Bruce Lee Lightsabers Scene Recreation

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Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) : Insanely AMAZING :)

Monster Bash : Bruce Lee would tear apart any Sith or Jedi to come at him. What about the force you say? BRUCE LEE IS THE FORCE!

zodiac909 : Darth Vader wouldn't have stood a chance.

airbrat : 0:43 fucking BOWDOWN!

sillysausage72 : That was awesome!

G1zmatic : The most skilled and reckless use of a lightsaber I have ever witnessed.

Julian Zimmerman : Star Wars episode XIX: Fury of Dragon

J Anchor : Take a shot for everytime Bruce Lee says "wah tah" :)

Ruffnek Renegade 98 : This F..kin Ruules, Bruce Lee the original jedi master 👍✌😁

chris : The sound of the chains and light blades together is so badass

Che Schafer : Wow...great animating👏👏👏..congrats on trending👍

Novastar (SaberCombat) : Good job! Always great seeing Bruce brought back into the public eye. He always brought a great sense of drama, character, pacing, fun, and enjoyable choreography that looks dangerous... and isn't WAY too much fight work (over-use of attacks all over the place).

Bassam Abulela : This shit is better than Star Wars

Jacob Myers : When a 1:43 video is better than the entirety of The Last Jedi

Kento/賢人 : Beware Jedi and Sith Lords, the Force is strong on Bruce Lee and it's called "Dragon Force" :D

gutz1981 : No joke, if there was a Jedi that could swing a pair of Lightsaber blades so blindingly, I'd shit myself and fucking run.

Sbeast : "You must be shapeless, formless, like the Force. When you pour the Force in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour the Force in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour the Force in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. The Force can drip and it can crash. Become like the Force my friend." REPLY

Lets AnimateIt : man those are some editing skills

Charisma_XP : Ok, at first I had doubt's. But now?...NOW?....They BETTER have light-chuck's/nun-saber's in the next star wars.

jaysato : this was better than the last jedi

Bruce Wayne : I respect you a lot for this, this legend shall never die.

mkq0007 : simply superb

Dason Greaves : This is better than the Last Jedi

KING KLIPS : just when i thought fuck Star Wars forever ( Because of the Last Jedi) , this happens and brings hope to the galaxy once again. . . .

Sr. Favo Posso deixar vazio sim : I didn't know I needed this in my life until now. How are Light-Nunshucks not a thing

The Dominus : Jesus now imagine him as a Jedi with force powers, already combined with his hilariously OP skills. Lightsaber nunchucks should totally exist one day in Star Wars.

OGScarface : If they don’t add this in the new new star wars I’m going to be mad great work my man

Nadim Shamsuddin : Could a Jedi knight beat nunchak Bruce Lee?i think it would be impossible to even keep up.

madquest8 : Awesome. Lightsabres make everything better LOL

Rob Mitchell : Awesome! Bruce Lee can kick butt in any galaxy far, far away.

Kerry Smith : 0:43 greatest thing ever😱😱😱

t3h51d3w1nd3r : Man that is fuckin brilliant!!!!

GhostWolf141 : Bruce Lee, the ultimate Jedi master. Epic!!

Awesoman66 : We need to resurrect Bruce Lee and put him in a star wars movie

Asain : He has the high ground


Ryan Johnson : This is the shit. This small sequence kicks the Force Awakens and the Last Jedi back into production. Well done.

Tuff Gong : I’m sure Bruce would have approved and would have found this amusing to say the least!?

Lost Cosmos : Oh my god, lightsaber nunchakus. How has no one thought of this yet?

I am someone you don't know : Holy shit! This is amazing!

Veronica Gomez : Everything is better with lightsabers

BTDarters Channel : That was friggin' amazing!! I loved it!! Thanks!!

dasteufelhund : Vader be like “OH CRAP”

kaboom138 : This is the greatest thing I've ever seen in 2018!

Josh McCoy : This is one of the most genuinely AWESOME things I’ve ever seen!!! Bravo

D : I would have killed myself in 3 seconds if I had those

Fernando Ruiz : One of the most bad ass videos on youtube

Picasso John : THAT WAS THE SICKEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!! insta sub. I have soo many questions, when did you see that image and did you finishing making this masterpiece. Where did you learn such a thing

Tuff Gong : The force is super-strong in Bruce!!!!

Rafy Velez : Bruce Lee Jedi. That’s simply amazing.