A performance merging dance and biology | Pilobolus

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Conchita Mulder : She sometimes appeared to be completely weightless, wonderfull performance.

Liziel Estacio : I guess I know what I'll do for my first dance at my wedding!

Khaoula Lafrikhi : so powerfull , i was almost about to cry  , very emotional and and connecting performance , its more than dance its a spiritual atomes connected in such a beautiful harmony and balanced rythem ...  waaaaw 

Degosh Reed : I must have watched this one five times today, I still can't get enough. Amazing what humans can do.

Raechel Rae : To me this captured the relationship/balance between a human (the girl) & ones soul (the male) as we progress through the journey of life. To be dictionary clear, a soul is defined as the essence or embodiment of a specified quality. As we go on through life, certain qualities never leave us, and others simply evolve. This performance takes you through the females characters human experience as she searches to find understanding & place. It begins with her full of wonder and amazement of life, as she learns to walk. Then it gets a bit more dark as she sheds her innocence and moves into adulthood. All the while with her spirit guiding her.  Maybe I'm way off but this is what I took from it. Absolutely genius performance! 

Curious Dancer : It seems lame to say "I loved this".... BUT I DID!!!!!  LOVED!  LOVED!!!  LOVED!!! It!!!  Human potential at it's finest!!!  Why can't the entire world focus on developing the skills required to do this kind of performance??  Big sigh...... I guess that is what the dance was really all about.... <3

Ethan Leonard : Don't know what I saw but it was cool

michaelakel : Why are the dancers not named and credited? I hate that! Dancers ARE Amazing and they need to be credited for their talents and contribution like everyone else!!

TheMeanAdmin : He needs the Bohr's model of hydrogen on the forehead...

Fok Luf : I love Pilobolus!!

Kathleen Boland : I m in awe !  The dancers seem to defy gravity!

Taylor LaMinty : Entrancing. Especially given that my exposure to interpretive dance is references from Squidward. So glad to see this performance and better understand this genre.

Pawel Dudzinski : zarąbiste! wspaniałe! logiczne!

Elenni Sere : Wonderfull! I feel useless

Rha Nickerson : Exquisite fluid strength. Impeccable performance!!!!!

Miss Becky's Ballet, Tap & Jazz : One word....Stunning!

Destiny U : This piece reminds me of cavemen and women that are exploring the world and each other for the first time.

Ben Cuevas : Plein de grâce. Les danseurs sont en total symbiose. C'est remarquable.

Naeem Ravat : After training AcroYoga Mastermind, no I want to do this that Pilobolus trains.

Lm Sbm : What are the names of the dancers?

charity Ebert : They are so scared yet so intreged with one another at the same time I love it.

Agave89 : I would not want to seriously piss this guy off; he'd fling me into the air in a heart beat !!!  When he retires from dancing he'd be a great body guard.  All women need one of those.  Amen ~

LogicalMagic : This is THE most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Thank you for this enriching experience.

Naturebound : This sort of reminded me of two insects interacting.

M. Eugenia La Rocca : Y cuando una Expresión Corporal quiera hablarte, no escuches algo de menor volumen e intensidad que esto...¡Enjoy!:

Sara Kayali : he looks like the blue dude from watchmen

adrian claudiu : absolutely amazed and in love...incredible..lovely 

Sato Saotome : every single movement is just..perfection

Marla Volovna : Riveting.Brilliant.

dancema contep : Great dance performance ,perfect originality, High quality art,body control,and eroticism etc

jonathan birchley : Breathtakingly beautiful piece. An exceptional synergy of trust, balance, core strength, and control

daget34 : This is just vanilla Butoh dance. Hijikata would probably freak out at this mellow  and corny piece.

Yo Momma : Am I the only one who doesn't get this...............

Nancy Lawrence : I love Pilobolus.

Trey Isaac : Not only am I impressed but it speaks volumes to me. What if we trusted our other more we would be more balanced and strong

Nullzero98 : That's quite a kettlebell!

Beautiful enough for me : amazing piece of art !!!

Tasha Gemmell : I don't get it 😶

Alexandr Martynov : Discovering less efficient ways to move around space :-)

Tulin Kasimaga : wtf did i just watch?

paul ogo : Something somewhere was boring about this performance...

יהושע עזרא : מקסים ויפה להפליא

Temple Echo : I've always said that if aliens come to Earth, they won't be impressed with our math and science. Our art and expression with be what they find interesting. They'll be like "They still haven't figured out time travel but check out this "Butoh" thing these naked apes are doing."

bourbon red : Put some damn underpants on, my wife is watching!

atma86 : I've been into Butoh for a long time and this is by far the most amazing performance I've ever seen. It's strange, so much different than the other schools I've seen; so much more fluid but I don't mind it. These two are incredible.

Dancing Socrates : I wish there was a moment included where they would talk about this.

Naiya Devine Cominos : gnarly... wow.

jordan : Did anyone else feel like they were about to tear up

Maggi Kleveta : wonder...wonder...wonderful...

Eliot Short : Anyone know the name of the second piece of music NOT credited in the above blurb? It's the same piece used on Frou Frou's song 'Let Go'.