Bunny Binky Compilation
Bunny Binky Compilation but with epic music in backround

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Half Moon Rabbits's Bunnies n binkies! When rabbits make binkies it means they are really happy and we are so glad to see how happy they are with us ♥ Some rabbits are not living with us but with their new owners who are really taking very well care of them! We are proud of our bunnies and their owners! We are Dwarf Rabbit breeders recommended by two vets, the most important to us is the health and happiness of the bunny and the happiness of the new owner. Our babies only leaves our home with all the vaccines and with the term that we will always receive news and photos about them. So please visit us on: Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HalfMoonRabbits Our Website: http://www.halfmoonrabbits.weebly.com/ A family member's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRaU1o0v-lyVFAt9kNFwBRQ


Mariachi : que música tão épica xD

Rosarybu : the music oml

bumblebitxh : What type of bunny is the white one with the grey ears and spotted stripe on its back? Because I have the same colouring on mine

Aries : I’m watching this as my bunny binkies across my bed

Brendan White : who still watching this in 2018

stupid dingus : A bbutwrfly pooped a SPIDER

Robyn Kelly : How dramatic

Houdini the dwarf hamster : illegal car slide show