Tomorrow belongs to me HQ (HD restored Audio) der morgige Tag ist mein

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philippekogler : Die sonnige Wiese ist sommerlich warm, der Hirsch läuft in Freiheit waldein. Doch sammelt euch alle, der Sturm ist nah, der morgige Tag ist mein. Das Lindengrün leuchtet, die Blätter sie wehen, sein Gold verströmt meerwärts der Rhein. Doch wenn geht ein Stern auf noch ungesehen, der morgige Tag ist mein. Das Kind in der Wiege liegt selig im Schlaf, die Blüte lädt Bienen sich ein. Doch bald sagt ein Flüstern: „Wach auf, wach auf!“, der morgige Tag ist mein. O Vaterland, Vaterland, zeig’ uns den Weg, dein Gruß soll das Wegzeichen sein. Der Morgen kommt, wenn die Welt ist mein, der morgige Tag ist mein.

bobbbxxx : One of the most powerful scenes ever filmed.

Charliecomet82 : "Still think you can control them?"

Liam Murphy : I return to this song not for the message but the beauty of the voice.

hello32600 : What I love about this song is how it progresses from the first couple of verses, which are essentially a celebration of Germany, to the last verse which is entirely German nationalism, which correlates with Hitler's message to the people of how he would make Germany great again. Interestingly, it also progresses with the expression on the singer's face, if you look.

The Grand Supreme : Old man: Here we go again... 1:28

NYG5 : The older people here look more happy, like they're looking back at the days of the monarchy with fond memories. The younger people look different, more angry, more sinister. A much more radical group with a much different idea than what the older conservatives imagine.

kyrvhy : A poignant melody of particular beauty creating striking contrast to the underlying infamy of the Third Reich. This divisive scene punctuates a sense of hope, albeit sinister upon reflection, of a nation desperate for prosperity after years of punitive reparations following the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. May we all learn from history.

Sirpaulconway Sirpaulconway : Tomorrow belongs to me!!!

Ænglisc Warrior : This a truly beautiful song.

bel aljimez : "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" was written by John Kander and Fred Ebb in the style of a traditional German song, sung by the Nazi youth in the movie, to stir up patriotism for the "fatherland". It has often been mistaken for a genuine "Nazi anthem" and has led to the songwriters being accused of anti-Semitism. This would be most surprising, as they are, in fact, Jewish (This fact has not stopped openly racist and anti-Semitic rock groups, like Skrewdriver, from recording the song and performing it at White Power rallies). It is also the only song sung outside of the cabaret setting to survive the transition from stage to film.

MrHalvnir : Hail Victory, the sooner, THE BETTER !

07Alexana : Russia today.

Xios505 : Free the occupied Reich!

Hissanrach : Horrifyingly beautiful and powerful. It's an interesting contrast to the decadence of the rest of the film as Germany begins its decent into insanity. 

G. Moishe3rd : Excellent audio work! Thank you. This is one of the most chilling musical songs ever made... I have seen it over and over again. It is particularly apropos for today - November 2015. Tomorrow will belong to those who seize the day.

Elisabeth Bonneville : This movie is a masterpiece. This scene especially. Les gros plans sur le vieil homme, qui n'adhère pas sont poignants. Et la voix angélique de ce gamin, son visage, sa beauté... mon Dieu, les larmes montent. everybody can, at one point, be taken by ideologic propaganda. Look today, Daech propaganda, Trump propaganda... The song at Trump's meeting, it's same shit.

Anna Muzyka : Scary... Scary song.

Sehnsucht : Dammit, Entente, this is what happens when you try to humiliate a militaristic and nationalistic country.

Rambo Jhon : 2:14 the old man with hat and glasses: iaamm fuuuked

Wade : Why didn't those two degenerates take part in the patriotic display?

