into the public eye. He always brought a great sense of drama, character, pacing, fun, and enjoyable choreography that looks dangerous... and isn't WAY too much fight work (over-use of attacks all over the place).

The Dominus : Jesus now imagine him as a Jedi with force powers, already combined with his hilariously OP skills. Lightsaber nunchucks should totally exist one day in Star Wars.

Rob Mitchell : Awesome! Bruce Lee can kick butt in any galaxy far, far away.

King Kong : I’m sure Bruce would have approved and would have found this amusing to say the least!?

GhostWolf141 : Bruce Lee, the ultimate Jedi master. Epic!!

Derrick Gerstmann : I don't even like SW but this was dope af

Royce Guy : Only Lee could have the skill to use lightsaber nunchaku...

Lost Cosmos : Oh my god, lightsaber nunchakus. How has no one thought of this yet?

Asain : He has the high ground

Ruffnek Renegade 98 : This F..kin Ruules, Bruce Lee the original jedi master 👍✌😁

madquest8 : Awesome. Lightsabres make everything better LOL

Nadim Shamsuddin : Could a Jedi knight beat nunchak Bruce Lee?i think it would be impossible to even keep up.

Erynn Casey : The baddest thing is when he just slams his lightsaber chucks to the ground. Usually jedis do everything they can to get it back lmao. Fist fight ftw. Epic shit

TOM : Only Bruce Lee is the TRUE master of the Lightsaber Nunchucks.

dasteufelhund : Vader be like “OH CRAP”

D : I would have killed myself in 3 seconds if I had those

Celestial Dragon : The force is strong with this one.

Ryan Johnson : This is the shit. This small sequence kicks the Force Awakens and the Last Jedi back into production. Well done.

ETsonggalaxy : Patrick Nan should have had done this movie since it was released,  he had the right SABER light idea!  Cause Bruce was as fast as lighting and thunder !!  Blink and you would miss his speeds,  keep your eyes open ,  you would still miss his speeds!  Too fast for any human!  NO one , even today can beat his skills!  He was born in China town San Francisco Ca.  What a REAL treat he was for all to see how great he was!!!!

FROZEN EMPIRE : I am an old fart who saw A NEW HOPE in a theater back in '77 and SW was the reason for me to deal with Martial Arts. I am telling you man, you created a Youtube milestone over there. Hope you will recreate similar videos in the near future!

Kerry Smith : 0:43 greatest thing ever😱😱😱

BJ B : There are things humans have done in this world that truly show how awesome we are as a people: modern medicine, the moon landing, technology (to name a few)... this video ranks up there with them. Epic. Truly epic.

King Kong : The force is super-strong in Bruce!!!!

ArnoldFTW97 : We need Lightchucks in new star wars movie!!!!

Picasso John : THAT WAS THE SICKEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!! insta sub. I have soo many questions, when did you see that image and did you finishing making this masterpiece. Where did you learn such a thing


John Minh Luu : In many ways Bruce Lee was a jedi if you think about it

Rubik's Cube : 0:43 I've never seen anything so savage

Shaun Penne : That was insanely fucking awesome! Great work! Just when you thought Bruce Lee couldn't be any more of a cool badass! You can't help but wonder if he were alive today and saw this, what his thoughts would be! Great stuff!!

Malcolm : Man ... lightsaber nunchaku would require some serious skills.

Garrett Sampson : It’s a rare breed of a japanese sith Lord