La Partida - Carlos Bonnet (Classical Guitar) arr. César Silva
Out of fingers at 150

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Valsa Venezuelana para guitarra clássica sobre a versão de Alcino Frazão "La Partida" - Venezuelan Waltz - Classical guitar arrangement by César SIlva Luthier: Óscar/João Cardoso Download original compositions and transcriptions from



hermez flores : 1:48 this is the best video on the internet

Ali Ghoroubi : whaaaaaaat????? Only 2017 views? damn people don't know the real ART. Man You Are amazing

Tim Eastman : Does he have an album anywhere? Can't find him on iTunes or Amazon.

Social Distortion : Muito bom. Obrigado (for this upload i don't remember how to say this in portuguese)

jann kott : So touching and so beautiful...

Paul Marques : As usual, superb !!!

Tiago Pinto.música : Este tema é espetacular, grande interpretação.

Jersey Representing : i consider it a success to play 'mary had a little lamb'; this is another dimension of talent for me that will never exist

Ross Miles : Id really like to speak with the four who disliked this. Do you just dislike art in general or did you fat finger the wrong button?

hvglaser : Incredible. Loved the nose tap!

Generic Khajiit : really beautiful, i saw this on Anita tourettes reaction video and I just had to hear this music on loop

marco leal : grande Cesar....sempre fantástico!!!Bravo!!

Someone Over There : Loved it! Absolutely fantastic!

Sai Vemuri : Oh how I'd give anything to be able to play like this. Jfc, you're amazing mate.

Lucia Dominguez : Hermoso <3

Selknam : Before pianist, now guitarist.

jacsbach : Grande César sempre bom...!!!

Brian Skinner : Bravo Senor! Fantastico!

Mergui - Home of the Moken Sea Nomads : Bravo!

Will Concannon : Mans really used his nose to play guitar

Ebony Coaly : 20k views and less than 600 thumbs up. Crazy.

Virgil Lichi : SUPERB! BRAVO!

knewcleus : beautiful piece of work

Slapturkey : can i find a tab or score for this anywhere?

Mr. Speciosa : Why does this song remind me of eek stravaganza?

lt. dan : The pianist

Aomi Naito : Is the sheet music available anywhere? I would love to learn it. Beautiful arrangement!

sombra elvis : quiero ser tu sombra?

Bruce Coulda : Download this talent unto me via matrix style

たいりん : 素晴らしい演奏で、ふと見ただけなのに最後まで聞き入ってしまいました