Thomas Thibeault : I show this scene in my Holocaust class to demonstrate how people could be seduced to embrace Nazi ideology. Remember this is happening after the Treaty of Versailles, which emasculated the German people and erroneously blamed them for WWI. Hitler used this to generate solidarity for his cause, convincing the Germans that tomorrow belonged to them in spite of the Treaty of Versailles.

Dean Stevens : what a beautiful song an voice. Very powerfull and uprising

Robert Getty : The writer kinda fucked up with this song. It’s actually really epic.

Germanicus711 : A wonderful, powerful song with a strong meaning. Slowly Germany will awake again to protect our people and nation !

Alex Solz : I love it when (((artists))) accidentally make beautiful National Socialist propaganda

James Mitchell : Tomorrow most certainly belongs to us Comrades! Hail Victory!

Berni0707 : Wish I could be a PURE German, according to the Nüremberg Laws I got 50% of German blood, the rest are Italian and Spanish blood. If I marry a beautiful blonde my childs will have pure aryan blood!

MrRebelliousNerd : Funny how people compare him Trump, where I see the rage in that kid's eyes in every Bernie Sanders supporter. Especially if you tell them you support Trump.

Philip Nightingale : Politics aside, it really is a beautiful song. I'm pretty sure that the writers of Cabaret didn't intend to provide an anthem for the far right but that seems to be the result. I'm also curious about what they intended to achieve by highlighting the contrast between the clean wholesome environment of those evil Nazis with the smoke filled degeneracy of the old order as depicted by the rest of scenes in the Kit Kat Club. I know where I'd rather take my family after church.

johnbleroy : "Make America Great Again"

Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein : Is there any gesture more pure and masculine than the Roman salute?

A C : This can happen again, and probably will. Evil men have come to power throughout history by appealing to these animal instincts of fear of the other, groupthink, superiority of your group. I hope one day logic and reason (and love) will prevail over hate and fear.

Jim Whitman : Do you think this can be fixed up for Donald Trump?

Yolanda Apagyi : A patriotic song, a young boy singing this proudly of his Motherland are POSITIVE! They cannot be blamed for war crimes, that were committed by both sides in the second world war! Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden were bombed to death by the Allied power, where millions of civilian people died, this is a war crime! But the winner writes history! The British, American, French war crimes are not there in the history books, though they are also crimes against humanity! That is the truth! And do not punish the young boy who is proud of his Motherland, of his parents, of his ancestors. Peace, Yolanda!

Melissa Ulto : wow early Trump footage from his carefree salad days!!!

adolf hitler : not a brown-eyed $hitskin to be seen

Dank Happenings Productions : Donald Trump had such a lovely singing voice when he was younger.

Paul Bibeau : Those kids at the Trump rally should've sung this number.


Ari Shekelbaum : Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

John Aronson : Super quality on audio and visual.

Boris Teodosijevic : This song is actually very beautiful and powerful, such a pity that it's sang by a nazi.

Jake Richards : Make america great again

Gordon Coombes : In the USA in 2016 election voters can choose an elitist corrupt corporatist or a racist capitalist hate monger and buffoon. Hillary happens to believe in incremental fascism and Trump wants to build a wall and encourage racism and xenophobia. So where's the real difference since both are just self-serving egomaniacs who'll say or do anything to get elected?

theninnynacks : pride in your country and your race....whats wrong with that??..we forget that the youth is our greatest treasure ..but what do we we jew with them ??

The Red Branch Bard : *STOP WATCHING PORN*

hierophant : none of you clowns seem to know anything about the situation at the time; why are you giving your useless opinions then?

JakeRyan : What an appropriate song for this week. I choose to give the "benefit of the doubt" and assume the Trump voters are simply morons rather than truly evil....but then I always want to believe the best in people. I know good people who actually voted for him, and although I'm utterly baffled at the stupidity, I certainly don't wish them harm. There is definitely some Darwinism in all of this, but I just don't want the world taken down by those too gullible to see what just happened. Roll the clip again.

Isabella Schabell-Barrera : what a beautiful voice, really conflicts with the imagery.