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Written by Charlene deGuzman Composed by Miles Crawford Directed by Miles Crawford Starring Charlene deGuzman & Miles Crawford Sound: Adam Armstrong Camera Operator/Set Photographer: Monika Siauw Special Thanks: Jim Holdridge, Paul Kaiser www.twitter.com/charstarlene giantmiles.com


ANA KRAFT : LOVED THIS! great idea, amazingly performed and wonderfullly edited as well 

Fgermay : This is really cool. I like creative quirky things like this.

Jaliah Robinson : Best conversation ever

IJustAm : *This guy mastered the Art of understanding and communicating with women* No vagina for him though, gives him more time to practice the understanding of women

jobsucks : wow! hahaha!!!

sophielikestoeat : This was amazing! :D

miss0sweetie : The ammount of times i've had that same argument about pho.

Rory M : And that my friends is EVERY RELATIONSHIP! ;-)

wyads : k.

Anthony Newen : wow lol so cool

TwlightMoonCookie : That's actually some cool drumming

Floaty : oh my god make more videos Charlene! D:

Laura Singer : lol! I LOVE THIS! What a great idea and so well executed. Can we get a follow up?

Mitchell Medlin : BWAHHAHAH I am crying laughing! My ex was Vietnamese, I live in Hawaii, I've had the EXACT same conversation... Noticed slight pitch diff in pho kettle drum too

David Navarrete : Burritos <3

Gustavo Borges : Genius!

oi2simon : this is actually really cool

Stitch I'Lalu : I'm so hooked on your videos

slamer2000 : I'm a drummer and i know ill get a lot of hate for this but i seriously don't get this.

musicfan939 : Maybe I'm stupid, but your videos don't make any sense to me? Someone care to explain? Please?

Phillip Tyson : I love everything about this. The idea, the execution, everything! More!

Arky PP : conversation using drum.'Cause cellphone are to mainstream

The nobscrobz : Haha (i dont get it

AFA Show : Phô? Phõ? Phø? Phō? Phò? Phö?

Priya Prabhakar : This is genius.

jufrismsd : this video sums up women about food

Ron Villejo : This is superb!

Christine Harris-Padilla : he is my acting teacher at my school!!!!!!!!!!! no lie i see him twice a week and we make vidoes together with the whole class!

L K : That rooftop looks surreal. I love the editing and placement of words. Must have been a lot to plan.

MaxMethods : you are a genius! i can't wait to see what you will create next :)

DeluxeWarPlaya : All 5 of them

raniaanagn : boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xXSabzyKababzyXx : OH SO GOOD

Eric A. : BRAHAHAH.....I have had this convo with my other half quite a few times LMAO

Sevenpiece : Fabulous just fabulous!! Do it again.

wodnut : That's just great. Love the creativity

DirtyNerd86 : Burritos?

Dj Setay : Bravo! Great vid!!!

astonishingpudding : Very cool vid.

Dan Vu : i kinda wanted them to keep arguing at the same time so that we can hear something awesome (in terms of drums of course)

Andrew Mai : dang...you really know how to make a video so simple yet be amusing to watch. great job!

F : that was so awesome :D

Sofia S. : wow !

Domenica Moreira : So brilliant! More videos, please.

A WRAP : That was great.

Noel Lewis : Nevermind

BEE TODA : Second vid on your channel I checked out. Immediately subscribed. You're beautiful, witty and tatted. What more could a guy want?

Angelo Santoni : <3

Nico Nisi : There's a French serie named Kaamelott that made something like that: S03E48 - Poltergeist - youtube.com/watch?v=fLxM_GS3AY8