Tomorrow belongs to me HQ (HD restored Audio) der morgige Tag ist mein

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I also have one with original audio, check my channel. From the movie Cabaret (1972) It's set in 1930 before the National Socialist Party came to power.

Comments from Youtube

bobbbxxx : One of the most powerful scenes ever filmed.

Mongo Boogie : One of the things I love about this clip is how it illustrates how the people of Germany 🇩🇪 must have felt in the 1930’s. The younger generation longing for a proud prosperous Germany 🇩🇪 again after the defeat and capitulation in 1918. I’m no expert but it must have felt lousy being German or Austrian at that point. Hence why Hitler was able to rise from almost nothing. The younger people disheartened by the depressed Germany 🇩🇪 and the old man probably recalling the disaster of the previous war and dreading it all coming again while the children are getting carried along by The Nazi promise of a resurgent Germany again. It’s a very good analogy of what can happen

hello32600 : What I love about this song is how it progresses from the first couple of verses, which are essentially a celebration of Germany, to the last verse which is entirely German nationalism, which correlates with Hitler's message to the people of how he would make Germany great again. Interestingly, it also progresses with the expression on the singer's face, if you look.

bel aljimez : "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" was written by John Kander and Fred Ebb in the style of a traditional German song, sung by the Nazi youth in the movie, to stir up patriotism for the "fatherland". It has often been mistaken for a genuine "Nazi anthem" and has led to the songwriters being accused of anti-Semitism. This would be most surprising, as they are, in fact, Jewish (This fact has not stopped openly racist and anti-Semitic rock groups, like Skrewdriver, from recording the song and performing it at White Power rallies). It is also the only song sung outside of the cabaret setting to survive the transition from stage to film.

Robin Blankenship : Tomorrow must NOT belong to islam.

The Grand Supreme : Old man: Here we go again... 1:28

Charlene Wray : Hate to say it but they were charismatic. The uniforms, the speeches, the flags and if course the music. All that (and much more) Mixed together along with the economy made for the "perfect" storm.

BlackbunnyxD : Such a beautiful voice, actually a nice melody but such a frightning message...

huxleyaddict : The greatest song in the whole movie! What a great voice! Powerful lyrics! Absolutely awesome! BTW...I love the uniform!

Richardsen :  This scene is incredibly powerful. This, right here, is what humanity is all about: its greatest virtues and its greatest miseries, hand in hand.

Isabella Schabell-Barrera : what a beautiful voice, really conflicts with the imagery.

John Smith : 1:28 always gives me goosebumps The poor old mans face says it all... " *Oh no... not again...* "

Frederick Vesseur : The Lyrics.... The sun on the meadow is summery warm The stag in the forest runs free But gather together to greet the storm Tomorrow belongs to me The branch of the linden is leafy and green The Rhine gives its gold to the sea But somehow a glory awaits unseen Tomorrow belongs to me The babe in his cradle is soundly asleep The blossom embraces the bee But soon, says a whisper Arise, arise, tomorrow belongs to me Oh, Fatherland, Fatherland show us the sign Your children have waited to see The morning will come when the world is mine Tomorrow belongs, tomorrow belongs Tomorrow belongs to me Tomorrow belongs, tomorrow belongs Tomorrow belongs to me

KeyboardWarrior : But the day after tomorrow was ours

Steven Brooks : The glee in their voices and the aggression in their eyes says it all. Be very afraid. A brilliant piece of film making.

George Davie : I can understand the feelings of that time,the treaty of Versailles caused the rise of nationalism in Germany and led to WW2.

Bender Bending Rodriguez : 1:28...the old man lived WWI,so he does not arise because he knows what is going to happened. I always feel bad ( although i know is a fictitious character), for him.

G. Moishe3rd : Excellent audio work! Thank you. This is one of the most chilling musical songs ever made... I have seen it over and over again. It is particularly apropos for today - November 2015. Tomorrow will belong to those who seize the day.

kyrvhy : A poignant melody of particular beauty creating striking contrast to the underlying infamy of the Third Reich. This divisive scene punctuates a sense of hope, albeit sinister upon reflection, of a nation desperate for prosperity after years of punitive reparations following the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. May we all learn from history.

FartMaster69 : OY VEYYYYYY

John Aronson : Super quality on audio and visual.

Mark Cope : The most chilling scene in the film.

derek graham : The old man knows what's coming! He's seen it all before.

