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ANA KRAFT : LOVED THIS! great idea, amazingly performed and wonderfullly edited as well 

John Adams : This video is. . . nevermind.

Fgermay : This is really cool. I like creative quirky things like this.

wyads : k.

Jaliah Robinson : Best conversation ever

jobsucks : wow! hahaha!!!

IJustAm : *This guy mastered the Art of understanding and communicating with women* No vagina for him though, gives him more time to practice the understanding of women

miss0sweetie : The ammount of times i've had that same argument about pho.

Anthony Newen : wow lol so cool

sophielikestoeat : This was amazing! :D

uhfnutbar1 : yes Communication in this matter is interesting but the story needs to be a little bit longer to draw in the people with short iteration span and no idea to focus 

Jesus Christ : This makes me happy! 😇

Mingo P. : Sounds like most women

D Mac : What'd you say?

dmitry k. : amazing!!!

Brad Botanel : I like this.

suh dude : really great video. But if people actually talked to each other like that in a very incomprehensible almost schizophrenic manner I don't think I could take much of it haha

Laura Singer : lol! I LOVE THIS! What a great idea and so well executed. Can we get a follow up?

Mitchell Medlin : BWAHHAHAH I am crying laughing! My ex was Vietnamese, I live in Hawaii, I've had the EXACT same conversation... Noticed slight pitch diff in pho kettle drum too

Olha : I want to see more videos like this! By Charlene, of course.)

Peter Hamsyah : Kahkahkah.

TheCausation : pms solo?

TwlightMoonCookie : That's actually some cool drumming

L'Empereur Yano : AWWWWWWWWESOME!!!!!

Shawn Russell : 1:21 best part.

David Navarrete : Burritos <3

eoaaaa : Your videos are artistic, creative, insightful, I can't say enough good things! Please make more! 

Christine Harris-Padilla : hes my acting coach

MRK : wow now that was original :)

Mohammad Almtab : Aw wow, This is awesome i love it! Keep up! You're an amazing drummer too 👍

Jaron Davis : hahahaha woow!

oi2simon : this is actually really cool

Gustavo Borges : Genius!

bonghit0n3 : Cute

Tanner Evans : A new language

Angelo Santoni : I'd learn to play drum set just to talk to her.

tsukasa103 : this is so cool. please make some more videos!!

henry long : That was awesome! I would have never though of this!

cakesthewhale : I LOVE THIS.

LadyEren : Cool!! I love the idea!! Congrats! :)

Floaty : oh my god make more videos Charlene! D:

wiredkiwis : more...

Joel Bennett : DOPE

jenntheflower : PHỎ

Rory M : And that my friends is EVERY RELATIONSHIP! ;-)

JasenStl : I knew there were other ways to communicate...

Elsjepelsje : wow

Shania Rattan : lol

Stitch I'Lalu : I'm so hooked on your videos

slamer2000 : I'm a drummer and i know ill get a lot of hate for this but i seriously don't get this.