Bronco Beach Bash || Traxxas TRX4

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sugar0000 : not bad for a cellphone camera! Chill editing bro +1

Moe : Play at 2x speed... 😳

Leo : I want an RC Branco now.

NuclearKnives : looks real

RC Play Ground : AWESOME TRX4 Bronco beahc bashing Big Like ;-D

Justin Lounsbury : puget sound? looks incredibly familiar

Brettstv : Wow!!! The mud and the wheelies at the end was my favorite part. Awesome video!!

Isaac Arulcheyan : this is chill

Brad Johnsen : Please make more!

Aubameyang : Where’s the bashing???

Seth Marcell : I really enjoyed that. Subbed.

Dustin Winterowd : You really killed it. I had low expectations going in. Perfect music. Can't wait to see what you can make in a year.

MikeZ32TT : Nice

Viktoriya : Он не игрушечный, а просто маленький. Кинематику движений скрадывает замедленное воспроизведение видео.

ya boy Oscar : I like

Jilly Moe : Wow! 👍

Frank A : Looks so real

sjuurd : this is great

Warren Maxxon : Impressive,..most impressive

Nickelodean : Really like the music and feeling like it is full sized. I'd recommend developing some kind of story behind it. Could be simple, like a car chase or something. I feel like that would make it even more entertaining

sjuurd : could you do a car chase with explosions?

metagen77 : Ohhh, nice! I like it.

OhNegative : Awesome, keep up the good work, you are on to something!

Robert Rippel : God damnit, i have enough addictions and now i want this one too.

Coco's Guesthouse Koh Phi Phi : top 10 video of phiphi island. good occasions.

nauset : Casey Neistat music

Joe Petro : love my TRX 4, thing will rip pretty hard on 3s, great video

rubbiebubbie : i feel like the cars would jump/hop correctly if they were to scale weight wise as well..

Mitchel Jardell : It looks really good. Geting the lighting right outside is hard. I wouldn't mind seeing a full speed pass of some of the shots, just to add perspective to the speeds involved.

mikenbdg : Nice! The music, slow mo editing, everything is perfect. Great job!

Not Me : I don't really care about RC, but the editing and music make this really cool. I would watch more. You should make more.

t : I had low expectations, but this was enjoyable

SkoveDog : Extremely relaxing to watch!

Cody zz : this is sick dude, nice job. idk why but this is so entertaining

that went differently in my head : Do you have any issues with damage caused by the sand and salt water? I've had bearings rust out (and worse) from running at the beach with older vehicles. Has Traxxas solved this problem?

Mushaz : Great job with RC+SlowMo!

ThatsMyRc : 72K views holly crap thats sucks you should be making coin off this video.. Great video again bud..

Connor Bolam : first of all, great vid and editing, only thing I would add is some moving shots with the camera following/side shot of the car as it drives. also, holy crap the quality! I was sure i was gonna scroll down and see you using a professional grade camera but the S9+ blew me away! keep up the good work!

Bricktowne Media : Dude! Friggin phenomenal!! Awesome job! And don't be too hard on yourself, your editing is GREAT! Loved this idea and outcome, great work man! Subbed and rung the bell! Can't wait to see more from you!

Donavan Kuhl : Sweet, perfectly executed reverse 180 at 1:57. Also, pretty chill video, bro.

AnonymousStormChaser : Where in the Puget Sound is this?

Juan Donde : Mute this video, and watch it at 2x speed. Trust me.

Charlie Vetsworth : Congratulations on not using really shit music like most other youtube videos like this! Broncos are awesome and so are these cute mini ones!

twoguns551 : Reddit brought me here. Awesome video.