Malc 999 : For me, by far the most poignant part of this excellent film was the expression on the old man’s face, and his uncomfortable body language during this beautifully sung song. “They just don’t know.”

Daniel Truong : I am almost convinced that they said tomorrow belongs to meme at the ending half of the song.

Frank N. Stein : Powerful! This song gave me the creeps when I saw it for the first time way back in 1975. Two of those Hitlerjugend guys look like angels. In another 10-15 years their bones will be whitening on one of the many fronts of that senseless war. I read later, that in one cinema in Poland one guy was brutally beaten by other viewers for shouting "They'll come back!" during this song. Police had to intervene and the poor fellow landed in a hospital. He meant it as a joke of course.

J : Powerful, but I'm not scared. Only envy that kind of self-confidence.

crldavies29 : After all these years of seeing it, it is still terrifying ... and deeply saddening.

John Sadler : The morning will come when the world is mine, tomorrow belongs to me. Only if you fight for it.

Kenneth Lieb : One of the most perfectly executed scenes in any movie, from any era.

Seamus322 : Making Germany Great Again...

NYG5 : The older people here look more happy, like they're looking back at the days of the monarchy with fond memories. The younger people look different, more angry, more sinister. A much more radical group with a much different idea than what the older conservatives imagine.

Arnór Róbertsson : The youth is the future and the youth is sick of being replaced.

Ordinary Non Player Character : America 2018 midterm election. We must

Neil Kerr : Its funny that there is as ad for the Conservative party at the top of this clip....oh dear !

23 15 : Islam is next to be eliminated. Heil

Time Traveller registered trademark : #gleichschaltung Baron Frankenstein never seems to understand. He will always return to his dungeon laboratory and find the cutting table empty, the monster loose upon the land.

Flynn°-°94 : "The morning will come when the world is mine, tomorrow belongs to me" I mean how could that not be a tantalising message for any youth?

Sirpaulconway Sirpaulconway : Tomorrow belongs to me!!!

Aaron Brown : *Starts video* This is lovely, maybe I'll sing it some time. *Camera pans down* -_- Nevermind...

Brix Trix : Best song to play HOI 4 to

philippekogler : Die sonnige Wiese ist sommerlich warm, der Hirsch läuft in Freiheit waldein. Doch sammelt euch alle, der Sturm ist nah, der morgige Tag ist mein. Das Lindengrün leuchtet, die Blätter sie wehen, sein Gold verströmt meerwärts der Rhein. Doch wenn geht ein Stern auf noch ungesehen, der morgige Tag ist mein. Das Kind in der Wiege liegt selig im Schlaf, die Blüte lädt Bienen sich ein. Doch bald sagt ein Flüstern: „Wach auf, wach auf!“, der morgige Tag ist mein. O Vaterland, Vaterland, zeig’ uns den Weg, dein Gruß soll das Wegzeichen sein. Der Morgen kommt, wenn die Welt ist mein, der morgige Tag ist mein.

EnemyAce88 : Just remember, it was the Treaty of Versailles that caused all this. Germany was blamed for starting WWI and forced to pay astronomical reparations when all they did was back their ally, Austria. The British and the French thought they were ensuring that Germany would never again be a world superpower. It was history's first failed attempt at nation-building. Same shit has been going on in the Middle East since the 1970s.

Dean Stevens : what a beautiful song an voice. Very powerfull and uprising : COOL!!!

Duc de Richleau : All you people who secretly admire the Nazi's wouldn't have existed. Most of you and your parents, wouldn't have been considered fit to breed by the Nazi's. Unless you were over 5'10 and of Aryan stock you were destined to die, or be part of a sterilized mass of slave workers. That rules out most Americans of course, who have considerable racial mixing, and to the Nazi's that included the white Slavic races. Almost no one was safe. Nordic and Celtic races like the British, Dutch, Scots and Irish, might have been spared, but enslaved. We'd have been fucked.

Alma Samocha : ...the part at the beginning made me sad. you see a boy, singing beautifully. Then you see his uniform. they contrast so strongly, it made me cry seeing that these were the men who destroyed so many lives. it is the most poignant part of the film. beautiful, but so sad.

manfredfinch : Brilliant piece of art this scene showing the transformation of volkish Lied into martial anthem. Chilling.

Try Hard : Too bad they haven't seen Stalingrad.