Never Gonna Give You Cup - Gus Johnson
Never Gonna Give You Cup

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Joshua Powers : The hilarity of this video aside, you're seriously doing Rick Astley justice with your singing. Great set of pipes you've got.

Dixie Normus : I really just feel privileged to know about this channel.

Gus Johnson : You guys have been so cool about sharing my internet junk with your pals. Thank you for sharing the love and spreading it like a fine, high-end manure.

Pealz Heer : 1 Gus 1 cup.

Dani K : He actually has a decent voice though, this is actually really good lmao

Johnny McBanana : Dude your channel is like a frickin' gold mine. Keep it up man.

THUG_PRO : Was it worth it Gus? Was it worth it in the end?

MasterBillKi : Bruv, I know you aren't a big channel but I'm sure with time you will grow and make something great out of it. All the best from Switzerland :D

Rumi Elle : Are you secretly that singer of System of a Down?

Luther Newman : This is the golden age of Gus Johnson.

Syphrus : but i want cup ;(

Mysteroo : How am I supposed to remix this if you don't say the WHOLE CHORUS

Andrew : Little known fact, after throwing the cup and jumping he pranced around in his living room for 3 hours it was just edited down

Dawson Elmore : Gus Johnson is my spirit animal

YarharALC : Was watching the first 2000 presidential debate. I opened this video on my phone and it started playing as Bush started talking, so I thought it was someone yelling from the crowds. Looked down and had a giggle

elcuellorojo : This is horribly underrated

Preston Craig : Best thing I've ever heard. EVER

naw man : Thanks 4 not never making me cry respek ♡

Irishcrossing : 10 outa 10, would give one dollar off the corner of the street/ at the subway.

Nemo_K : Such passion. Brings a tear to my eye :']

Aaliyah Matthews : never gonna give you cup

Michael Wagner : Everything Gus uploads is top quality meemage

MarbleSwan666 : Petition to start sending this to people instead of the original

Mr Funreal : this honestly sounds great. a shame it's so short.

Noelle Marindo : Great job Gus! Super original and hilarious as always! You have a new subscriber.

aim choh : gus, you know i would never give you cup.

disdia : Never gonna give you cup. Never gonna put it down. Never gonna run around, and drop it!

Jamston Julian : Making being Rick-rolled a pleasure.

An.dres.exe : I can't believe it...iv'e been Rick Rolled

GusenbauerAffe : I'm shocked bro, you have a good singing voice

HeapsGoodProductions : You're me hero Gus, even your comments are amazing, always giving me a giggle. Keep it up!

NathaN : Sounds like Archibald Asparagus.

MAxiHOP : I like boio I like

Angela Pomaski : I'm screaming internally by my love for this

Wayne and Stuff : Ey just found your channel and you got some good stuff. I wanted to tell you that I'm looking forward to more.

Skyler P.C. : I've been Anna KendRick Rolled!

Jeffrey Stevens : oh my god you deserve a billion times more subs

Riceislife : That was pretty good tho full version when

J Strt : Your channel has had so much variety lately and I love it, awesome videos duderoni and cheese

Tennessee chicken : Is literally no one gonna mention the fact that he flipped that cup on the mouth?

Bunny Nibbles : We need a full version!!!!! I will pay money!!

Wolf Haley : Truly inspiring

Grace K sing : The VOCALS AAAAA

Zync Soda : rick astley is that you?

Bill Fettuccine : "never gonna give you cup"

blankestblank : this is your finest work masterpiece.

thursday315 : I would have a hard time pulling that off! Amazing!

David Arechiga : hey not bad Gus

jek sanjuan : Never gonna give you Gus - Cup Johnson